EP 529 – Building Your Network With BNI

NCS 529 | Business Network International

  Joining groups or networks is a good method for helping your business flourish and become more relevant in your industry. In this episode, Scott Carson talks about how he was invited to the BNI networking event and how he was influenced to join the group. BNI or Business Network International is a global organization where members regularly meet to support each other. Listen to Scott as he shares the benefits of joining BNI and … Read More

EP 528 – What Can Be Gained From FICO World With Merrill Chandler

NCS 528 | FICO World

  One of the best ways to wire your brain with more knowledge on credit and fundability is by joining events and simply listening to specific podcasts. Today, Scott Carson interviews Merrill Chandler—the Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist of CreditSense, now Get Fundable, and host of the podcast, Are Your F*able? In here, Merrill takes us into the event called FICO World that has been helping many optimize their fundability numbers. With CreditSense being the … Read More

EP NNA 47 – Four Ways To Connect With Special Asset Managers

NNA 47 | Special Asset Managers

  Dominate your fourth quarter by closing more quality deals from your list. Today, Scott Carson teaches us how to efficiently connect to asset managers. Going out there, putting effort, and taking more action can surely give you a great wrap up for the year. Scott gives us the four key strategies, plus an extra one, in acquiring good list sources. Listen more from Scott as he teaches us how to make a good impression … Read More

EP 526 – Ten Awesome Tools To Scale Your Note Business

NCS 526 | Note Business Tools

  Scaling your business will be much easier and quicker when you make use of some readily accessible tools. Today, Scott Carson helps scale your business more conveniently by breaking down ten tools to help market and grow your note business. These tools allow you to dominate in your niche and market your services the right way. Your marketing success depends on your strategies and with these tools you will learn how to respect your … Read More

EP NNA 46 – Baldwin Advisory Group: Making Real Estate Investing Smoother And Better With Dickie Baldwin

NNA 46 | Baldwin Advisory Group

  Even the best real estate investors have issues. When these things surface, asking the right people for help can be quite intimidating. Today, Scott Carson interviews Dickie Baldwin of the Baldwin Advisory Group or BAG about how they advise other investors and lead them to the right track. He shows their specific features and what they can provide to their clients, including property detail reports. If you want to learn more about what BAG … Read More

EP 525 – Growing Your Business Via Handshakes With Aaron Young

NCS 525 | Growing Your Business

  Brand message is always critical to any product or service, thereby, delivering it the right way is necessary for optimal business growth. Today, Scott Carson talks to Aaron Young, The Unshackled Owner podcast host and the big head honcho at Laughlin Associates. Aaron explains how personal relations and connections matter when building a business. From the simplest of handshakes to one-on-one interviews, he shows us how building relationships brings the biggest impact to your … Read More

EP 524 – New Marketing = New Sources

NCS 524 | New Marketing Strategies

  In the recently concluded mastermind, lots of marketing questions surfaced from students across the country. One of the hot topics discussed was on capitalizing on existing sources and looking for new ones. In this episode, Scott Carson shares some of the newest ways to market for assets that will drive more deals to your note and real estate business. He highlights the importance of using new sources, new listings for finding the right deals. … Read More

EP 523 – Confidently Communicating With Corey Poirier

NCS 523 | Communicating With Confidence

  How can you deliver an impactful message to your clients? Corey Poirier, the founder of The Speaking Program, is a multiple-time TEDx, MoMondays, bLU Talks, and PMx speaker. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Corey about some of the ways to help business owners and entrepreneurs become and grow as better speakers through the art of communication. As a seasoned speaker, podcaster, and standup comedian himself, he shares the vital elements you need … Read More

EP 522 – The Three Do’s Of Due Diligence

NCS 522 | Due Diligence

  How can you protect your investment and your investors? In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down the three most important aspects of due diligence and protecting your investment by knowing your values, checking taxes, and pulling title. These are the most basic things that you need to look at when you are in any real estate deal. Scott believes that by internalizing these three aspects, you can protect everyone involved in your deal. — … Read More

EP 521 – The 500 Club With Thom Singer

NCS 521 | 500 Podcast Episodes

  Reaching 500 and more podcast episodes is a milestone worth celebrating. In this dual episode, Scott Carson talks with fellow podcaster and public speaker, Thom Singer from the podcast Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do. Thom is an advisor to executives, a speaker, and content creator. He happily chats with Scott about both hitting the 500-episode mark and what they’ve learned from their journey to the top .01% of podcasters. Learn from Scott and Thom as … Read More

EP 520 – The Charisma Quotient: Making A Good First Impression With Kimberly Seltzer

NCS 520 | Making Good First Impression

  Would you believe that your outfit and attitude impact how others judge you, especially in the business world? In this episode, Scott Carson sits down with dating and image expert and psychologist, Kimberly Seltzer to discuss some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and people make when starting a new business or making a good first impression. By absorbing what Kimberly has to say, you will be able to raise your style intelligence and master … Read More

EP 519 – Overcoming Hijackals With Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

NCS 319 | Overcoming Toxic Relationships

  What are hijackals and how can you deal with them? In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler from TransformingRelationship.com about overcoming toxic relationships and how to work with or avoid these hijackals that can sabotage things. Dr. Shaler’s main goal is about empowering partners, executives, and adult children from the relentlessly difficult, toxic people she calls hijackals so they can recognize them, stop the crazy-making, and end the emotional abuse. — … Read More