EP NC 20 – Mobile Marketing in the 21st Century with Jim Koch

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Anybody in business knows you’ve got to invest in tools. In this day and age, mobile phones are the best form of communication on the planet. Mobile marketing has become even more important in getting the message out to your tribe because they provide a much more efficient way of communicating. Jim Koch with Mobit Mobile Messaging discusses how to effectively use text and SMS marketing in your real estate marketing. He shares you want … Read More

EP NC 19 – Living Fearless with Rhonda Britten

What is fear and what are you afraid of? Rhonda Britten, life coach and living fearless expert, delves into the question of what’s keeping you from taking that leap and living into your purpose? Rhonda reveals that fear is a trickster, and it is as smart as you are, as educated as you are, as spiritual as you are, and has all the knowledge you have. Fear is the cause and effect of the feelings, … Read More

EP NC 18 – Building a Sea of Private Investors with Bill Tan

NC 017 | 18-Minute Marketing Plan

What do investors really want? They want money. They want a return on their investment, but they don’t know how to find good deals. They need someone to solve that problem, and that is where you come in. Bill Tan, a real estate and note investor with over 30 years of experience, says the secret to building a sea of private investors is to look at every deal from the investor’s point of view. If … Read More

EP NC 17 – The 18-Minute Marketing Plan with Kristie Whites from Serving Social

NC 017 | 18-Minute Marketing Plan

One thing that most business owners forget about is marketing. They get so busy to post anything or to even go into their accounts. We all know that consistency is the most important thing in order to keep accounts growing, to keep followers happy and entertained, and to get more customers and more traffic. Kristie Whites from Serving Social shares her time-tested 18-minute marketing plan to manage all of your social channels, whichever ones they … Read More

EP NC 16 – Determining Value in 10 Minutes with Daniel Chad Moore

NC 016 | Determining Value For Assets

As Managing Director of Real Softworks, LLC, Daniel Moore is an expert in determining value for assets and talks about how to work out what a house is worth in five to ten minutes. David started investing in real estate at 23 years old. After losing a lot of money on a property, he sought out a mentor, and in less than six months was able to get out of the rat race and received … Read More

EP NC 15 – Correctly Creating Owner Financed Notes That Sell with Andi Lemons

NC 15 | Owner Financed Notes

Andrea Lemons with First National Acceptance Company, one of the largest buyers of owner-financed notes in the country, discusses the best way to create and structure your owner financed notes to achieve the best possible sale price. Andrea shares that they purchase almost every property type, but their bread and butter are single-family homes which have the lowest risk for two reasons, that being that they maintain value and in periods of distress and they’re … Read More

EP NC 14 – Crowdfunding Your Note Deals with Jillian Sidoti, Esq

NC 14 | Crowdfunding Your Note Deals

If you’re in the note industry, think of yourself as a rock star and you are building a career path. Jillian Sidoti looks at crowdfunding your note deals like building a band and the first thing you do is write your songs, you need to have a plan for finding and closing deals and the only way to do that is if you know what your niche is. Then you build the band, you build … Read More

EP NC 13 – No Flipping Excuses with Jason Lucchesi

NC 13 | No Flipping Excuses

Would things change for you if you could get an extra $9,000 into your pocket within the next 30 days? You will be in a better position from where you are right now for an extra $9,000, the one catch is no flipping excuses. Jason Lucchesi shares insights on how to get cheap houses from banks, institutions that no one knows about. Because investors keep chasing the same old deals, using the same old methods, … Read More

EP NC 12 – Note Investing Made Easier with Martin Saenz

NCS 012 | Note Investing Made Easier

Fired from a corporate job he hated in 2004, Martin Saenz founded a government contracting company from their home with his wife Ruth. Over the next ten years, as they were building a multi-million dollar federal contracting company, Martin and Ruth began using their profits to purchase residential and commercial rental properties in the Washington, DC area. In his first book, Note Investing Made Easier, which debuted at #1 on Amazon, Martin discusses his journey … Read More

EP NC 11 – Texas Tax Liens with Arnie Abramson

There are states that are called tax lien state because they only offer liens for sale at the tax auctions. Texas is one of those states, and in their auctions, bidding starts with the amount owed for the tax liens. If an investor buys the property at the minimum bid, it catches up on back taxes for ownership and rights of possession and then is sold to the highest bidder, including the right to own … Read More

EP NC 10 – Connecting Money with Meaning from Rick and TJ with Paperstac.com

NCS 10 | Connecting Money With Meaning

  Rick Allen and TJ Osterman talk about how they connect a meaning with their note fund to try and help keep borrowers in their homes. Rick and TJ met when they both worked for a nationwide wholesale firm. Sharing a common goal, they hit it off and have been partners ever since, starting their own wholesale company in 2008. In 2012, they got into notes, when they stepped into a big pile of notes … Read More

EP NC 09 – Investing in Syndications with Kathy Fettke from Real Wealth Network

NC 09 | Investing In Syndications

Investors who want to buy a big deal but they can’t often goes for a syndication. The most important thing to be aware when investing in syndications is you need to be with the right team for that deal. Kathy Fettke of Real Worth Network learned that the experience and background of these kinds of investments is key. You can find the greatest deals, but without the right team, the investment might not turn out … Read More