EP 618 – The New Orleans & Baton Rouge Louisiana Real Estate Market With The King Of Short Sales, Cecil Rose

NCS 618 | Louisiana Real Estate

  Louisiana is one of the states that are most badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the real estate market has really felt the brunt of the crisis. With the current rate of foreclosures – among the highest in the nation – short sale deals are starting to increase, but many investors are backing out because of market uncertainty and high rates of delinquency and forbearances. Scott Carson gets into the details of these … Read More

EP 601 – Unemployment, Business Defaults And Mortgage Defaults By The Numbers: What They Mean For Our Future With Merrill Chandler

NCS 599 | San Antonio Real Estate

  The numbers we have out there right now can be scary, and it is tempting for many people to have knee-jerk reactions which can ultimately hurt them in the long term. In this episode, Scott Carson sits down with the Credit Messiah, Merrill Chandler, to make sense of the numbers in unemployment, business defaults, and mortgage defaults and what these mean for the future. Merrill is a high-performance personal and business fundability coach at Get Fundable.com and … Read More

EP 599 – Exposing Trends And Opportunities In The San Antonio Real Estate Market With Josh Boggs

NCS 599 | San Antonio Real Estate

  With the real estate market, there is definitely no one-size-fits-all. The strategies that could work in one may not work in another. That is why you need to be apt about what goes on in the market that you choose to be in; otherwise, you’ll find yourself treading in troubled waters. In this episode, we zone in on the San Antonio real estate market in Texas. Scott Carson talks with San Antonio, Texas real … Read More

EP 597 – The Hoarder House: An Appointment From Hell

NCS 597 | Hoarder House

  While watching some hit TV shows like Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive are enjoyable, very few people would actually consider purchasing a hoarder home. Who would want a property filled with mountains of junk, infestations, and other issues? In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson discusses his first ever distressed homeowner appointment that turned out to be a hoarder house. One thing he learned from his friend is that the smell … Read More

EP 504 – Getting Cash Payoffs On Assets

NCS 504 | Getting Cash Payoffs

  Note investment can be a headache, especially when you have undesirable borrowers. Host Scott Carson breaks down a recent case study where the borrower paid off their loan after being modified along with the numbers behind the deal. Sharing some exit strategies for note investing, he then rounds up on cash payoffs and discusses ways you can get it in a more promising way. Learn more about how you can increase or at least … Read More

EP 454 – The Short Sale Queen with Nicole Espinosa

NCS 454 | Short Sales

  Many homeowners are experiencing hardships with their properties with divorce and excessive debt being top causes. Oftentimes, short sale is a promising solution in these situations. Scott talks with seasoned realtor and short sale specialist Nicole Espinosa about her short sale business and the existing market. Even when the market is performing great, there is still a short sale going on and there is no stopping her company at taking care of their clients. … Read More

EP 450 – Targeting Short Sales For Note Deals

NCS 450 | Short Sales

  Short sales have been a widely held topic in the real estate arena. Why? It’s because it’s a win-win deal for both the seller and the buyer – a short sale can get a property holder out from bad debt while buyers see the price of a short-sale home worth the hassle. Scott discusses how note investors can target short sales as warm leads for potential opportunities for deals and larger lists of non-performing … Read More

EP 333 – Short Sales in Today’s Real Estate Market with Melody Medley

NCS 333 | Short Sales

  A common misconception by people about short sales is that it happens fast, that they can close a deal by tomorrow. As a result, many jump in without thinking of the processes it entails and end up getting scammed. Scott talks with realtor and short sale expert, Melody Medley, about short sales in today’s real estate market. Giving the 411 about it, she covers the market value according to the condition of the property, … Read More