EP 706 – How Young People Can Get Out Of Financial Dependence With Bobbi Rebell

NCS 706 | Financial Dependence

  These past few years, the number of young people who are still financially dependent on their parents has been steadily rising. Even though they are off to college or doing side jobs, they continue to be on the payroll of their mothers and fathers. Scott Carson interviews financial expert, journalist, anchor, and CFP Bobbi Rebell about her newest book, Launching Financial Grownups. She presents practical advice for parents on guiding their children to be … Read More

Market Outlook: Keeping Up With The Current Market Conditions For #CommercialNotes With Mike Jimenez

NC4 44 | Commercial Notes Market

  Succeeding in this industry takes being in the know of the market. In this ever-changing environment, keeping track of all the movements can be challenging. Good thing we have tools and experts who can make the process easier. In this episode, Scott Carson has the perfect guest! He sits down with Michael Jimenez, the CXO and co-founder of Xchange.Loans—the online marketplace for non-performing loans. Michael’s focus is sourcing lenders with distressed commercial notes and OREO to … Read More

EP 705 – Busting Myths, Leveraging Credit, And Maximizing Returns With Merrill Chandler From GetFundable.com

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

  We fall prey to the false things we hear in the credit markets today, especially new note investors. But what can you do to improve your market and get business credit? On this episode of the Note Closers Show (taken from the July Virtual Note Buying Workshop), Scott Carson talks with Merrill Chandler from GetFundable.com about the different ways to leverage your personal and business credit to maximize returns. Merrill shares different myths about … Read More

EP 707 – A Different Perspective On Investing With Litan Yahav, Founder Of Vyzer

NCS Litan Lahav | Investing

  There are a lot of different perspectives on investing, and it matters how you do it, what you do, and why. In this episode, Scott Carson interviews the founder of Vyzer, Litan Yahav, about what inspired the company’s founding, his passion for passive and active real estate investing, disrupting the world diamond exchange, and what makes for a good passive investment to invest in. Litan excels in his field because he finds solutions for … Read More

EP NNA 118 – The Ins And Outs Of Investing In Hard Money Loans

NNA 118 | Hard Money Loans

  Do you want to learn about investing in hard money loans? On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down what that looks like. He explains what a hard money loan is about, who and what it is used for, and some of the risks involved. Scott also shares an investment opportunity for those who might be interested in investing in hard money loans for a short period. Grab something and … Read More

EP 704 – Navigating The Commercial And Residential Lending Markets With Mortgage Experts, Krystle Moore And Kenny Simpson

NCS 704 | Mortgage Markets

  We see so many changes in the mortgage markets that it can be tough to keep up. Fortunately, Scott Carson has not only one but two guests who can provide us with a great view of the residential and commercial lending markets. On this episode, Scott interviews Krystle Moore and Kenny Simpson from the Get In the Cashflow Game podcast. They are both lending experts with more than nineteen years of lending experience. Krystle and Kenny share their insights into … Read More

Tapping Into Opportunities In The Texas Foreclosure Markets With Jack Zagunis

NC4 43 | Foreclosure Markets

  There are a lot of opportunities to take a look into in the Texas foreclosure markets. In this episode, Jack Zagunis from Roddy’s Foreclosure Listing Service shares all of the different deals and opportunities that you can find on the Texas Foreclosure Lists that FLS provides. Jack is deep into the Texas foreclosure data and sees things that others don’t. He has a better pulse on the Texas foreclosure markets than anybody else. He … Read More

EP 703 – Five Mistakes New Note Investors Make #Noteinvesting

NCS 703 | Note Investor Mistakes

  Mistakes are possible, especially when you are a first-time note investor—many don’t want to take risks for fear of making mistakes and losing a sum of money. But you don’t have to let fear stand between you and success. In this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson shares the five common mistakes new note investors make when diving into nonperforming notes. In this industry where buyers and sellers change, you have … Read More

EP NNA 117 – #RaisingMoney: How To Raise Private Capital The Easy Way With Dave Dubeau

NNA 117 | Private Capital

  If you haven’t raised a dime of investor capital before, you better grab something and take notes of what’s about to come on today’s episode! Because Scott Carson has real estate investor and professional private capital raiser Dave Dubeau to share his strategies for easily raising private capital. One of Dave’s big tips is that when you’re putting together an investor presentation, don’t try to hide the negative sides of your particular strategy. Do … Read More

EP 702 – How To Get Started As A New Note Investor In 2022: #NoteInvesting

NCS 702 | New Note Investor

  Are you looking to start investing in notes? In this episode, Scott Carson shares what he would focus on first if he had to start as a new note investor in 2022. He discusses the need to approach note investing with a fresh mind and realize it’s a different niche of real estate investing compared to being a landlord, fix and flipper, realtor, or mortgage broker. Finding and funding are the two most significant … Read More

EP 701 – Loan Officers & Mortgage Brokers: The Perfect Note Investors

NCS 701 | Loan Officers

  If you are a mortgage professional (loan officer, broker, servicer, or processor) who finds yourself on the wrong side of the employment line, this might be the most important video you will watch this year! In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson discusses why mortgage professionals are a perfect fit for note investors. Scott shares his past experience as a mortgage banker and what he experienced in 2008 when he left … Read More