EP 346 – Overcoming Mind Blocks with Laura Blunk

NCS 346 | Mind Blocks

  Scott interviews note investor and mastermind member, Laura Blunk, about some of the mind blocks that affected her early on and how she overcame them to close on thirty plus deals in the past year. She is the portfolio manager for Silver Hammer Investments, a Texas-based, family-owned real estate investment firm specializing in buying distressed debt. Laura discusses assets, closing notes, making offers, and her goals in the business. Providing great insights on what … Read More

EP 305 – Adapting Your Business Models with Jay Tenenbaum

NCS 305 | Adapting Your Business Models

  The market is constantly changing back and forth with pricing. Prices five years ago are different than what they are today. Scott interviews note and real estate investor, Jay Tenenbaum, about his business models and how he has adapted his note business as the market has changed. Jay has been involved in notes for almost five years now, and keeping borrowers in their homes has been his mantra. His business has evolved multiple times. … Read More

EP 302 – Walk the Walk Before You Talk the Talk: A Guide to Closing Deals

NCS 302 | Closing Deals

  There’s a sudden rise in self-proclaimed talkers who don’t walk the walk. This has been occurring in the note industry more often, which makes it an alarming threat to actual real players or genuine newcomers off to a good start. Bear in mind that business is always evolving. Factors include pricing changes, market conditions, foreclosure laws enacted, and things get delayed. The only way of truly understanding this on an expert level is to literally be … Read More