EP NNA 92 – The 30X30 Marketing Matrix: Practical Tips And Tools To Grow Your Note Business

  Did you know that there’s a tool available to help you stay on track and consistent with your note business? Today, Scott Carson breaks down what goes into the 30X30 Marketing Matrix and how you can go from a failing grade to getting an A! He shares and dissects what activities you need to be doing daily, weekly, and monthly to help you grow your note business. Take note as he gives practical tips … Read More

EP 640 – The Five-Step Profit Plan For Business Owners And Entrepreneurs With Marcia Riner

NCS 640 | Profit Plan For Business

  The new year is right around the corner, and what better way to greet it than to make plans for your business and make 2021 your best year yet? Scott Carson sits down with business and entrepreneur coach, Marcia Riner, from the Profit With A Plan podcast and Trajectory Consulting. Marcia shares her five-step plan to profits and why a business plan needs to be updated on a regular basis with small adjustments as you … Read More

EP NNA 49 – Ten New Sources For Note Deals In 2020

NNA 49 | New Sources For Notes

  We are down to the last month of the decade, and so much has changed in the notes industry. What this calls for is a reconsidering of our old ways of finding notes, because you’re only on top of the game if you are constantly on the lookout for the changes ahead. Looking forward, Scott Carson braces us for what is coming by discussing the ten different ways to find note deals in 2020. … Read More