EP 202 – Cyber Investing Live Calls (Q&A)

NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

Evolving with the times is key, not only to the modern-day investor, but to everyone. The internet has made it easy for the business community to reach out to each other simply by using our cellphones. Scott Carson shares his experiences in affiliate marketing, fix and flips and online shopping. Through cyber investing, your marketing not only becomes personalized, but also cost and time effective.

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Cyber Investing Live Calls (Q&A)

First off, we want to wish you, hopefully, a very pleasant and fun Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I’m sure many of you took advantage of something on Black Friday, whether you went out and stood in line like a bunch of locos or jumped online and bought something. I know that I took advantage of Black Friday by shopping online. I know a lot of people did that. It’s always great to see people on Facebook posting, “I’ve got 90% of my shopping done,” online versus going and standing in lines. That’s the subject of our episode. It actually feeds into our Note Night in America webinar that we’re doing. It’s all about you have to evolve with times. In the last five years, it become much more prevalent to do most of your shopping online versus going out, fighting the crowds, punching somebody out, punching a 12-year-old kid who grabbed that last American Me doll or to wrestle somebody for that TV that you’re saving $30 on. I just have never gotten Black Friday. It doesn’t mean I haven’t gone out and looked at some stuff yet, but I think I went once and I was so disgusted with it. I was like, “Forget this. The savings are not worth it. I’ll just come back later.” I get it. It’s sometimes a holiday thing. It’s a thing that people do together. I get it. I don’t get it though.

NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

Cyber Investing: We do have our own Cyber Monday thing which is much easier versus taking time to go out and stand in lines.

I always bring the comparisons to it to real estate investing. I sealed my email with just full of, “Cyber Monday.” We do have our own Cyber Monday thing which is much easier versus me trying to go out, take time from my schedule, take time to go out and stand in lines and try to find the right size to something. Rarely, rarely, rarely do companies have what you really want or the really good stuff on sale. Don’t get me wrong. Yes, they do but it just doesn’t make sense a lot of times. It makes me think back to when I was in traditional real estate investor, sending out post cards and yellow letters. The biggest analogy I can get is if you look at what Cyber Monday is compared to staying in line on Black Friday. Black Friday is the old way of doing things. I’m not talking about buying online. This is different. I’m talking about like if you’re going to go stand in line for two hours or three hours or 4:00 in the morning or at midnight. This kills me. If you do, all goodies to you. Hopefully, you won’t at some point. I see this post around Facebook groups and things like that, so many people are running all over town to go find deals for their Black Friday but they’re doing the same thing when it comes to real estate. They’re sending out a thousand post cards and/or they’re posting, sending out yellow letters or mailing to one list. They’re waiting for the homeowners to give them a phone call. They’re waiting on the line or they’re just taking time from their schedule to drive 30 minutes, an hour, two hours across town depending where you’re located to go meet with somebody one-on-one.

Honestly, that is such the old way of doing things. I know people that are doing that and it just drives me bonkers to see that because my eyes have been opened over the last years. I have not gone on a listing appointment or a buying appointment in under a decade. The first year in 2007, we were doing some notes but I was still working with a realtor who is doing postcard marketing. What always comes to my mind when I think about this is you’re on listing from your walking especially with the heyday. You’re walking into an appointment and there’s a stack of business cards or there’s a stack of postcards. There’s a stack of yellow letters and the homeowners are getting bombarded with this old-style marketing. They don’t know who to choose. It all comes down to sales and there’s a whole category thing of how to make sure that your offering is good and that you make sure you get a deal that makes sense to you, but you’re putting so much effort into one deal. It just drives me bonkers. All those work to hopefully get one deal and I see people that are dropping $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 in marketing to get one deal done and it just blows my mind. I just don’t get it. I’ve been there that we’re dropping out a thousand plus postcards in a month and figuring how long it will take you to buy that list and buy the postcards and then buy the stamps and the time to do it. Especially if you’re working full-time, you don’t have a lot of spare time to go out and meet with people when they call you immediately. That’s a struggle thing.

