EP 668 – Commercial Real Estate Strategies To Scale Your Business Up With Sam Wilson

NCS 668 | Commercial Real Estate

  Nothing is impossible if you want to grow and succeed. You can take action now. Join your host Scott Carson as he talks with commercial real estate investor Sam Wilson from the Bricken Investment Group on how Sam went from residential to commercial real estate investing, systematized, and scaled his business. Sam is an active investor in self-storage, parking, multi-family apartments, RV parks, and single-family homes. Tune in to learn the different aspects you … Read More

EP 629 – Scaling Your Business From Boss-Dependent To Independence With America’s Business Alchemist Bill Prater

NCS 629 | Scaling Your Business

  Many entrepreneurs get stuck with the question, “What do I need to do next?” Most especially in this uncertain environment of COVID-19, it has become harder and harder to foresee the next steps to growth. Good thing that in this episode, Scott Carson interviews someone who is known as America’s Business Alchemist, Bill Prater. A business coach and consultant, Bill talks about the biggest things holding back growth with business owners and why replacing yourself … Read More

EP 415 – Rockefeller Strategies with Brent Buscay

NCS 415 | Asset Protection

  Many entrepreneurs have so many things on their plate that they forget to set that distinction between themselves and their companies. Brent Buscay, the VP of Operations for Laughlin Associates, says whether you’re one person or many, you need to show that separation because that separation between you and the business is what provides you with that protection. Brent has been with Laughlin Associates for 29 years, sitting down with clients to help them … Read More