EP NNA 116 – #NoteInvesting: A Step-By-Step Guide On Calculating Your Note Bids

NNA 116 | Note Bids

  Are you struggling with where to start and what to look for on bidding notes? This episode of Note Night in America is going to help you! Detailing all the things you need to know, Scott Carson breaks down what to consider when making a note offering. What percentages are selling in today’s market? What items and costs do you watch out for when calculating your note bids? Scott answers these while also sharing … Read More

EP NNA 115 – Investor Conversations: Role-Playing Phone Calls For Potential Investors With Larry Hoffman

NNA 115 | Investor Phone Calls

  The first few conversations are crucial when it comes to selling. You have to get them to your side and convince them to give you the time to show the value you could offer. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson discusses what you need to focus on when having initial phone call conversations with potential future investors you are looking to fund your deal with. Scott discusses what to and … Read More

EP NNA 114 – Controlling Your Schedule: Time Management Strategy For Success

NNA 114 | Controlling Your Schedule

  The more you can focus on controlling your schedule, the more you can get things. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson shares the value in why you want to control your schedule in order to find success faster. He shares the 30×30 matrix for daily, weekly, and monthly marketing activities. Are you struggling with controlling your schedule? Then tune in! — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast … Read More

EP NNA 113 – Your Financial Independence Number – It’s Closer Than You Think

NNA 113 | Financial Independence Number

  If you want to leave your job, replace your spouse’s income, or retire, having a game plan is critical. So what does your financial independence number need to be? Today, Scott Carson breaks down the 25X theory for retirement and how you can reverse engineer the monthly income needed for retirement by focusing on buying one note a month for 24-33 months to achieve $150K a year on autopilot. — Watch the episode here … Read More

EP 700 – Lead Sourcing – 3 Ways To Find Note Buyers & Sellers

NCS 700 | Note Buyers And Sellers

  If somebody has bought one note, very rarely are they only going to buy one. This is why finding past and present note buyers and sellers can really help you land more deals. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson shares three different ways to find past and present note buyers and sellers. He also shares how he and his coaching students are leveraging county records, past note lists, LinkedIn, and … Read More

EP NNA 112 – Finding Investors To Fund Your Deals: The Steps and The Marketing Tools Used

NNA 112 | Finding Investors

  Are you looking for investors to fund your deals? How do you get people interested in becoming passive investors with you to fund your deals? In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down the best ways to find, connect, and close investors to fund your future deals. He shares how he uses LinkedIn, meetup groups, and the County Appraisal and Recorder’s website to identify investors. Scott also shares the systems … Read More

EP 699 – Real Estate Investment Options: Get Your Due Diligence In One BAG With Dickie Baldwin

NCS 699 | Real Estate Due Diligence

  As anyone in the real estate industry will tell you, due diligence is critical when making investments. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Dickie Baldwin from Baldwin Advisory Group (BAG) about the different services that they offer real estate investors when it comes to performing due diligence on their real estate investments. Dickie shares the different vendors, products, pricing, and timelines for ordering services and products from BAG. This episode is taken from … Read More

EP NNA 111 – Note Due Diligence And Its Five Phases

NNA 111 | Note Due Diligence

    How do you perform due diligence? In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson discusses the due diligence process of being a note investor. Scott shares his pre-bid and post-bid acceptance strategy for completing his five phases of due diligence on the property, borrower, and note. He explains how this strategy ensures that you have a note that you can either get back on track to paying, foreclose on legally, or … Read More

EP 698 – Investing In Notes: An Effective Way To Diversify Your Portfolio With Scott Slackter

NCS 698 Scott | Note Investing

  Many people think of stocks and bonds when investing, but some options can be just as lucrative. One such option is investing in notes. In the Note Closers Show Podcast episode, Scott Carson sits down with note investor Scott Slackter. Slackter shares his journey as a note investor and how he started by finding and brokering owner-financed notes. He also shares his passion for finding performing notes and arbitraging those deals with his investors. — … Read More

EP NNA 110 – Covey Financial: Valuing Service In Loan Servicing With Eric Covey

NNA 110 | Loan Servicing

  Have you dealt with loan servicing companies that do not provide a good quality service or do not value service at all? In this episode, Scott Carson and the founder of Covey Financial, Eric Covey, talk about how Covey Financial services loans for note and tax lien investors. Eric discusses how they put much value on the service that their clients deserve. He also explains how they differ from other servicing companies. Listen to … Read More

EP 697 – Establishing Relationships To Drive Business Growth With Pablo Gonzales

NCS 697 Pablo | Community Relationships

  Establishing relationships is good for business growth because it allows you to build trust, show your commitment, and prove your credibility. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott talks with Pablo Gonzalez about the power of building revenue through creating relationships with your clients and community. Pablo is the inventor of the Relationship Flywheel™️, host of the B2B Community Builder and Not Your Average Investor Shows, and Co-Founder of Be The Stage. … Read More

EP NNA 109 – How To Find Note Deals In The Market

NNA 109 | Finding Deals

  On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott shares how to find note sellers and note deals in today’s market by targeting foreclosure lists, previous sellers, and doing some research on the county clerk’s websites to track AOM transfers. He also shares why it’s not worth attending note conferences when the speakers are the same and they aren’t sharing how they are finding deals. He does share why there are a few conferences … Read More