EP NNA 100 – Finding The Best Note Deals In 2022

NNA 100 | Note Deals

  It’s the start of the new year, and we better get cracking! With 2022 in full swing, it’s time to find the best note deals. Kicking off 2022, Scott Carson shares how he is capitalizing on past note buyers to find current product, how to connect with investors and referral sources at your local REIA, Meetup, or BNI.com group, and why it’s important to focus a little bit each day on achieving your long-term … Read More

EP 594 – Separating The Deals And The Duds

  Everybody likes a good deal, but often in the excitement of seeing what seems to be a great opportunity on paper, we forget to comb through the finer details. Eventually, when it’s too late, all the red flags suddenly start popping up, and it turns out your note deal was actually a dud. Scott Carson breaks down how to identify a genuine note deal from a dud. He goes through the laundry list of … Read More

EP 288 – Paying In Dayton: A Case Study with Eric Hyde and Gail Villanueva

NCS 288 | Paying in Dayton

  When it gets down to it, people want to see numbers. They want to know how notes are doing the return on investment. They want to know the real world situation. Eric Hyde and Gail Villanueva break down a case study on a note deal that Eric calls Paying in Dayton. They talk about the marketing that went behind it, the finding of a JV partner and what that entails. In the note world, … Read More