This is what I love about notes because literally it is like cyber investing. You’re reaching out to asset managers. You’re not dropping postcards out. The only postcards we do out is actually the IRA investors to raise capital and that’s really like shooting fish in a barrel to raise capital in some ways. For the most part, it’s literally just reaching out to banks and asset managers using our cellphones, using the list that we pull online and really going shopping. Literally, getting list sent to us and some stuff like that. There are other ways of marketing too that you can do that’s effective versus the old way of doing things.

One of the great things that I love is you have to start thinking like you’re marketing straight from your cellphone. That’s one of the most important things you can think of is literally marketing direct from your phone. We love to use a service called Mobit that we use with text messaging marketing. Text your phone number or text this code to this phone number or text this code to this other number. It registers people into our database which allows us to market back out to them. It’s so simple. We just ordered new IRA postcards. The invoice was $800 on those roughly less no postage and there’s no list, but that $800 gets us 5,000 postcards. That’s relatively cheap for every lead you send out. If we figure $815 divided by 5,000 postcards, each postcard’s cost is about $0.16. When we add in $0.15 for a stamp and then you’ll also add in labels or ink on that, you’re roughly going to be spending about, honestly even for your time, a $1 postcard.

When you figure in that if you use some of these text messaging services and you’re posting to Facebook or LinkedIn or you’re posting to target rich environments, oftentimes can come really, really handy and a whole lot cheaper when you think about it. We have had a ton of people opt in when I’m out speaking or networking things like that that opt in and end up either buying deals and going from there and make this a very, very cheap and cost-effective and time-effective way of marketing. There are so many things out there that you can do.

I’ll give you an example. If you’d like to get registered for all of our Note Night in America webinars, if you text the word NIGHT to the phone number of 72-000, that will get you registered for our webinars, whether it’s the ones tonight or the ones in the future. We have it set up with our system, if you register once, you’ll get a link. It’s the same way for basically all of them. It will start over actually January 1st with our new webinars and stuff. That is an effective way of marketing. Use your cellphone. It will send you a link, register, you’re good to go from this point going forward. You’ll get an invite every time direct to your phone and you’ll be able to listen to that. That’s an effective way of marketing.

Another way of cyber marketing that I like to say is utilizing online message board. So many investors are asking questions when I’m out speaking like, “How do you get people to look at your property? How do you find realtors everywhere?” I’m like, “It’s pretty easy. Where are we standing at now? Most of the time we are in real estate investors club.” There are real estate investor clubs all across the country. You can pick up the phone and call somebody. You can use a little tool called Google and type in realtor in Fort Wayne, Indiana or realtor in Cincinnati, Ohio. I know that’s not the most effective way using Google but it’s something versus nothing.

NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

Cyber Investing: I know that’s not the most effective way using Google but it’s something versus nothing.

People overthink it so much. They totally overthink things with their due diligence stuff. A website called Meetup.com is a great way to dive into and find your local real estate investment clubs across the country. Then you’ll find people that are members of it or you’ll find people that are right in those groups. Those are an easy and effective way to pick up the phone and call those people and get referrals for realtors or rehab crews or roofers or whatever you need in that specific area.

Another great sources, you have to be looking at marketing online especially if you’re doing anything these days. You have SEO, Google AdWords, things like that that will get people to click on you. I haven’t spent for AdWords in years because one of the things that we are doing is going all across the country. AdWords is great if you’re in a specific area. If you’re just in Austin, Texas or Houston or Indianapolis, it’s great because you can really identify the specific area. Once you’re doing stuff all across the country, it’s a different animal. I’d have to spend so much more money and it’s not the type of hits that I’m looking for. Asset managers really aren’t going out there from banks typing in, “Note buyer in Indianapolis.”

This is where it makes sense though to flip the switch because if you are building a list of asset managers either on LinkedIn or you’ve made your own list from making phone calls or using Lane Guide or something like that or downloading list of mortgage bankers. Taking that list you have and then creating a custom audience inside a Facebook for that is a very effective and cheap way to get things done.

