EP 569 – No Quit Living: Control Your Mind, Control Your Life With Christopher Wirth

NCS 569 | Overcoming Failure

  Failure is an inevitability in life, and no, that’s not a bad thing because these failures can – and should – be taken as goalposts that tell you it’s time to make a change. Overcoming failure is such a vital skill in becoming successful, and while it may not be instinctual to everyone, it is a skill that can be learned and developed over time. Scott Carson speaks to Christopher Wirth, an entrepreneur, financial … Read More

EP 568 – Busting Down Credit Myths And Other Falsehoods In The Industry With Merrill Chandler

NCS 568 | Busting Down Credit Myths

  While there are many good people in this industry, there are still some out there who are willing to take advantage of us. Especially in the credit world, there are so many schemes that go undetected. That is why you have to know what you’re getting yourselves into before jumpstarting on anything. Scott Carson has Merrill Chandler from Get Fundable in this episode to discuss some credit myths. He breaks down even those unthought-of and unbeknownst falsehoods in … Read More

EP 567 – Selling A Senior’s Home Through Mom’s House With Phillip Vincent

NCS 567 EP 567 | Selling A Seniors Home

  Seniors selling their homes is a part of normal life stages in this modern world. It is when they must move to spaces that are well suited for the demands of their age and capacities for their activities of daily living. In this episode, real estate investor and CEO at Mom’s House, Phillip Vincent, joins Scott Carson to discuss how he and his team are working with seniors and families of seniors to help … Read More

EP NNA 54 – 60 Plus Ways To Promote Events

NNA 54 | Promoting Events

  In order to be seen, known, wanted, and even needed by your target market, you must do what it takes in terms of best practices for promoting your products and services. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson shares over 60 ways that he and his team promote their different events, webinars, training, and podcast. He also shares some creative ways to get the biggest bang for your time and buck … Read More

EP 566 – The Deferred Sales Trust: Avoiding Capital Gains Tax With Brett Swarts

NCS 566 | Deferred Sales Trust

What is a deferred sales trust and how can help you avoid more taxes? Today, Scott Carson and Brett Swarts from Capital Gains Tax Solutions talk about the Deferred Sales Trust and why it might be an ideal tool to replace 1031 Exchanges. Brett discusses the mechanics of the transaction, who it might be the ideal tool for, and those who aren’t a fit for it. Don’t miss this episode to learn how to avoid … Read More

EP 565 – The Four 4 R’s Of Hiring Virtual Assistants With Bob Lachance

NCS 565 | Hiring Virtual Assistants

  Hiring virtual assistants can be a daunting process especially when it comes to screening someone who can be with your team long term. In this episode, Scott Carson sits down and talks with Bob Lachance, the owner of REVA Global LLC, to discuss their method for hiring virtual assistants for their real estate investing business. Bob is a nationally recognized speaker, mentor, and trainer who specializes in helping customers build their businesses through automation … Read More

EP 564 – High-Performance Business Methods For The Traveling Entrepreneur With Christopher Reynolds

NCS 564 | High-Performance Business Methods

  One of the reasons many of us work hard as entrepreneurs is to have the means to soon travel the world to our heart’s content. But have you ever considered the possibility of being a traveling entrepreneur? In this episode of the podcast, Scott Carson interviews digital nomad, location independent entrepreneur, and host of The Business Method podcast, Christopher Reynolds, about being a traveling entrepreneur and how to achieve that. Chris helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow … Read More

EP 563 – From Wall Street To Laugh Street: Pivoting With Confidence With Madison Malloy

NCS 563 | Pivoting With Confidence

  Doing what you love most will always take you to the level of success you desire most. Today, Scott Carson interviews former Wall Street mortgage bond trader and current actress and comedian Madison Malloy to discuss the past mortgage meltdown and what we see going on in the market today. She shares some of her insights into the past along with why she made the pivot from bond trader to stand-up comedy. She also … Read More

EP 562 – Awaken Your Inner Alpha With Adam Lewis Walker

NCS 562 | Awaken Your Inner Alpha

  Carving out a path for your own success means being able to knock through things that get in the way of you ultimately attaining success. Overcoming obstacles, no matter how big they are, is essential to growth and victory. Adam Lewis Walker is a podcaster, TEDx speaker and bestselling author. Scott Carson talks with Adam about defying the odds that obstacles have a created, especially as an entrepreneur. Let Adam’s story help you find … Read More

EP 561 – Finding Note Deals In The Different Texas Markets

NCS 561 | Texas Real Estate

Being one of the biggest states in the United States, Texas has become an extremely diverse market to penetrate that has a lot of interesting opportunities built in. This has made Texas real estate something of a challenge, but the deals there are just fantastic. Scott Carson discusses the note market in Texas and the opportunities that lie in the Lone Star State. He shares his experience and where he sees deal flow in the … Read More

EP 560 – Building Your Real Estate Community With Gary Hibbert

NCS 560 | Building A Community

  Collective power can, without doubt, generate better results. In this episode, Scott Carson is joined by real estate investor and agent, Gary Hibbert, who shares how he has grown his real estate investment podcast by building a community of investors that work to help hold each other accountable and successful with his Smart Home Choice network. Narrating the growth of his network, he offers some tips on relationship building and finding the right people … Read More

EP 559 – Real Estate Deals In The Tar Heel State With Jonathan Taylor Smith

NCS 559 | North Carolina Real Estate

  With strong job growth, population increase, health care access, education opportunities, and so much more, the Tar Heel State has become a haven for some of the best real estate deals.  Today, Scott Carson interviews realtor, real estate investor, the owner of Blue Chariot Realty, and the podcast host of ….and Landlord, Jonathan Taylor Smith, on the North Carolina real estate market and how he is leveraging his knowledge and resources to succeed. Johnathan … Read More