EP 662 – Everything You Need To Know About Texas Foreclosure Auction And Listings In Texas With Jack Zagunis From 4Closure.info

NCCS 662 | Texas Foreclosure Auction

  If you’re looking to buy foreclosure homes in Texas, Jack Zagunis from 4Closure.info joins Scott Carson to explain about foreclosure auction and what buyers need to understand about these listings. Jack has 11 years of sales and marketing experience that will help when making a decision in selling houses. He tells Scott about the effect of the pandemic in the industry, what the future looks like, and how his company can help those who … Read More

EP NNA 62 – Best Practices In Hiring And Training A Virtual Assistant With Bob Lachance

NNA 62 | Virtual Assistant

  There comes a point in growing your business operations when you won’t be able to keep doing what you’re doing alone. Many successful entrepreneurs are now hiring their very own virtual assistant so that their business can keep going even when they’re not around, and they’re focusing on much more important tasks. Scott Carson is joined by Bob Lachance, the founder and CEO of REVA Global LLC, the premiere virtual assistant staffing company. Scott … Read More

EP 577 – The Real Estate 411 Expo: Bridging The Real Estate Community With Linda Pliagas

NCS 577 | Realty411 Expo

  Because the real estate industry is so people-oriented, establishing relationships with others in the same community is as much a part of the job as any other part. The Realty411 Expo was founded on this same principle – for bridging people as well as any knowledge gaps about specific skillsets or subject matters that are best imparted by experts. Scott Carson chats with Linda Pliagas, the Founder of Realty411 Magazine, who hosts the Realty411 … Read More

EP 570 – Rocket Your Retirement With Self-Directed IRA’s With Rocket Dollar Featuring Dan Kryzanowski

NCS 570 | Retirement Money

    In most cases, retirement money is squirreled away, untouched until its owner comes of a certain age, but the thing with that is that money could be used a whole lot more productively. The primary case of this is with real estate, where retirement money can be put in and invested, even if you’re not quite ready to dip too much into your retirement fund. Dan Kryzanowski is an active real estate investor … Read More

EP NNA 56 – Hedging Your Bets: Creating A Successful Syndication And Hedge Fund With Joel Block From Bullseye Capital

NNA 56 | Creating A Successful Syndication

  There’s a saying that you should always make sure to hedge your bets in order to protect yourself from most risks, and the same principle holds true in real estate as well. Taking on a syndication project is, for the most part, the wisest way to function in the real estate industry so as to protect one’s investments from the most possible harm. Joel Block is a business executive and professional speaker who specializes … Read More

EP NNA 51 – To Infinity And Beyond: The 2020 Market Forecast

NNA 51 | 2020 Market Forecast

  Market forecasts are essential to determining the various trends that you, as a businessperson, are going to have to look out for in the coming future. These forecasts, formulated from existing historical data, are a handy guide for determining where to bring your business. Scott Carson shares his 2020 market forecast for real estate. He shares his insight on what asset classes and markets will be the most profitable. He also shares the cities … Read More