What I mean by that, literally you just take the email list, the one list of emails, not names, just their email list. You upload that into Facebook into your custom audience, you’d get a business profile page and it will go out there. That’s the beauty about this. Facebook will go out there and look at the emails and find anybody that has a profile with that email address. It’s not going to be 100% but it’s still a chunk. We uploaded 3,000 plus emails a couple of weeks ago and it found over 1,800 of them had a Facebook profile. That’s really, really effective. If I drop $100 over the next seven days and post an ad, “We’ll buy your distressed notes for that list,” and I get people that respond, literally that’s so cheap. $100 to get out and market directly to 1,500 plus asset managers by just using that post and image. Nichole over here works her magic and Canva costs a $1. We get it linked to a video or link to a landing page, ClickFunnels whatever. There are so many cool tricks to do in today’s market that will help you get things done so much cheaper and more cost-effective and time-effective.

What I find interesting is so many investors though, they love the tangible side like they feel that they’re doing something whether it’s mailing out the postcards, mail out the yellow letters or go out and knocking on doors. They feel things. I know plenty of other people out there that are doing that type of marketing and making money and that’s great. They’re doing a bunch of that stuff for you. I also know that if you want to level up, go to the next level, you have to do things that 90% of the people aren’t doing or that avoid doing the things that everybody else is doing. If you’re a traditional real estate investor, you’re doing probably postcard marketing. You’re probably doing yellow letters, “My name is Scott. My wife and I would like to talk to you about buying your house in 123 Main Street.” I still get those letters. I still get postcards from people on a weekly basis on some of the assets that we have. I just laugh. I’m like, “This looks like crap.” It doesn’t look fancy. There’s nothing that separates you from junk. There’s nothing that’s personalized about it. The beautiful thing about today’s market especially online marketing with adding a field or something like that into your marketing, you can make it very customized. You can add some specific things either photos or graphics that not only help brand you, but help you stand out from the competition. If somebody is telling you he will give you a list with a postcard for you, that’s great. That doesn’t mean you won’t get phone calls but there’s nothing that separates you from the crowd.

NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

Cyber Investing: One of the smartest things that I ever used to do when I was marketing is I would literally market my face.

One of the smartest things that I ever used to do when I was marketing is I would literally market my face. I know I have a face for radio as a lot of people would like to say. When I would send out direct marketing postcards or letters, I would literally put my face down at the bottom. The reason is it would separate me from everybody else because it would give them a face to look for. It’s a stressful enough situation if you’re facing foreclosure or you’ve got an ugly house or stuff like that, you’re dealing with it to have somebody that you don’t know and show up and knock on your door. That’s a stressful situation. I would literally put my face on there so that people, when they saw that they would say, “P.S. I put my face on this so you know that I’m a real person with real solutions.” That separated me from a lot of other people. It helped me to get a lot of deals done because people would call me because I actually put my face on it. If I met them at Starbucks or somewhere, they know who to look for. I also did some other marketing. I put a blonde and a brunette on postcards to see who would respond better. The blondes always did better than the brunettes. There’s no surprise of that.

So many businesses have understood the power of the internet and shopping online and making things available online. You all can do the same thing too whether it’s using a CRM tool like MailChimp or Infusionsoft to help you with your online platform, online communication skills and then also using landing pages like Infusionsoft offers up or using like Leadpages or ClickFunnels for people to click through to help you into your database but also they become a buyer, a seller or a funder for you.

We have a question, “How do you market for wholesale and fix and flips?”

I don’t market for wholesales and fix and flips. I wash my hand to those. There’s no reason to do that stuff. If I do market for wholesale deals, it’s because I already have stuff or I have a listing from the banks. Remember, I’m not marketing out to homeowners out there. I stopped doing that a long time ago because that was a dead-end business model. You get one in borrower, they only have one property. I went upstream to the banks where I’m getting hundreds of assets that I can cherry pick from, from one source. Hundreds at a time, hundreds every quarter and that makes much more sense to me. If I’m going to wholesale market those, I want to make sure I have those assets and their contract and then it all comes back to your database. Good wholesalers have an extensile database whether they just have an email database or they know exactly what their borrowers are looking for. If you’re going to build a database, make sure and know what state your buyers are interested in. It’s something we’re rolling out here in the next couple of weeks for people to be able to text deals to 72-000 and register for it and not be able to put their top three states that they market in so we will no longer use it. We’re going to try to have the whole survey be a Mobit thing versus you having to go through it on a regular basis. That is some of the things that we’re working.

