EP NNA 115 – Investor Conversations: Role-Playing Phone Calls For Potential Investors With Larry Hoffman

NNA 115 | Investor Phone Calls

  The first few conversations are crucial when it comes to selling. You have to get them to your side and convince them to give you the time to show the value you could offer. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson discusses what you need to focus on when having initial phone call conversations with potential future investors you are looking to fund your deal with. Scott discusses what to and … Read More

EP 678 – Doug Sandler: How Your Podcasting Career Can Lead To Real Estate Success

NCS 678 | Podcasting Career

  An impactful podcasting career goes more than just outstanding production, in-depth discussions, and prominent guests. Above all, a podcast show is highlighted by the host’s skill to build rapport with the audience. Scott Carson talks with DJ Doug Sandler from the Nice Guys on Business Podcast about how he teaches other entrepreneurs to grow their network and influence through podcasting. He shares his five strategies for monetizing a podcast and providing valuable content no … Read More