EP 319 – Planning For Note Independence with Dan Deppen

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NCS 319 | Note Independence

  Learning by doing accelerates things. For note investor Dan Deppen, the journey to note independence started off when he read about note investing online and found Note Camp. It was the first real note training that he did. After six months or so of studying and trying to figure things out, he joint ventured with a more experienced note investor and right around the same time bought his first note. Dan says it’s great … Read More

EP NNA 19 – Passion And Profits

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NNA 19 | Passion And Profits

  We all have passions and things that we want to do. We want to pursue both passion and profits and there are things that we want to do big, but oftentimes we don’t know how to get there or we don’t know how to take the steps to get to where we ultimately want to be. We’ve all heard about the idea of chasing our passion, but that’s not always true. Chasing your passion … Read More

EP 317 – Biggest Nuggets From Podcast Movement

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NCS 317 | Podcast Movement

  The great thing about coming to an event like the Podcast Movement is that you learn different tricks and different tools from other experts and peers. You meet people who collaborate and work together and share their passion and hobbies through their podcasts. For some, it’s a hobby that they can monetize. For others, it’s an avenue to talk about their ideas and passions. Whatever it may be, it is not such a huge … Read More

EP 318 – Finding Your Financial Why with Damion Lupo

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NCS 318 | Your Financial Why

  Money is an accelerator of who you are. The problem if you don’t know your financial why and it’s just all about the money, it’s never enough. Bestselling author and Transformation Nation podcast host Damion Lupo lost $20 million in assets during the economic slump of 2008. Like a lot of other people, he thought he was invincible and bulletproof. He didn’t have the foundation and didn’t have smart people around him to keep … Read More

EP 316 – The Grandfather Of Possibilities with Ron Klein

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NCS 316 | Grandfather Of Possibilities

  Ron Klein is not called The Grandfather of Possibilities for nothing. Ron classifies himself as a strategic adviser, a mentor, an innovator and inventor, a speaker, but mostly as a problem solver. Not many people may know it, but he’s been solving all sorts of problems. He invented the magnetic strip on the credit card that changed a few billion people. He developed the MLS system for real estate and the voice response for … Read More

EP 315 – Content And Marketing Strategies with Alli Blotter

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NCS 315 | Marketing Strategies

  Adding her own touches as a rapper, actor, and overall performer, Alli Blotter shares with us her fresh takes about the content marketing industry as well as how to go about it. Alli is a marketing strategist and content creator. She focuses on the importance of telling a story through your profile, which tugs the emotions and attracts audience. Particularly, she gives advices and tips on LinkedIn marketing strategy and utilizing the visual storytelling … Read More

EP 313 – Marketing Monday With Serving Social’s Kristie and Elijah Whites

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NCS 313 | Serving Social

  When you’re in the online marketing space like Kristie and Elijah Whites from Serving Social are, automatically what you get a lot is, “I want to build a web store because this kid on this show that I saw made $100 million in two weeks and I know I could do that because I have a great product.” Kristie and Elijah says you could probably make $1 million dollars in two weeks or even … Read More

EP 312 – Finding Motivation And Overcoming Obstacles with Denise Walsh

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  We see it all the time, not just in the network marketing business, where we’re working with people who want change. They want to do something different but the how scares them. They slip and fade away and go back to what’s comfortable even if they don’t like it because it’s easy and they know it. But trainer, coach, and author Denise Walsh says it’s not a place of growth. There’s a few things … Read More

EP 314 – Borrower Outreach: To Call or Not to Call?

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NCS 314 | Borrower Outreach

  Dealing with people can be tricky. Most especially when you are calling your borrowers about note deals. Scott breaks down the to-dos and what-not’s when doing your own borrower outreach. In this business, you will most likely be in the dilemma of choosing between “to call” or “not to call.” Either way, there are things you need to keep in mind when faced with these situations—from the legalities and authorization, up to the right … Read More

EP 311 – Motor City Investments with Michael Jordan

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NCS 311 | Motor City Investments

  One thing that people have to remember is that the job growth and the opportunities got to keep up with the development. Mike Jordan, president of Strategy Investment Group based in Michigan says he’s seeing a lot more Motor City investments as investors pick up properties and revitalize them in the Detroit area. Jordan specializes in real estate investments and property management services. His specific philosophy is to always look at clean, repair, replace. Where … Read More

EP 310 – Ohio And Michigan Foreclosure Laws with Franco Barile

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NCS 310 | Foreclosure Laws

  Whether it’s a nonperforming first or a contract for deeds, if you are buying assets in the Ohio and Michigan markets, real estate attorney Franco Barile is your go-to person. Having partnered with Tony Sottile, Franco has taken full advantage of the business side of the real estate legal game. Between them, they have four licenses under their belt for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky doing title and collateral reviews. They have a full … Read More

EP 309 – The Hurricane Effect

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NCS 309 | Hurricane Effect

  When the floods happened, when the hurricane rolled through Texas, there were somewhere between 45,000 and 75,000 household affected by it. That number is increasing. That’s the hurricane effect. What does that mean? It means there’s an opportunity for us as note investors, if you like Texas notes, to reach out to the banks, reach out to the servicers, reach out to the mortgage companies and mortgage bankers to see if they’ve got anything … Read More