EP 538 – Positive Productivity With Kim Sutton

NCS 538 | Positive Productivity

  Running a business will not always be a smooth-sailing ride. There will be failures and struggles, but there is also a way to stay positive and productive amidst those setbacks. That is what Kim Sutton shares in this episode. Kim is the host of the Positive Productivity Podcast. She started (and failed) out as an interior designer before encountering the Law of Attraction. After going through more trials, she found her calling in helping … Read More

EP 537 – Saying The Right Words: Speaking To Your Clients Values With Matt Brauning

NCS 537 | Saying The Right Words

  The way we speak to ourselves and the words that we use program not only ourselves but our clients. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with entrepreneur and NLP expert, Matt Brauning, about being mindful of choosing the right words when speaking with clients—be it for a deal or just a normal day-to-day interaction. They talk about the difference between possibility language and necessity language and how to use them in succession. Scott and … Read More

EP 536 – Fifteen Critical Items When Selling Notes

NCS 536 | Selling Notes

  Are you selling or thinking of selling notes? In this episode, Scott Carson runs down fifteen items to keep in mind if you’re looking to sell. This list is also applicable to those who are interested in buying notes. The important thing to remember is to always have a list of questions and to make sure those questions are answered. Knowing all of this will save you a lot of trouble and pain in … Read More

EP 535 – Greetings From FICO World With Merrill Chandler

NCS 535 | FICO World Convention

  FICO World is the ultimate convention when it comes to learning the best business solutions from the best authorities. Today, Scott Carson talks with Merrill Chandler, the CEO of CreditSense, about his current trip to the FICO World Convention. Merrill shares the upcoming credit releases and things coming down the pipeline. He also talks about what the future will look like when it comes to your personal and business credit. Listen more from Scott … Read More

EP 534 – Launch Your Business To New Heights With Jen Du Plessis

NCS 534 | Launching Your Business

  You may not realize this but you can actually launch your business by using what is already present in your own market. Today, Scott Carson talks with mortgage expert and real estate investor Jen Du Plessis about some of the creative ways that investors and mortgage experts can capitalize on the markets for their own pockets. Jen is the Founder of Kinetic Spark Consulting, Black Fox Investments and Valor Home Solutions. Tune in to … Read More

EP 533 – Identifying Goals In 2020 With Aaron Young

NCS 533 | Identifying Your Goals

  When planning out what you want to do in the near and distant future, it’s easy to fixate on things that don’t really matter as much as you think they might. Identifying your goals is such an important part of the process of business growth, and it’d be a shame to waste such a vital step. Scott Carson speaks to Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about the right kind of goal-setting for your business … Read More

EP NNA 50 – Leveraging LinkedIn: More Tips And Tricks To Take You To The Next Level

NNA 48 | Smart 2020 Goals

  LinkedIn is undeniably one of the best platforms out there to make professional connections. The more you use and explore it, the more things you discover that benefit your business. Updating what we’ve learned about it since March, Scott Carson revisits and adds to how you can leverage LinkedIn in this episode. With new things happening on the platform and with the new year just around the corner, the time is perfect to look … Read More

EP 532 – Are You Cut Out To Be A Note Investor?

NCS 532 | Good Note Investor

  Being a note investor is not for everyone who simply wants to earn. Scott Carson reminds us that whether we like it or not, some of us will not succeed in investments especially when we enter the industry without a full gear. Today, he talks about what makes a good note investor and highlights some characteristics of someone who’s cut out for the profession. Still, anyone who does not pass these still have hopes … Read More

EP NNA 49 – Ten New Sources For Note Deals In 2020

NNA 49 | New Sources For Notes

  We are down to the last month of the decade, and so much has changed in the notes industry. What this calls for is a reconsidering of our old ways of finding notes, because you’re only on top of the game if you are constantly on the lookout for the changes ahead. Looking forward, Scott Carson braces us for what is coming by discussing the ten different ways to find note deals in 2020. … Read More

EP 531 – Where Is The Work Ethic In The Note Investing Industry These Days?

NCS 531 | Note Investing Work Ethic

  Good people are hard to find. In the real estate investing world, that task has increasingly become harder. Host, Scott Carson, asks in this episode, “Where’s the work ethic these days?” He taps into the increasing problem of entrepreneurs and people in the real estate space signing up for things but never taking action. Investing in something takes the work ethic to really see it through. With that, Scott shares to you two important … Read More

EP 530 – Building Your New Brand Identity with Elyse Archer

NCS 530 | Building Brand Identity

  How can you lure more people into patronizing your cause and your brand? In this episode, host, Scott Carson, and guest, Elyse Archer, pave the way through simple but efficient answers to this typical branding query. Elyse, who is a visibility coach, keynote speaker, and host of Instant Impact podcast, dives into the topic of building a reputation online and shares her reputation formula. She talks about the best social media platforms to promote … Read More

EP NNA 48 – How To Set SMART Goals For The Coming 2020

NNA 48 | Smart 2020 Goals

  We always set goals, but oftentimes, finding the best way to achieve them can be the most difficult part. Today, Scott Carson reminds us of the SMART system of setting goals. What is it? How can it help us in our real estate endeavors? Know more about this familiar system as Scott breaks down each of them along with examples that can help guide you to start your 2020 with an organized path. — … Read More