Ensuring Your Notes Are Dodd-Frank Compliant With Max Bailey

NC 46 | Originator Notes

  Max Bailey from Call the Underwriter shares his knowledge and experience in being a RMLO focused solely on helping note originators and owner-financed sellers ensure that their notes and borrowers are eligible and Dodd-Frank compliant. He shares his process and underwriting strategies and what to look for when considering selling your property with owner-financing.   You can connect with Max at http://CallTheUnderwriter.com. — Listen to the podcast here   Ensuring Your Notes Are Dodd-Frank … Read More

EP 693 – Hello Letters: A Simple Strategy For Speeding Up Right Party Contact

NCS 693 | Right Party Contract

  Loan servicing transfers can take longer than expected. For this reason, it is in your best interest to send out your own Hello Letters to speed up contact instead of waiting for the seller’s servicing company to send out their Goodbye Letters. On this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast Scott shares his strategy for speeding up right party contact with new nonperforming borrowers on new note purchases. He shares why this process … Read More

EP 443 – Small Commercial Notes

NCS 443 | Commercial Notes

  Commercial notes are meant for immediate needs, which means there has to be an immediate action done before values change. Scott talks about the opportunities in smaller commercial notes and what to look for when performing due diligence on them – from looking up photos online to investigating the area and its neighboring properties. Maximize opportunities with small commercial notes and discover the story behind them and the promise they hold in this episode. … Read More

EP 412 – Cancelling Your Bids

NCS 412 | Cancelling Bids

  Fresh from the Super Bowl, Scott tackles one of the popular questions that keep coming up among note investors out there. How do you cancel a bid? For those who do not want to burn a bridge or get blacklisted from the fund, cancelling your bids right could save you from them. Scott shares the proper ways to do that, showing how it does not have to be necessarily stressful. All you have to … Read More