EP 696 – Business As Real Estate: Hotel Investing With Michael Stohler #hotelinvesting

NCS 696 Michael | Hotel Investing

  What does hotel investing look like? One of the big differences between multi-family and hotels is hotels is a business and no longer real estate. It sits on real estate, but you’re buying a business.  On this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson interviews real estate investor Michael Stohler about his love of investing in hotel deals. He then shares the difference between the multifamily and hotel spaces. Hotels are one … Read More

EP 684 – How To Make Syndication Investing Work: Success Tips With Jim Pfeifer

NCS 684 | Syndication Investing

  Relationships are key in making syndication investing work. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott talks with real estate investor Jim Pfeifer about finding quality investments through syndications. Jim also shares his biggest failures and why he chose to be a passive investor instead of an active investor. Jim Pfeifer is one of the founders of Left Field Investors, a group dedicated to educating and assisting like-minded investors negotiate the nuances of … Read More

EP 657 – Wrestling With Real Estate With Entertainer Turned Investor, Barri Griffiths

NCS 657 | Wrestling With Real Estate

  The biggest misconception people think is that because you’re on TV, you’re making millions. Scott Carson’s guest on this episode is none other than the host of Wrestling With Real Estate podcast Barri Griffiths. Barri shares how he needed to find a tenant for his newly-bought expensive house when his contract with WWE was terminated unexpectedly. Down the rabbit hole Barri went, and he came out of it fully afire with passion for real … Read More

EP 652 – Creating Generational Wealth And Taking Control Of Your Financial Destiny Using Notes With William Rodriguez And Shaunn Jones

  Getting into the real estate business can be difficult. Not only can it be difficult, but it can also be overly serious and unfun when you think of all the numbers involved! But for Shaunn Jones and Will Rodriguez, the real estate business is their playground. Shaunn and Will are managing partners of Quoterage Inc. and the creators of their own YouTube channel and podcast called Cash Flow Generation. Join your host, Scott Carson, … Read More

EP 388 – Multifamily Investor Nation with Dan Handford

NCS 388 | Multifamily Investor Nation

  Scott talks with Dan Handford from Multifamily Investor Nation about the apartment market deal opportunities and his upcoming online apartment event. Dan shares some great nuggets about where to find your deals, especially for those that are looking at multifamily. He gives out the places where everybody else have been missing while laying down the big ten countries you could look for deals. Dan also talks about some of the tax advantages as well … Read More

EP 306 – Mistakes, Multifamily And Raising Capital with Tyler Sheff

  Trying to come up with a way to reduce taxes, Tyler Sheff started researching how to do that legally. The only thing he came back with was buy real estate and hang onto it. That’s what he started doing. Scott interviews real estate and note investor, Tyler Sheff, about some of the mistakes that he has made over the years, along with the multifamily market and raising capital. Tyler is a successful real estate … Read More