EP 577 – The Real Estate 411 Expo: Bridging The Real Estate Community With Linda Pliagas

NCS 577 | Realty411 Expo

  Because the real estate industry is so people-oriented, establishing relationships with others in the same community is as much a part of the job as any other part. The Realty411 Expo was founded on this same principle – for bridging people as well as any knowledge gaps about specific skillsets or subject matters that are best imparted by experts. Scott Carson chats with Linda Pliagas, the Founder of Realty411 Magazine, who hosts the Realty411 … Read More

EP 525 – Growing Your Business Via Handshakes With Aaron Young

NCS 525 | Growing Your Business

  Brand message is always critical to any product or service, thereby, delivering it the right way is necessary for optimal business growth. Today, Scott Carson talks to Aaron Young, The Unshackled Owner podcast host and the big head honcho at Laughlin Associates. Aaron explains how personal relations and connections matter when building a business. From the simplest of handshakes to one-on-one interviews, he shows us how building relationships brings the biggest impact to your … Read More

EP 255 – Flourishing On Florida’s Gulf Coast with Brent Garrett

NCS 255 | Florida Hot Market

Note investors who have been buying in Florida for the past decade have been making a lot of profit now that the Florida hot market has rebounded from the dropped values. A lot of players have recently come in, but Brent Garrett believes that the note game in his area is still where it’s at since ten years ago, except now, everyone knows how big of a market it is. He shares his process of … Read More