EP 517 – The Top 50 Markets Turning Ugly (Part 2, 25-1)

NCS 517 | Markets Turning Ugly

  In this episode, Scott Carson takes on the top 50 markets that are facing trouble and showing the most amount of stress. He breaks them down based on days on market, price reductions, foreclosure ratios, and homeowners who are underwater. While these may be considered ugly markets, they can be profitable and there are actually opportunities on them, like being able to buy stuff at significant discounts. — Listen to the podcast here: The … Read More

EP 351 – Second Lien & Real Estate Investments with Fuquan Bilal

NCS 351 | Second Lien

  Scott talks with Fuquan Bilal from the NNG about the second lien market and other real estate opportunities. Fuquan is the company’s CEO, which stands with the principal mission of capitalizing on the growing supply of mortgage notes in the interbank marketplace. Showing his expertise, he talks about how there are so many ways you can earn money, delving more into trading, foreclosures, and more. He dives deep into the second lien space by … Read More

EP 349 – Wholesaling Notes with Justin Bogard

NCS 349 | Wholesaling Notes

  For those who are out there looking to get to know businesses and wanting to start wholesale but lack their own capital, you are in the right place. Justin Bogard from Bright Path Notes talks about wholesaling notes to other investors and gives generous insights about the industry. Justin also touches on the importance of marketing and networking as a wholesaler and learning how to qualify your contacts by having an honest conversation with … Read More