EP 611 – The Commercial Mortgage Investment Market And The Future Of Distressed Notes With Michael Jimenez

NCS 611 | Commercial Note Market

  In this time of uncertainty, the only thing that we can really hold on to is the future—looking out for the things that will push us to get through this pandemic. One of the areas that we can look forward to is the commercial mortgage investment market. In this episode, Scott Carson interviews Michael Jimenez, the CXO, founder, and loan sale blackbelt of Xchange.Loans, about the current commercial note market and where he sees the future … Read More

EP 472 – Commercial Loan Success with John Matheson

NCS 472 | Commercial Lending

  At any one point in our business, we sometimes have the need to look into commercial lending to help fund major capital expenditures or cover operational costs. Commercial real estate and financing expert John Matheson joins host Scott Carson to talk about the best ways to get approved for bank financing on commercial projects. John has a lot of investment experience and has helped finance over $50 million in projects. He has a loan-analyzing … Read More

EP 447 – Creating And Working Your Business Plan

NCS 447 | Business Plan

  Setting up a note business means that you have to create and work on an effective business plan. It can be a long and analytical process, but once it is properly executed, success can be endless. Scott talks about how to make a business plan that works. He says keeping your eye towards the goal and talking to the right people is necessary to ensure that you are in the right path, and identifying … Read More

EP 446 – Zig Zag Investing

  Market value always changes, and as it evolves, you as an investor have to evolve too. It is ideal for anyone to understand the zigzag occurrence in investing. Knowing how to handle such scenario is essential for any business to thrive. The market may turn on you, or it may be in your favor but identifying the changes that need to be done once the market turns is necessary. Scott shows us how to … Read More

EP 445 – Note Camp Commercial Launch

NCS 445 | Commercial Note Investing

  Real estate events are often costly and may require you to travel and spend more money registration and accommodation. For this reason, events such as the Note Camp Convention has been conceptualized. Scott Carson will soon be launching the event which shall focus on commercial note investing. Participants will no longer have to spend huge sums for a very attainable knowledge pool. Not so many people talk about commercial notes, but through this convention, … Read More

EP 443 – Small Commercial Notes

NCS 443 | Commercial Notes

  Commercial notes are meant for immediate needs, which means there has to be an immediate action done before values change. Scott talks about the opportunities in smaller commercial notes and what to look for when performing due diligence on them – from looking up photos online to investigating the area and its neighboring properties. Maximize opportunities with small commercial notes and discover the story behind them and the promise they hold in this episode. … Read More

EP 426 – Note Investing Segments

NCS 426 | Note Investing Segments

  There is so much great stuff in the note space that not many get to see and explore. Bringing them into the light, Scott breaks down some of the different note investing segments and assets that note investors dive into. He gets into the different little niches, from attractive to affordable to a combination of the two, where you can find a great place to park some money in the long run. Educate yourself … Read More