EP 461 – Taking A Leap Into Note Investing with Note Mastermind Member Eric Ham

NCS 461 | Note Investing

  In this day and age, you got to be wiser because change is inevitable, and so is the market. Sometimes what you were ignorant about before can be the only path to success that you can take. Scott Carson interviews Note Mastermind member Eric Ham about his note business and why he’s going full-time so soon. After leaving his job in the IT industry, Eric transitioned to closing performing and non-performing notes. As big … Read More

EP 459 – Note Mastermind Member: Scott Van Kampen and Dennis Doherty

NCS 459 | Teamwork

  If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. Scott Van Kampen and Dennis Doherty from Second Chance Property Investments touch on the advantages of working in teams in the real estate and note industry. Find out how to make your marketing help raise capital and mitigate the risks in buying deals outside of your market. Moreover, discover the most significant factors that people need to look … Read More

EP 458 – The Golden Opportunities In Note Investing with Note Mastermind Member Michael Slawin

NCS 458 | Note Investing Opportunities

  There are massive opportunities to thrive in the real estate arena. One of the best ways would be investing in notes. Scott interviews Note Mastermind member Michael Slawin of Notes Connect, LLC, about his real estate background and why he is focused solely on note investing. Find out how Michael gained mastery in the field and the kinds of real estate investments he’s focused on. Also, learn what attracted him to venture in note … Read More

EP 449 – The 22nd Note Mastermind

NCS 449 | Note Mastermind

  The Note Mastermind is a three-time annual event for note investors as part of Scott’s mentoring program. Once again, people come over to spend time with other note enthusiasts and have the opportunity to hang out and working on each other’s business, making them rejuvenated in rowing towards the same direction. Scott shares some of the fantastic things that took place during the 22nd Note Mastermind meeting in Austin, TX. — Listen to the … Read More

EP 432 – The Power Of The Note Mastermind

NCS 432 | Note Mastermind

  It is one of the greatest things in the world to witness people coming together and working toward reaching the same goal. This is exactly the power that a note mastermind has. It brings people who come from different experiences to talk about the ways they overcame a problem or found success in the note investing world. A mastermind leads to a lot of great things not only for us but also our friends … Read More