EP NNA 80 – Calculating Your ROI On Note Deals

NNA 80 | Calculating Your ROI

  In tshis episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down the simple and easy ways to calculate your expected return on investment (ROI) on your note deal depending on the strategy and why it’s important to know the most profitable strategy. He discusses how to calculate the ROI on a reinstatement (trial payment plan or loan modification), foreclosure (deed in lieu of foreclosure and/or cash for keys), and the return on investment … Read More

EP 517 – The Top 50 Markets Turning Ugly (Part 2, 25-1)

NCS 517 | Markets Turning Ugly

  In this episode, Scott Carson takes on the top 50 markets that are facing trouble and showing the most amount of stress. He breaks them down based on days on market, price reductions, foreclosure ratios, and homeowners who are underwater. While these may be considered ugly markets, they can be profitable and there are actually opportunities on them, like being able to buy stuff at significant discounts. — Listen to the podcast here: The … Read More