EP 676 – How To Make Better Owner-Financed Notes With Will Henning

NCS 676 | Owner Financed Notes

  How do you make better owner-financed notes? The key is to be reasonable with your offers. You’ll do better in the long run. In this episode, Scott Carson’s guest is Will Henning, the Vice President of Loan Acquisitions from the First National Bank of America. Scott talks with Will about creating, structuring, selling, and buying owner-financed notes. They discuss the pros and cons, what First National is buying currently, and how investors can broker … Read More

EP NNA 70 – Meet The Banker: Market Updates And Buying Criteria With Richard Mason

  The savviest players in today’s mortgage and note market see this crisis as a great time to buy if you’re smart enough to know how to do it right. It’s time to meet the banker and learn about his buying criteria to stay in sync with the market’s pulse. Joining Scott Carson in this episode is Richard Mason, the founder of Northern Star Mortgage Fund. Listen in and learn a thing or two as … Read More