EP 600 – Ask!: The Most Profound Tool That Can Take You From Your Dreams To Your Destiny With Mark Victor Hansen And Crystal Dwyer Hansen

NCS 600 | Ask!

  Many of us have dreams that are left unshared, that we tend to hide away, and that we only keep to ourselves. Unfortunately, these are the very dreams that don’t get realized. If you want to fulfill what it is that you truly wish, then perhaps letting it out and asking about it could be the answer for you. Taking us further down into the reasons sharing your dreams matter, Scott Carson talks with … Read More

Ep 164 – Your KPI’s and Financial Independence Number

NCS 164 | Financial Independence Number

Scott goes over the KPI’s (key performance indicator) and FIN (financial independence number) in working in your note business. Listen to the podcast here: Your KPI’s and Financial Independence Number I really love a lot of our guests and what they shared in the last couple of days here in the podcast’s episodes, especially Wayne Snell and Adam Adams back to back episodes. If you have not, check out their episodes in the library of … Read More