EP 463 – From Aerospace To The Note Space: The Journey To Full Time Note Investing with Note Mastermind Member Dan Deppen

NCS 463 | Full Time Note Investing

  Transitioning from one job to a totally different profession is not easy, especially when you shift from being a mechanical design engineer in the aerospace industry to a real estate investor. Note mastermind member and full-time note investor Dan Deppen tells us about his journey as a note investor and how he was able to leave his full-time career to explore note investing. Initially working deals at home with the help of an assistant, … Read More

EP 462 – A Note Investor’s Journey with Note Mastermind Member Liza Banaag

NCS 462 | Note Investor Journey

  We all come to note investing for different reasons. For Liza Banaag, also known as the Note MD, it was a life-threatening curveball that made her realize how she was one event away from bankruptcy. From there, she started her journey of creating passive income out of real estate – from doing fix and flips to buying and selling. In this episode, Scott Carson talks to this note mastermind member and a former medical … Read More

EP NNA 44 – Things You Can Do Anywhere To Find Deals

NNA 44 | Finding Deals

  Times have changed in terms of marketing and acquiring clients. As an asset manager or investor, it is vital to have a LinkedIn profile, a website, an email service provider, and a professional headshot amongst others, because social media is a major part of how businesses thrive these days. Scott breaks down some of the key things that new note and real estate investors should be doing to help them find deals. He goes … Read More

EP NNA 43 – Deals And Due Diligence with Joel Markovitz

NNA 43 | Deals And Due Diligence

  When it comes to deals and due diligence, thinking about the paperwork and documentation can be quite daunting because every deal can be different. Joel Markovitz talks about the collateral aspect of due diligence and stresses the importance of knowing what you need and what you do not need in documenting files. He shares his routine or process for handling notes, including looking at liens and judgments and what it means to him. He also … Read More

EP NNA 42 – Realizing Your Endgame: Useful Tactics You Can Gain From The Avengers Endgame

NNA 42 | Realizing Your Endgame

  The best movies are those that offer a variety of great lessons. Scott talks about the blockbuster movie, Avengers Endgame. He talks about the life lessons he learned from the characters of the movie, and examines particular movie details and notes some specific parts that are applicable in real estate investment. He also breaks down each character and highlights some of their positive and negative characteristics that are applicable to marketing and notes investing. … Read More

EP NNA 41 – Repurposing Content

NNA 41 | Repurposing Content

  A brilliant business marketing strategy is repurposing content. In this digital era where technology is everything, it’s about time to be out with the old and in with the new. Today, Scott reveals the three tools he uses to redistribute his content in various social platforms and grow audiences. Note investors and entrepreneurs love to market but don’t like to do all the work after. These distribution tricks will definitely release everyone from the … Read More

EP 461 – Taking A Leap Into Note Investing with Note Mastermind Member Eric Ham

NCS 461 | Note Investing

  In this day and age, you got to be wiser because change is inevitable, and so is the market. Sometimes what you were ignorant about before can be the only path to success that you can take. Scott Carson interviews Note Mastermind member Eric Ham about his note business and why he’s going full-time so soon. After leaving his job in the IT industry, Eric transitioned to closing performing and non-performing notes. As big … Read More

EP NNA 40 – Leveraging LinkedIn For Your Note Business

NNA 40 | Leveraging LinkedIn

  How do you leverage LinkedIn for your note business? In today’s time, people always opt for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to build authority and create their influence. Truth be told, most CEOs spend their time on LinkedIn. In this episode, Scott breaks down some of the effective ways to use LinkedIn in your note and real estate business. LinkedIn is underrated but discover the advantages of posting content on it. On top of that, … Read More

EP NNA 39 – Tricks & Tools From Traffic And Conversion Summit 2019

NNA 39 | Traffic And Conversion Summit

  The Traffic & Conversion Summit is the largest marketing event in North America with over 6200 attendees. Now on its tenth year, T&C focuses on leveraging your media and marketing to raise capital and close deals. Scott breaks down some of the coolest tools, tricks, and productivity hacks from the summit to help you discover and learn what best suits you and your business. Moreover, Scott announces some changes that will affect Note Night … Read More

EP 460 – Advice For New Note Investors with Note Mastermind Members Phil and Melanie Jacob

NCS 460 | New Note Investors Advice

  Notes in real estate have become very lucrative these days and some entrepreneurs are making their mark with it. Scott Carson interviews Phil and Melanie Jacob about their note business and what advice they would give to new note investors. Phil and Melanie are the owners of the Phil Jacob and Associates, LLC. They talk about how they started their note business, what services they offer to clients, and what their long-term goals are. … Read More

EP 459 – Note Mastermind Member: Scott Van Kampen and Dennis Doherty

NCS 459 | Teamwork

  If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. Scott Van Kampen and Dennis Doherty from Second Chance Property Investments touch on the advantages of working in teams in the real estate and note industry. Find out how to make your marketing help raise capital and mitigate the risks in buying deals outside of your market. Moreover, discover the most significant factors that people need to look … Read More

EP 458 – The Golden Opportunities In Note Investing with Note Mastermind Member Michael Slawin

NCS 458 | Note Investing Opportunities

  There are massive opportunities to thrive in the real estate arena. One of the best ways would be investing in notes. Scott interviews Note Mastermind member Michael Slawin of Notes Connect, LLC, about his real estate background and why he is focused solely on note investing. Find out how Michael gained mastery in the field and the kinds of real estate investments he’s focused on. Also, learn what attracted him to venture in note … Read More