EP NNA 62 – Best Practices In Hiring And Training A Virtual Assistant With Bob Lachance

NNA 62 | Virtual Assistant

  There comes a point in growing your business operations when you won’t be able to keep doing what you’re doing alone. Many successful entrepreneurs are now hiring their very own virtual assistant so that their business can keep going even when they’re not around, and they’re focusing on much more important tasks. Scott Carson is joined by Bob Lachance, the founder and CEO of REVA Global LLC, the premiere virtual assistant staffing company. Scott … Read More

EP 555 – Focusing Your Tasks With Aaron Young

NCS 555 | Focusing Your Tasks

  An entrepreneurial endeavor, of course, is built on the work you do, but the big catch is that you have to be channeling your energy into the tasks that will allow your business to flourish. Focusing your tasks and energies on only the right activities is possible, but you’re definitely going to need some help. Joining Scott Carson is Aaron Young from the Unshackled Owner Podcast, who shares some of the best ways to … Read More