EP NNA 101 – Clearing Up Credit Myths That Impact Your Fundability With Merrill Chandler

NNA 101 | Credit Myths

Fundability is an important part of investing, and how we deal with credit can impact that. Scott Carson talks with Merrill Chandler from GetFundable.com about the different credit myths that are destroying your ability to get business and personal lines of credit. There are over 300 credit myths and Merrill helps you cut through their knots to help make yourself fundable. If you are currently struggling to find why you keep getting turned down at … Read More

EP 686 – Busting Credit Myths In 2022 With Merrill Chandler

NCS 686 Merrill Chandler | Credit Myths

  Are credit myths ruining your chance at becoming fundable? Then it’s time to get educated and take a step towards fundability. In this episode, Scott Carson talks credit education and myth-busting with credit expert and the founder of Get Fundable, Merrill Chandler. Merrill and Scott discuss Merrill’s new initiative to educate people on how to get fundable and why busting credit myths go a long way toward this goal. Learn more about fundability and … Read More

EP 568 – Busting Down Credit Myths And Other Falsehoods In The Industry With Merrill Chandler

NCS 568 | Busting Down Credit Myths

  While there are many good people in this industry, there are still some out there who are willing to take advantage of us. Especially in the credit world, there are so many schemes that go undetected. That is why you have to know what you’re getting yourselves into before jumpstarting on anything. Scott Carson has Merrill Chandler from Get Fundable in this episode to discuss some credit myths. He breaks down even those unthought-of and unbeknownst falsehoods in … Read More