EP 499 – The Quest Expo with Haley Gant

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo

  Scott Carson talks with Haley Gant, an IRA specialist from the Quest Trust Company, about the upcoming Quest Expo. Haley teaches investors how to use their IRA or 401(k) to invest into real estate and private assets such as real estate, notes, apartments, and lots of different options. In this episode, she outlines the different events at the expo, as well the keynote speakers and the topics that they are going to be speaking … Read More

EP 470 – Self-Directed Employer Plans with Rebecca Miller

NCS 470 | Self Directed Employer Plans

  Anyone who is dealing with self-directed employer plans needs the help of an IRA specialist to make transactions smoother and faster. Certified IRA Specialist Rebecca Miller from Quest Trust Company explains the different self-directed plans available to employers. Noting the importance of having someone do the custodial work and bookkeeping of your 401(k), she shares about her company‚Äôs role in helping you set up your 401(k) plan. Rebecca also discusses the pros and cons … Read More

EP 466 – Next Generation Wealth Building with Derreck Long

NCS 466 | Generational Wealth Building

  The common age for investors to show up in the investing scene is usually at their middle age or later. From there, they would have to still wait before their efforts come to fruition. Instant gratification in investing does not happen. If it takes a lot longer before you reap anything, then why not start younger? Scott Carson talks with Derreck Long from Quest Trust Company about how the next generation can build long-term … Read More

EP 452 – Detroit “NO SDIRA” City

NCS 452 | Self-Directed IRA

  For years, Detroit, Michigan has been hot on the market primarily because of its inventory to price points and not having an SDIRA or self-directed IRA. With its numerous economic developments, there are issues that are lagging around such as the city being on the verge of bankruptcy. If you are planning to invest here, reaching out to others such as a CPA or an attorney who is not on the mock arena is … Read More

EP 401 – Live From The Quest Vault with Ingrid Chavez and Keaton Munster

NCS 401 | Self-Directed IRA

  Self-directed IRAs differ from other IRAs in that it permits the owner to have more control and flexibility to choose from a broad spectrum of investments. If you do your homework and buy at the right value at a good time, these investments can potentially have compelling returns over time. There are very few limits on what a self-directed IRA can invest in. Scott Carson is joined by Ingrid Chavez and Keaton Munster from … Read More