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Each Monday night, real estate investors from all across the United States and world are tuning into Note Night in America! For the last three years, Scott Carson, CEO of, and his tribe of note and real estate investors come together almost every Monday night for coaching and guest interviews. Scott helps his nation of note investors with specific subjects taking place in their real estate businesses like marketing, workouts, raising capital and finding deals. Since 2010, Scott has been helping investors close on thousands of real estate deals and has helped to coach and mentor the Who’s Who in the niche world of notes. Listen each week to his latest Monday night webinars to get the latest tips and tricks on making six figures and beyond in the world of distressed debt.


Episode Blogs

NCS 603 | VA Loan
  If you’re a veteran, you’re probably familiar with the VA loan. What you may not know, however, is that you can use the VA loan not only to buy a single-family home but a four-unit property and do some house-hacking. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson interviews Kevin Brenner from the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast about the VA loan and the power it offers military families and investors. Tune in to learn how
  Niche markets in real estate can have widely differing rates of returns depending on the state or county you are investing in. For real estate investor, international speaker, trainer and philanthropist, Mike Wolf, Harris County, Texas is the best place to do tax lien investing, owing to a beautiful combination of high property taxes and a unique auction process that favors bold investors who are willing to do more due diligence. Mike has been
NNA 63 | Note Investor Checklist
  Just with any other business, proper preparation for your new real estate investing venture will give you numerous advantages and preempt some of the problems that may arise in the future. What are the things you need to do when starting out as a new note investor? Today, Scott Carson takes his expertise in note investing to share eleven critical items that new note investors (and real estate investors, in general) need to put
NCS 599 | San Antonio Real Estate
  The numbers we have out there right now can be scary, and it is tempting for many people to have knee-jerk reactions which can ultimately hurt them in the long term. In this episode, Scott Carson sits down with the Credit Messiah, Merrill Chandler, to make sense of the numbers in unemployment, business defaults, and mortgage defaults and what these mean for the future. Merrill is a high-performance personal and business fundability coach at Get and
NCS 600 | Ask!
  Many of us have dreams that are left unshared, that we tend to hide away, and that we only keep to ourselves. Unfortunately, these are the very dreams that don’t get realized. If you want to fulfill what it is that you truly wish, then perhaps letting it out and asking about it could be the answer for you. Taking us further down into the reasons sharing your dreams matter, Scott Carson talks with
NCS 599 | San Antonio Real Estate
  With the real estate market, there is definitely no one-size-fits-all. The strategies that could work in one may not work in another. That is why you need to be apt about what goes on in the market that you choose to be in; otherwise, you’ll find yourself treading in troubled waters. In this episode, we zone in on the San Antonio real estate market in Texas. Scott Carson talks with San Antonio, Texas real
NNA 62 | Virtual Assistant
  There comes a point in growing your business operations when you won’t be able to keep doing what you’re doing alone. Many successful entrepreneurs are now hiring their very own virtual assistant so that their business can keep going even when they’re not around, and they’re focusing on much more important tasks. Scott Carson is joined by Bob Lachance, the founder and CEO of REVA Global LLC, the premiere virtual assistant staffing company. Scott
NNA 61 | Note Market Opportunities
  A lot of changes are taking place across the country. Sparked by the fall of one domino, the COVID-19 pandemic, we see the moving parts in our society slowly toppling one over the other. Where are we now in the chain of events? Where is it going? What will it look like ahead? In this episode, Scott Carson answers these questions, particularly in the note investing space. He discusses where the dominos are falling
NCS 598 | Wholesale Deals
  Not all wholesale deals are home runs, especially when you’re dealing with distressed properties. Sometimes, however, an investor can get excellent returns by getting creative. Scott Carson shares the story about one of his first wholesale deals that started as a distressed note where he got creative and made $40,000 from a $100 option fee. Scott’s experience is an eye-opener for all beginner investors to start educating themselves about the different options they can
NCS 597 | Hoarder House
  While watching some hit TV shows like Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive are enjoyable, very few people would actually consider purchasing a hoarder home. Who would want a property filled with mountains of junk, infestations, and other issues? In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson discusses his first ever distressed homeowner appointment that turned out to be a hoarder house. One thing he learned from his friend is that the smell
NCS 596 | Real Estate Lessons
  In real estate, there’s always a lot of upheaval going on. We can learn a lot about what’s happening right now by going back years behind us to take a look at what happened in the past. In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down some of the lessons learned from his first rehab deal when he was starting out. He also shares what he would do differently now and why you don’t need a
NCS 595 | Dialing Banks For Deals
  If you’re a real estate investor in distressed assets or something you’re looking at, there will be many deals. You just got to put the work in to make things happen. That includes dialing for dollars – making phone calls to asset managers over and over again and working through lists of banks and asset managers off a couple of different sources. Today, Scott Carson breaks down some of the simple tools and tactics

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