EP NNA 101 – Clearing Up Credit Myths That Impact Your Fundability With Merrill Chandler

NNA 101 | Credit Myths

Fundability is an important part of investing, and how we deal with credit can impact that. Scott Carson talks with Merrill Chandler from GetFundable.com about the different credit myths that are destroying your ability to get business and personal lines of credit. There are over 300 credit myths and Merrill helps you cut through their knots to help make yourself fundable. If you are currently struggling to find why you keep getting turned down at … Read More

EP NNA 52 – Are You “F” Able?: The New Funding Rules With Merrill Chandler

EP NNA 52 - Are You "F" Able?: The New Funding Rules With Merrill Chandler

  Improving fundability opens up so many options for you or your business, but it isn’t just some quick process. Even if you go to so-called credit repair establishments, you don’t just suddenly become fundable; there are processes you have to undergo to establish (or restore) your fundability in the eyes of lenders. Get Fundable‘s Merrill Chandler joins Scott Carson to dive into the process of making you fundable. There are some rules, some procedures, … Read More

EP 528 – What Can Be Gained From FICO World With Merrill Chandler

NCS 528 | FICO World

  One of the best ways to wire your brain with more knowledge on credit and fundability is by joining events and simply listening to specific podcasts. Today, Scott Carson interviews Merrill Chandler—the Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist of CreditSense, now Get Fundable, and host of the podcast, Are Your F*able? In here, Merrill takes us into the event called FICO World that has been helping many optimize their fundability numbers. With CreditSense being the … Read More

EP 357 – The Million Dollar Funding Formula with Merrill Chandler

NCS 357 | Funding Formula

  Sometimes people want to do all the heavy lifting on their business credit profile that they are creating behind notes on credit card using their personal instruments. As a result, anytime they have to carry a balance, it hurts their personal credit profile. If you are one of these people, what this implies to your business is that you diminish your funding stability. Scott talks with Credit Sense and Z Funding CEO, Merrill Chandler, … Read More