EP 689 – Three Things That Real Estate Investors Must Do in 2022

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

  What should you be doing to boost your real estate investing this 2022? Scott Carson has the answers for you. In this episode, Scott lists down the top three things all real estate investors need to be focusing on to find and fund more deals this year. He discusses the need to Market More, Follow-Up, and Embrace Video to set you apart from other investors. It’s never too late to start upping your game. … Read More

EP NNA 101 – Clearing Up Credit Myths That Impact Your Fundability With Merrill Chandler

NNA 101 | Credit Myths

Fundability is an important part of investing, and how we deal with credit can impact that. Scott Carson talks with Merrill Chandler from GetFundable.com about the different credit myths that are destroying your ability to get business and personal lines of credit. There are over 300 credit myths and Merrill helps you cut through their knots to help make yourself fundable. If you are currently struggling to find why you keep getting turned down at … Read More

EP NNA 100 – Finding The Best Note Deals In 2022

NNA 100 | Note Deals

  It’s the start of the new year, and we better get cracking! With 2022 in full swing, it’s time to find the best note deals. Kicking off 2022, Scott Carson shares how he is capitalizing on past note buyers to find current product, how to connect with investors and referral sources at your local REIA, Meetup, or BNI.com group, and why it’s important to focus a little bit each day on achieving your long-term … Read More

EP 688 – Gabriel Petersen On His Strategies And Experiences As A Commercial Investor

NCS 688 | Commercial Investor

    Starting low in real estate is a great way to establish your focus and gather excellent deals you can give a lot of time into. Scott Carson sits down with Gabriel Petersen from the Real Estate Investing Club podcast to share his journey as a commercial investor and how he went from wanting to be a lawyer to discovering real estate. Gabe shares his winding path from residential fix and flipper to commercial real estate … Read More

EP NNA 99 – SMART Goals For 2022: Planning Your Year Right

NNA 99 | SMART Goals

  What’s the first step you need to do to ensure you are closer to the things you want? A simple yet effective way of planning for your goals is a must, and that is by making sure that they are SMART. In this episode, Scott Carson helps you plan your year right! SMART is an acronym of simple guidelines that helps you prepare for your future. How can you incorporate these into what you … Read More

EP NNA 98 – How To Talk To Investors About OPM

NNA 98 | Investors About OPM

  You’re not begging for money when you’re looking for capital. To talk to investors about OPM (Other People’s Money), you need to understand that you’re offering them an opportunity. Listen to this episode as Scott Carson breaks down what mentality you need to have to successfully raise capital in real estate. He shares some tools for getting investors to reach out to you and how to locate them. He’ll even share with you what … Read More

EP 687 – The Key To Working With Realtors With Jennifer Murtland

NCS 687 | Working With Realtors

You might have heard a lot of success stories in the real estate industry and wondered if you’re capable of succeeding too. You won’t know until you try. In this episode, Scott talks with long-time investor and Realtor Jennifer Murtland about working with Realtors and the dos and don’ts when asking them to help you as a new investor. Jennifer shares her knowledge from being in the real estate business for 12 years, and she … Read More

EP 685 – Building A Strong Personal REI Brand With Paul Copcutt

NCS 685 Paul Coputt | REI Brand

  A strong real estate investing business needs to have a strong personal brand, especially when you’re just starting out. The act of just being on LinkedIn and networking can go a long way for your REI brand. Join your host Scott Carson as he talks with the host of the R.E.I. Branded Podcast, Paul Copcutt, about building your personal REI brand. Discover what it takes and some of the mistakes that real estate investors … Read More

EP 686 – Busting Credit Myths In 2022 With Merrill Chandler

NCS 686 Merrill Chandler | Credit Myths

  Are credit myths ruining your chance at becoming fundable? Then it’s time to get educated and take a step towards fundability. In this episode, Scott Carson talks credit education and myth-busting with credit expert and the founder of Get Fundable, Merrill Chandler. Merrill and Scott discuss Merrill’s new initiative to educate people on how to get fundable and why busting credit myths go a long way toward this goal. Learn more about fundability and … Read More

EP 684 – How To Make Syndication Investing Work: Success Tips With Jim Pfeifer

NCS 684 | Syndication Investing

  Relationships are key in making syndication investing work. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott talks with real estate investor Jim Pfeifer about finding quality investments through syndications. Jim also shares his biggest failures and why he chose to be a passive investor instead of an active investor. Jim Pfeifer is one of the founders of Left Field Investors, a group dedicated to educating and assisting like-minded investors negotiate the nuances of … Read More

EP NNA 97 – A Year In Review: Things I’m Grateful For In 2021

NNA 97 | Grateful For 2021

  A lot of people would agree that 2021 was not as bad as 2020 and they have to be grateful for those little wins. People often don’t celebrate victories anymore. With Christmas just on the horizon, there’s no better time of year to show gratitude. So come join your host Scott Carson as he reminisces on the top 10 things he’s grateful for in 2021. Before you prep and set goals for 2022, take … Read More

EP NNA 96 – The 3 F’s Of Buying Notes: Find, Fund, And Flip

  What are the 3 F’s of buying notes? Find, fund, and flip banknotes. On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down the 3 F’s of buying notes. He shares how to Find, Fund, and Flip notes and other features and items that he teaches during his quarterly Virtual Note Buying Workshop. If you want to learn how to find, fund, and flip banknotes, you wouldn’t want to miss this episode. … Read More