EP 648 – Turning Your Real Estate Bug Into An Excellent Passive Income Source With Savannah Arroyo

NCS 648 | Real Estate Bug

  Most people get the real estate bug and become addicted to its concept but don’t actually make a move for it because of its seemingly overwhelming nature. But with the right strategies and planning, you can turn this into a passive income source, giving you a chance to hustle away. Scott Carson talks with┬áSavannah Arroyo, dubbed as the Networth Nurse, about her journey as a new real estate investor and what she had done … Read More

EP 642- Commercial Property And Insurance Pitfalls In Distressed Assets With Stephanie Saunders

NCS 642 | Insurance Pitfalls

  Getting the right type of insurance has become synonymous with personal protection, and that’s pretty reasonable. Still, many insurance pitfalls lurk around that may devastate your assets when you are caught off guard. Helping out in detecting and addressing such problems is Stephanie Saunders from United Claims Specialists. Sitting down with Scott Carson, she also talks about her professional experience in note investing, detailing the most important things to take into consideration when buying … Read More