If you’re a wholesaler, you want to build a big database but you want to know what states your investors are buying in, what they’re looking for. You don’t want to email out like I see religiously. My email is full from people sending out deals that I have no interest in. You’re not really helping me. You’re just killing your email because I’m hitting spam every time you send me something that I don’t do. Same thing if you’re a note dealer that’s trying to do a fix and flip. You can use the same techniques that we use to market it and that would be the first thing I would do if you have a fix and flip, is jump online and go to the local real estate investment clubs and market, “I’ve got a fix and flip deal for you to buy from me,” especially in an REO. If it’s an REO deal or it’s almost an REO deal, “We’re looking to sell this off. It’s going to be a fix and flip deal for somebody.” Post it to Meetup because if you’ve posted to Meetup boards, the discussion boards of any specific groups, sometimes you’ll have thousands and thousands of people that are looking for those types of deals all within just in one email out sometimes or posting to one website. Same thing if you have a specific deal in a zip code or a city, you can also go to Facebook and create a custom audience in Indianapolis around the zip codes. Show the interest in real estate and people that makes it tailor and add for one specific asset. I did that for an asset in Chicago last year. We had about twelve people that responded that are interested in a buying a performing note off of it. There are so many great things that you can do if you’d be smart.

I know it’s different and I know that very few people teach marketing in the 21st century for real estate investors. This is one of the big things that we do on a regular basis that we’re constantly trying to add new tools and tricks and things up our sleeves. It’s difficult sometimes to keep up with things but we are always trying to add new tools to it. It’s what helps separate us and that’s one of the great things that we’ll share on the Note Night in America podcast. It’s some of the cool things that we do that most people don’t know about. I have a tendency to forget that majority of people fit into that 90%, 95% range where they’re doing what they need to get done the bare minimum. They may not have access to some of the blogs that we go to or some of the events that we go to because they just aren’t in that mindset. They also can’t afford to spend $3,000 off a three-day trip to San Diego or half of that on admission to an event. I get that. This is one of the great things that we love doing is sharing some very easy tools that will help you to separate yourself from the competition.

NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

Cyber Investing: Our success for the last two years especially with our virtual workshops is it’s actually revolutionizing the real estate industry.

One of the things that is different too about what we do cyber wise is our Virtual Workshop. That’s taking the leap two plus years ago to do our first online event. It revolutionized what we do. Honestly, our success for the last two years especially with Note CAMP and then our virtual workshops is it’s actually revolutionizing the real estate industry. I’m getting bombarded with request from some really great people to help them with their online workshops, whether it’s George Antone or Damon Remy with REI BlackBook asked me more questions about stuff like that, John Burley. Others are seeing the success that we’ve had and realized they don’t want to travel near as much. Alan Cowgill will be a guest on the podcast here and then also on the next Note CAMP. It’s refreshing to see that. It doesn’t mean I want to give away all our secrets. Steph is like, “Don’t give away all the secrets.” I’m like, “I’m not giving away all the secrets.” There are some very basic things that we do that you should be doing. I know a lot of people like to use the cheapest thing like if they’re going to use an event, they use Google Hangouts and that’s great. Google Hangouts is a great way but there’s not really a way to track who’s all watching and who was actually logged into your event. Same thing, I see people that use Zoom. They do a webinar but they don’t require registration. You’re doing all those work to get the message out and then you don’t have a clue on who actually attended your webinar because they don’t register. That’s a sad, sad thing.

There are some specific things that we do that we want to share but we want to make sure and connect with people. Every Monday night, about 15% to 20% of those that are registered are brand new people. If I have 300 people on webinar, that means I have anywhere from 45 to 60 new people that opted in off either Facebook or LinkedIn or other new connections and that’s a very powerful tool. I’ll just add that person to my database. My tribe just expand by that much. My private money sources just expand by that much. My buyer’s list just expand by that much. Whereas many people, they are expanding their group list just doing a lot to a Meetup group. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong to going to a networking event. How many cards did you get? Five, ten, fifteen at the max for the most part that are really effective. That’s once a month. I want to be in front of my crowd, in front of our tribe like we are on almost a daily basis because that’s where the real power comes. The more you communicate with your database, actually the more tuned in your tribe is with you. It’s when you only send out an email like once a month that is when you really don’t have the communication skills or you don’t have a communication with your tribe or your investors or your database and they fizzle off. They’ll listen to somebody else because they’re getting more information from that.

