EP NNA 78 – Attracting Investors In The Virtual World Of 2020: From Networking Events To Lead Magnets

NNA 78 | Attracting Investors

  The COVID-19 pandemic has moved all of us to the virtual space. The only way to keep going in this environment is by adapting. On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down the different ways to network and leverage virtual events to attract investors and funding sources for your deals. He also discusses using lead magnets, tripwires, and other organic sources to help you replace the in-person networking we all … Read More

EP 627 – Understanding Note Exit Strategies And How They Affect Borrower’s Credit With Merrill Chandler

NCS 627 | Note Exit Strategies

  Not all note exit strategies are created equal. While each of them may have their own merits, they can have different net effects on your fundability. In their monthly episode together, Scott Carson talks with Merrill Chandler from GetFundable.com about how the ten different exit strategies with notes affect the borrower’s credit and FICO scores. They discuss everything from mortgage lates to modifications, forbearance agreements, short sales, payoffs, loan assumptions, bankruptcies, and foreclosures and how you … Read More

EP 626 – Learn How You Can Be Your Own Bank With Mark Willis, CFP

NCS 626 | Bank On Yourself

  Can you imagine the things you could do if you owned your own bank? It may not be that impossible now that we have an opportunity to bank on yourself sitting right under your nose. Joining Scott Carson to explain this to us is Mark Willis, a Certified Financial Planner at Lake Growth Financial Services and co-host of the Not Your Average Financial Podcast. In this conversation, you will learn how to create and self-fund … Read More

EP 625 – Hacking The Entrepreneurial Mindset With Tibor Nagy

NCS 625 | Entrepreneurial Mindset

  Making the shift from being an employee to becoming a business owner requires not only a drastic change in the way you work, but more importantly in the way you think. All entrepreneurs have to undergo this process of building an entrepreneurial mindset and it is those who nail it who have the greater chance of success. Scott Carson talks about this with Hungarian entrepreneur and mindset coach, Tibor Nagy. An architect by training, … Read More

EP 624 – 10×10 Pro: Creating Massive Income, Contribution, And Fulfillment With Real Estate Investor, Bill Barnett

NCS 624 | 10x10 Pro

  Do you want to become a 10×10 pro, earning $10,000 a month in passive income? Then this episode is perfect for you. Scott Carson talks with long time real estate investor and speaker, Bill Barnett, about this 10×10 model to create massive income, massive contribution, and massive fulfillment with your real estate investing. They also discuss the current market, the power of having Uncle Sam as your client and tenant, and why coachable investors find … Read More

EP NNA 77 – How To Systematize Your Real Estate Investment Due Diligence In Seconds With NoteProz.com Founder, JD Bates

NNA 77 | Systematize Due Diligence

  Let’s be honest; doing due diligence can be quite a task. Nonetheless, it has to not only be done but done correctly. What if you could find a tool that will help you do that in seconds? Good thing you are tuning into his episode of Note Night in America because Scott Carson talks with the founder of NoteProz, JD Bates. Together, they discuss how JD’s software has evolved and saved hundreds of hours and … Read More

EP NNA 76 – US Debt Market 2020: Distressed Debt And Opportunities For Note Investing

NNA 76 | Distressed Debt

  Banks are filling up to the brim with distressed debt due to the economic hardship brought upon us by the pandemic. How can we make the best out of this situation? Join Scott Carson as he breaks down some of the distressing economic numbers that are currently facing the United States banks and debt markets in 2020.  He also shares the best way to capitalize on the over $150 Billion in distressed debt that … Read More

EP NNA 75 – Note Tapes: The Breakdown

NNA 75 | Note Tapes

  While it is really exciting to get a listing of notes, it can also be very stressful. People literally have breakdowns because they don’t know where to begin. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down the best way to perform upfront due diligence on a list of notes. Don’t miss this episode as Scott actually goes through a real life tape which is in the works right now. While … Read More

EP NNA 74 – Dominate The 4th Quarter With These Marketing Actions

  The closer we get to the end of the year, the more exciting it’s getting. If you’re ready to dominate the fourth quarter, then you’re in the right spot tonight. On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson shares his four-week action plan to dominate the 4th quarter of 2020 to find and acquire bank notes. He also discusses his simple fifteen-week email plan to connect with your audience and to raise … Read More

EP NNA 73 – Three Steps To Calling Banks For Note Deals

NNA 73 | Contacting Banks

  In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down his three simple steps to contacting banks to find note deals. He breaks them down using a list from Bauer Financial, Laneguide.com, the Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending list or pulling leads from LinkedIn. He also discusses sending out your email, connecting on LinkedIn, and following up with a phone call over two weeks. He shares the stats and success you should … Read More

EP 623 – Real Estate Market Projections For 2020: The Second Half

NCS 623 | 2020 Market Projections

  The year 2020 has not been the easiest for the most part. The real estate industry is not immune to all the negative energy going on with the politics, the pandemic, the unemployment, and all the other challenges. We can’t help but think, is there a silver lining for the second half of the year? A lot of the craziness and chaos actually means opportunities. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott … Read More

EP 622 – Leveraging Bank Lines Of Credit For Higher Returns With Merrill Chandler From Get Fundable

NCS 622 | Bank Lines Of Credit

  With all the crazy things happening right now, it is not anymore a surprise to find ourselves in a massive financial institution pivot. Yet, not many people are catching on. In this episode, Scott Carson is joined by our regular credit Messiah, Merrill Chandler from Get Fundable, to talk about how to leverage bank lines of credit for higher returns. Merrill shares how banks are working to offset their bad loans by adding new lines of credit … Read More