EP 557 – Sticking To Your Goals & Overcoming Obstacles With Debra Kasowski

NCS 557 | Sticking With Your Goals

  How can you be more productive and efficient in life and in business? Scott Carson talks with The Millionaire Woman Show’s host,  Debra Kasowski, about the effective ways to set and stick with your goals no matter what the obstacles are. Debra discusses time blocking, short-term productivity bursts, and how to make the most of your time. She also highlights the power of asking questions and how it can help figure out what you … Read More

EP 558 – Developing A Major League Mindset To Get What You Want With Shirley Baldwin Owens

NCS 558 | Major League Mindset

  Success comes when you are in true alignment with your goals, your passions, and your surrounding elements. Scott Carson shares his love for baseball with life coach and former Major League Baseball Scout, Shirley Baldwin Owens. Today, Shirley who is also a bestselling author, relationship expert, and the host of her own podcast Get What You Want With Shirley, talks about what it takes to develop a major league mindset and how to get … Read More

EP 556 – Growing Into 100 Notes

NCS 556 | Growing Into 100 Notes

  Scott Carson breaks down the five most important factors that you must have in place when you grow your note business from one-deals to a larger portfolio of distressed mortgage notes. He discusses the need for a good servicer and other vendors, along with having your systems in place, communication and other necessary items when growing. He also shares the need to have an assistant or staff already trained and ready to handle the … Read More

EP NNA 53 – Finding Note Deals – What’s Working In 2020

NNA 53 | Finding Note Deals

  Finding the right note deals can be hard especially when choices are complex. How can you ensure that deals you are eyeing are working or not? Scott Carson spends time on this episode of Note Night in America sharing what’s working and what’s not working in 2020 to find note deals. He discusses LinkedIn, email campaigns, Octopus CRM, note conventions, servicing conferences, and old-fashioned phone calls. He also shares some new training events available … Read More

EP 555 – Focusing Your Tasks With Aaron Young

NCS 555 | Focusing Your Tasks

  An entrepreneurial endeavor, of course, is built on the work you do, but the big catch is that you have to be channeling your energy into the tasks that will allow your business to flourish. Focusing your tasks and energies on only the right activities is possible, but you’re definitely going to need some help. Joining Scott Carson is Aaron Young from the Unshackled Owner Podcast, who shares some of the best ways to … Read More

EP NNA 52 – Are You “F” Able?: The New Funding Rules With Merrill Chandler

EP NNA 52 - Are You "F" Able?: The New Funding Rules With Merrill Chandler

  Improving fundability opens up so many options for you or your business, but it isn’t just some quick process. Even if you go to so-called credit repair establishments, you don’t just suddenly become fundable; there are processes you have to undergo to establish (or restore) your fundability in the eyes of lenders. Get Fundable‘s Merrill Chandler joins Scott Carson to dive into the process of making you fundable. There are some rules, some procedures, … Read More

EP 554 – Overcoming A Case Of The Mondays

NCS 554 | Working After The Holidays

  Getting back to working after the holidays always feels like one long slog, endless and difficult to get through. But overcoming that case of the Mondays isn’t as impossible a task as it may seem. Scott Carson talks about how to overcome your energy drag from the Christmas and New Year holidays, and how to rebound with activity. He shares some of the ways that he stays productive when your mind is starving for … Read More

EP 553 – Recession-Proof Your Business With Jonathan Slain

NCS 553 | Surviving The Recession

  The last recession devastated the American economy in more ways than one, so if another one comes along, you’ll need to make sure your business is able to make it out alive despite the obstacles. Surviving the recession is all about keeping yourself on your toes, and making sure you’re prepared for any given eventuality, and fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make this happen for you. Jonathan Slain is an acclaimed … Read More

EP 552 – Overcoming Obstacles And Playing At Your Peak With Patrick Precourt

NCS 552 | Playing At Your Peak

  On the surface, achieving goals may seem like it’s not something you should be giving thought to: it’s a mechanical, automatic response to something you’ve already conditioned yourself to attain. But the truth is, goal-setting and achieving those goals require a lot more than just sitting down and envisioning them – even if that is a crucial part of the process. Patrick Precourt is an industry leader in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, … Read More

EP NNA 51 – To Infinity And Beyond: The 2020 Market Forecast

NNA 51 | 2020 Market Forecast

  Market forecasts are essential to determining the various trends that you, as a businessperson, are going to have to look out for in the coming future. These forecasts, formulated from existing historical data, are a handy guide for determining where to bring your business. Scott Carson shares his 2020 market forecast for real estate. He shares his insight on what asset classes and markets will be the most profitable. He also shares the cities … Read More

EP 551 – Playing With Big Rocks With Aaron Young

NCS 551 | Growing Your Business

  When it comes to business, growth is something that you should always allow yourself to be open to when you have the opportunity. Growing your business is a crucial part of making sure your business doesn’t stagnate and fall by the wayside, so you’ve got to keep it moving. Aaron Young is from Laughlin Associates and the Unshackled Owner Podcast. He converses with Scott Carson about the different ways that a business can grow. … Read More

EP 550 – The Top Ten Episodes Of 2019

NCS 550 | 2019 Top Ten Episodes

  Every year is a new experience. This much can be said about the Note Closers Show journey across the years. While it helps to look forward to what is to come, it is never a bad idea to continue on with the things we learned from the past. In this special episode, Scott Carson breaks down the top ten most listened to episodes of 2019 and how that compares to 2018. He reflects back … Read More