That’s one of the things I think we do really well is our constant communication or taking one piece of marketing and redistributing it across multiple platforms. A great example is something we came across. I’m just flipping through my Vimeo page. We record most of our videos and throw them up on the Vimeo.com/WeCloseNotes or for those who want to really click easy link WeCloseNotes.tv. I’m looking through them and then trying to see how many plays that we’re hitting on those and literally there’s one video, Episode 196 Marketing Mishaps, had over 15,000 plays. I’m like, “That’s crazy,” because most of the other plays will hit like 15 or 30 or 50 or 80 replays. Most people will either watch it live on Facebook or they’ll either listen to it when they download it via iTunes. I’m always amazed. I’m like, “That’s pretty cool. We got quite a few hits off of that.” I have no idea. Two things, one is probably marketing is a big key word that a lot of people like. Mishaps, people love just to hear and talk about mistakes that we make.

I think a big chunk of that also has to do with our affiliates at Brandcasting: Tom Hazzard, Tracy Hazzard, Alexandra Hazzard, who handle our podcast. They take our videos and then they get it transcribed. They clean it up and then they upload it to our website WeCloseNotes.com. They upload the link to the podcast in iTunes. They upload the link to the video. They also transcribe what we talked about in the podcast, literally, word for word. That leads to a lot of SEO optimization because we have a lot of hashtags, a lot of keywords off of that stuff. I guarantee that’s led where we had maybe 300 people watching that initial episode. We’ve had several hundred downloads of that episode. By far, the replay has blown everything else away in that one episode with over 15,000 views.

If you think about it, what could you do talking about deals? If you have a deal in your marketing, why won’t you not film a little video about it? Why would you not share, create a PowerPoint presentation on it, upload a quick little video, and then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo? YouTube is actually a higher hit ratio for most people but it’s actually less for us compared to everything else. YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. You’d be silly not to post on YouTube. At least, throw the rest of it over to YouTube just to have that little bit extra.

We have a question, “Is there a difference between watching the webinar on the Zoom and then watching it on Facebook? Is the Facebook tractable or more tractable?”

Yes. When we do our Note Night in America webinars, we send a registration link for people and we want people to register. You type in your first name, last name, email and phone number for registering for our Note Night in America. We do that because we’re averaging about 360 registrants on average for the webinars. When we live stream it, when we share it to Facebook, we’ll get that contact information. If you comment, we can see how many views people have looked at it. That’s always nice because that’s an initial 200 and another 500 views on the Facebook live stream, but it does not give us those peoples’ names unless of course they like it or they comment on it. A lot of people approach me and they’re like, “Why do you share to Facebook Live? You don’t control everything.” I’m like, “I know that I don’t control everything but at least it gets the word out more to what’s going on.” I would rather have that, get the word out more, versus not having that. I’m guaranteed I’m going to have 360 plus, 400 plus people that are registered, that’s great, and all their information and sharing to Facebook. Most of those people have already opted in to our webinar at some point or they’re part of a tribe or a database which is great, but at least it’s providing content. It’s providing great stuff out there. For those that are interested, they learn more and see more and then opt in to more.

There are a couple of things that we do differently like when we do our virtual Note CAMPs. We live stream. We share to Facebook. Some people are like, “Why would you do that? It’s a paid ticket.” We share basically because it gives those that are paid an opportunity to watch it elsewhere. We know that not everybody can sit in front of the computer on Facebook Live and wait for us to share a video. We’ll get another 300 to 500 views on those videos. Some people are sitting there watching specific episodes they’re not paying for. That’s fine. It’s much more valuable because it adds more content and it’s more of a bigger audience to what we do in the long run. Then what happens, people opt in or people buy. If the speaker is offering something and they buy into it, great. We get a cut off of that. It adds value and that’s one of the biggest things. One of the biggest mistakes I see gurus making or educators making is they try to control everything in-house.

A book that I read a few years ago that is still very valuable and I would say is one of the top ten business books that I’ve read is What Would Google Do? The book talks about how Google has been very good over the years of giving their source code and allowing people to create applications for it and things like that to run into it. It’s growing so crazy. When I read that book, it made sense for me to do with our virtual workshops, to do with the sharing aspect of it. We’ll market it at first. We’ll market, market, market and of course, we’ll do some sharing. If we get three or four people that would have paid that are now watching it on the live streams for free, great, not a big deal. They probably wouldn’t buy anything to begin with anyway so it’s not a big deal. At least we get the message out. At least we now have an advocate out there who is a fan and that’s what we love, cheerleaders like that.

