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How to Invest in Notes Like a Bank? With Scott Carson

Scott Carson, our special guest today, has been an active real estate investor and entrepreneur since 2002, focusing on the niche of distressed mortgage notes. Since 2008 he has purchased over $1 Billion in distressed notes on residential and commercial properties all across the country.

He has helped thousands of real estate investors and entrepreneurs create wealth through his debt buying tactics and classes helping his students close thousands of deals. He also hosts the nationally syndicated radio and podcast Note Closers Show Podcast with millions of listeners each month. An avid sports fan, he spends his free time traveling, gardening, and making memories. He calls Austin, Texas home with his better half, Stephanie and their four-legged kids.

This episode talks about:

  • What are distressed mortgage notes?
  • How can one buy debt and become the bank?
  • How does note investing work?
  • Where to find a mortgage note to buy?
  • Important details to consider before purchasing notes.
  • How to determine a good note vs a bad note?
  • The importance of hiring a third party professional on behalf of the investor or lender in the foreclosure process
  • Do you need a professional license to get into note investing?
  • The distinction between active note investing and passive note investing
  • Leverage your Infinite Banking Cash Value while buying notes or investing passively in a fund with those who are actively involved in note investing
  • Ways to keep your properties now that the federal foreclosure moratorium has ended (as of Nov 2021).
  • Who is “We Close Notes” and what services do they offer?

Here’s the link to the full interview:

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