EP NNA 94 – Own Nothing Control Everything: A Guide To Asset Protection With Attorney Kevin Day

NNA 94 | Asset Protection

  A lawsuit can be a crippling event that can stop your business dead in its tracks. Business owners need asset protection in the off chance of a lawsuit being filed against them. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with asset protection expert and attorney, Kevin Day, JD, MBA about some of the best ways for people to structure their entities and companies to avoid losing them in a lawsuit. Kevin shares several tips to … Read More

EP 545 – Protecting Your Assets With Estate Planning With Brian Price And Jennifer Gligoric

NCS 545 | Estate Planning Asset Protection

  Asset protection is a notoriously murky field because people don’t necessarily get the knowledge needed to do it properly, in a way that truly protects them. Estate planning is one of these lesser-known solutions that grant you high levels of security for your assets, especially if you’ve been able to acquire multiple throughout the years. Brian Price and Jennifer Gligoric of Leafy Legal Services come on to run the gamut of estate planning as … Read More

EP 415 – Rockefeller Strategies with Brent Buscay

NCS 415 | Asset Protection

  Many entrepreneurs have so many things on their plate that they forget to set that distinction between themselves and their companies. Brent Buscay, the VP of Operations for Laughlin Associates, says whether you’re one person or many, you need to show that separation because that separation between you and the business is what provides you with that protection. Brent has been with Laughlin Associates for 29 years, sitting down with clients to help them … Read More

EP 410 – All-In-One Legal with Scott Smith

NCS 410 | Legal Solutions

  In this business, it helps to have your assets secure and protected. Scott Smith, attorney, and owner of Royal Legal Solutions, is your all-in-one legal solution as he helps investors of all types and sizes with asset protection and more. Scott takes us into what he and his firm do, what they offer, and how it benefits you. He discusses some of the biggest mistakes that real estate entrepreneurs and investors are making these … Read More

EP 377 – Entrepreneurial Mistakes with Aaron Young

NCS 377 | Entrepreneurial Mistakes

  Humans as we are, we are bound to make mistakes. The great thing is that, every now and then, we can learn from each other’s downfalls and improve. Aaron Young from Laughlin and Associates talks about some of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make. He is an entrepreneur, trusted advisor to CEOs and business owners, and creator of the program, The Unshackled Owner. He takes up his experiences to give us nuggets about things … Read More

EP 205 – The Note Mastermind: Helping Investors Close Deals and Have Fun

NCS 205 | Note Mastermind

In whatever venture, growth is key for success and growth comes big to a group of people who are never afraid to ask questions and learn. Scott Carson invites investors to the Note Mastermind to share their experiences and lessons as note closers. More than learning about hedge funds, economic advising, asset protection and business development, the Note Mastermind can become an extended family for real estate investors. Listen to the podcast here: The Note … Read More

Ep 152 – Creating Your Entity Fortress with Aaron Young

NCS 152 | Creating Your Entity

Scott interviews Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about creating your entity fortress, specifically about business structures, asset protection, and entrepreneurialism. Listen to the podcast here: Creating Your Entity Fortress with Aaron Young We’re very honored and excited to have our good buddy, Aaron Young join us this morning on the podcast show. Good morning, Aaron Young. How are you doing this morning, brother? Good morning, brother Scott. For those that are watching this on Facebook … Read More