EP NNA 46 – Baldwin Advisory Group: Making Real Estate Investing Smoother And Better With Dickie Baldwin

NNA 46 | Baldwin Advisory Group

  Even the best real estate investors have issues. When these things surface, asking the right people for help can be quite intimidating. Today, Scott Carson interviews Dickie Baldwin of the Baldwin Advisory Group or BAG about how they advise other investors and lead them to the right track. He shows their specific features and what they can provide to their clients, including property detail reports. If you want to learn more about what BAG … Read More

EP 508 – Fastest Growing Counties In America

NCS 508 | Fastest Growing American Counties

  One of the common mistakes many investors make when looking for a place to invest in is going to the hot markets. Unfortunately, these are where everybody’s at. That means more competition and fewer deals for you. In this episode, Scott Carson lets you in on the markets that you can actually invest in – the fastest-growing American counties. Discussing a recent USA Today article on the top counties in each state with the … Read More

EP 507 – Hurricane Dorian’s Destruction

NCS 507 | Hurricane Dorian

  Hurricane Dorian is one of the recent calamities that devastated the northwestern Bahamas and caused significant damage to the Southeastern United States and Atlantic Canada over the past weeks. Scott Carson discusses Hurricane Dorian and some of the things property owners and investors will see over the next six to twelve months. Taking note of what Harvey has done, he also gives some heads-up on the things you need to keep in mind if … Read More

EP 355 – Simple Ways To Raise Private Capital

NCS 355 | Private Capital

  Most investors still find it hard to raise private capital. What they don’t know is there are actually a lot of ways you can do it, even in simple steps. Scott breaks down some of the easiest ways to find and connect with other real estate investors and private funding sources. He shares some tools and websites you can go to to begin such as Bigger Pockets, and shows how doing presentations to connect … Read More

EP 325 – Building An Online Community with Ryan Harper

NCS 325 | Online Communities

  A lot of people fail to realize how at the end of the day, it is not about the “me” but instead it’s about your tribe, your people, or your audience. Having this ingrained is so important to keep your authenticity and sincerity to reach out and help. This is very vital if you are trying to build a community to not only share ideas with but to network as well. Scott talks with … Read More