EP 637 – The Easiest Way To Build A Bank Asset Manager List

NCS 637 | Bank Asset Manager List

  Calling banking companies aimlessly is one of the most tedious tasks any investor face, but what if you can actually make this endeavor way easier? In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson breaks down the easiest way to build a bank asset manager list by downloading the list of mortgage bankers, mortgage companies, and loan servicing companies doing business in Texas by checking out the Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending website. He … Read More

EP 634 – Be Better At Swinging Your Bat First Before Landing Home Runs 

NCS 634 | Home Runs

  Most of the time, aspiring investors only look at the endgame, where they start to earn big and save big. However, the difficult part of building your network, understanding how the game is played, and learning the industry’s ups and downs is totally neglected, which hinders them from hitting their home runs. In this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson discusses the need to build your experience and knowledge set before … Read More

EP 636 – The Due Diligence Wizard On Saving Time And Money With JD Bates From NoteProz.com

NCS 636 | Due Diligence

  Let’s be honest. Due diligence takes time. Yet, it is something that we must all do. How do you make the process efficient? Scott Carson talks with the founder of NoteProz.com, JD Bates, about his amazing product and how it helps all real estate investors with their up-front due diligence. They discuss what and how it pulls data in seconds in what used to take hours, the asset management and reporting options, along with … Read More

EP 635 – From Truck Driver To Real Estate Investor Leaving A Legacy For Generations With Tyrone Sutton

NCS 635 | Real Estate Legacy

  Real estate investing truly opens up opportunities that allow you to leave a legacy. Many in the industry have, one way or another, walked a similar path as our guest—previously working an hourly job and eventually shifting into investing. Now, he has built a great life not only for himself but also for his family. Scott Carson talks with former truck driver turned real estate investor, Tyrone Sutton. Here, Tyrone shares his story of determination … Read More

EP 633 – Mike Miedler On The 121% Rule For Success

NCS 633 | Rules For Success

  Real estate can be a challenging industry to explore and understand at first, but once you have a good grasp of it, it can be the most rewarding. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson talks with the President and CEO of Century 21 Realty, Mike Miedler. Mike shares his rules for success and why his 121% rule is key to finding success in today’s market. He also explains how Century … Read More

EP 632 – Your Entrepreneur Mindset: Finding The Balance With Jesse Todisco

NCS 632 | Entrepreneur Mindset

  What’s the best entrepreneur mindset? Of course, it will always include achieving success and gaining better investments, but your passion must never be set aside. After all, reaching contentment is possible only if you are doing something you love. In this episode, Scott Carson interviews investment advisor Jesse Todisco from 46 & 2 Wealth Partners about finding the balance in investing, business, and mindset through self-care. He shares how he works with clients, his motivation, and … Read More

EP 631 – Calling Banks To Find Note Deals: Top Takeaways 2020

NCS 631 | Calling Banks

  If you didn’t know yet, Scott Carson does a live stream of himself once a month at CallingBanks.com, where he spends four to five hours calling bank asset managers. On this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott discusses some of the lessons learned from the different sessions that he has held over the past couple of months. He also shares some of the a-ha moments that students have shared with him when it … Read More

EP 630 – The Hardest Hit Fund: Why It’s Ending, Why It Shouldn’t Hurt So Much And How You Can Make The Most Out Of It


  Ten years since its inception in 2010, the Hardest Hit Fund is finally going to end in December. What is the Hardest Hit Fund and why does it matter to note investors? In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson discusses how the program works and which states are still offering this program for distressed borrowers. He also makes the case for why you don’t want to focus on this program as … Read More

EP 629 – Scaling Your Business From Boss-Dependent To Independence With America’s Business Alchemist Bill Prater

NCS 629 | Scaling Your Business

  Many entrepreneurs get stuck with the question, “What do I need to do next?” Most especially in this uncertain environment of COVID-19, it has become harder and harder to foresee the next steps to growth. Good thing that in this episode, Scott Carson interviews someone who is known as America’s Business Alchemist, Bill Prater. A business coach and consultant, Bill talks about the biggest things holding back growth with business owners and why replacing yourself … Read More

EP NNA 79 – The 3-Step Process On Making Money Wholesaling Notes

NNA 79 | Making Money Wholesaling

  Many investors get into wholesaling, thinking it is easy. Yet, many of them fail to do it successfully. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down his three-step approach to wholesaling notes and successfully making money off of it. He shares how to create a list if you don’t already have one, the importance of knowing a deal from a dud, and how to protect your relationship with the deal … Read More

EP 638 – The Winning Number: The Dangers & Advantages Of Social Sleuthing With Stefanie LaHart

NCS 638 | The Winning Number

  Everything stays on the Internet. In a world where everyone is on social media, there are so many unknown dangers that we need to be cautious of. Scott Carson sits down with social media marketing expert Stefanie LaHart from Boomtown Marketing to discuss the social sleuth happening. With her new book, The Winning Number, they talk about the dangers along with the advantages of using social media to stalk your borrowers, investors, and other contacts. Plus, … Read More

EP 628 – Expanding Your Reach And Influence Through Virtual Summits With Dr. Mark T Wade

NCS 628 | Virtual Summits

  Virtual summits are amazing opportunities to learn and have fun. On today’s podcast, Scott Carson interviews the Founder of Virtual Summits Software, Dr. Mark T Wade, about his Summit Talks Summit and how he is helping real estate and other entrepreneurs expand their reach and influence through virtual summits. Mark shares some of the things that he has learned from interviewing over 120 virtual summit experts who are sharing their strategies and secrets at … Read More