EP 482 – The Ten Biggest Credit Myths with Merrill Chandler

NCS 482 | Biggest Credit Myths

  So much has been said about credits and fundability that it has become quite confusing to tell which ones are actually true. Cutting away the fat and getting to the truth of the matter, host Scott Carson sits down with fundability expert Merrill Chandler from Credit Sense to break down the ten biggest myths when it comes to your credit. Let Merrill give you the insights that will take you from being not fundable … Read More

EP 440 – Becoming A Funding Guru with Merrill Chandler

NCS 440 | Funding Guru

  Becoming a funding guru involves numerous steps. Scott talks with Merrill Chandler from Credit Sense about how to become a funding guru. Merrill is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Credit Sense, a credit funding optimization firm. He outlines the steps which include improving fundability, creating a clean personal and business profile, and when necessary, getting rid of negative information wherein sometimes a clean sweep is necessary. Basically, it is not about the client’s … Read More

EP NNA 35 – Are You “F”able Or “F”ed with Merrill Chandler

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

  Getting approved for funding is nerve-racking and this is totally relatable. Merrill Chandler, the founder and CEO of CreditSense, exposes the formula to become fundable. As an expert in this field for over 25 years and the genius behind fundability optimization, Merrill discusses the details of his upcoming Boot Camp Intensive and the overpowering bonuses it offers. He reveals the three secrets that give you access to cheap and easy top-tier bank money. Most … Read More

EP 380 – Epic Funding Secrets with Merrill Chandler

NCS 380 | Funding Secrets

  As investors, we always crave for inside information as much as we can get them. Scott brings on Merrill Chandler, CEO and Chief Strategist at CreditSense.com, to talk about some of the funding secrets that Merrill shares with his clients. On top of that, Merrill also shares the newest event that he has planned. They break down what Credit Sense and Z Funding are all about while also going deeper into some of the biggest unknowns … Read More