If you would like to register to our Note Night in America, all you’ve got to do is text the word NIGHT to 72-000. Part of the reason that we have implemented that is so you don’t have to wait around for the registration link to be emailed to you. All you’ve got to do is register for that one. It’s a really cool little thing. You will see my smiling face pop up in your text messages. It will send you a link and I want you to hit reply to. Why phone number? Because I can now do a voicemail blast to you if you register. One of the things that we’re going to start doing first of the year is start sending out voicemail blast the hour before, “Just so you know, you’ve got a webinar in an hour,” as a last minute reminder to you. It sends you a link. You can hit register. You should get an email of your registration to that and it’s all done from your smartphone. Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. We’re now in the 21st century. You have to start adapting these things to your workflow, to your marketing schedule, to your business flow because it’s going to take you to a whole different level.

We have a question, “Do you ever do affiliate marketing?”

Yes. Occasionally, we will do that. We do affiliate marketing. What an affiliate is, is basically somebody who’s going to do the marketing for you, somebody who’s going to market your stuff and then you’re going to give them a split of sales. We do affiliate marketing for some of the virtual workshops. Every time I go speak at a real estate club or an expo, there are some affiliate marketing going on there because the promoters put together an event. I’m going to give them a cut of sales. We will do affiliate marketing. I want to make sure somebody, if we’re going to take the time to put in an affiliate link together and do our work on our frontend, we’ve got to make sure that the person that’s marketing is actually going to market it. The second point is they got to have a pretty decent-sized database. If somebody is brand new or they’ve got 100 Facebook friends, it’s not really beneficial to us to do that aspect of things. We’ve got to do it occasionally. We probably should do more of it honestly. That’s one of our big goals for 2018 is add a few more affiliates to help market some things. I’ve got a big company out of Nashville that does a lot of affiliate seminar expansion program, the guys behind my Note Buying Blueprint, Stephen Epstein and Mark Huber. If you’ve ever signed up for our Note Buying Blueprint, you would have gotten an email link from them or the login XY. They may handle that separately. They’re able to log in to my Infusionsoft, send out emails to do promotions and brainstorming on a regular basis and then they’ll send me a list of people that get signed up and then we’ll split the sales 50/50. That’s been a very valuable affiliate over the last two years that we’ve used them. It’s driven sales and also they do a lot of the stuff for me that I don’t have to worry about doing.

NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

Cyber Investing: We want somebody who’s going to do just as much as we do and that’s rarely, rarely the case for stuff out there.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, there are a couple of things that I’m asking. How big is your database? What’s your social media look like, and go from there. Rarely do I get somebody who’s actually valuable. I had somebody reached out awhile back who runs a Facebook group about 27,000 people and he wants a specific link. I’m like, “That’s fine,” then they’re like, “Why don’t you have a link for this event and none for this one?” I’m like, “No. I’m just going to give you one event to market to because let’s make sure that’s effective. I If you were doing all this work and we don’t see any sales or anything from it, it’s not an effective affiliate split for us.” We want somebody who’s going to do just as much as we do and that’s rarely, rarely the case for stuff out there.

A couple of things. If you can start doing things, if you can add one tool to your tool about every month for your marketing, it will pay dividends exponentially. It will take you from where you’re at today and add 5% or 10% every time you add a tool and you give it twelve months and you’re using that tool effectively, it’s really cool. One of the biggest things that I’ve added is Sniply. We’ve just started touching base with it. I’ve seen it increase to some things but it’s just something I got to roll into our marketing. I was using Buffer. It’s such a huge, huge implementation. It’s been right about a year now and it’s helped out tremendously I think.One thing that backfired on us though that we started off working and it changed a big marketing mistake was our trying to use Meetup groups. We really spent a lot of time trying to dive in and create 50 Meetup groups across the country. Meetup changed their specs on stuff and so we had all these Meetup groups that just basically caved in. There are those groups on some of my Facebook groups that are not very active. People have taken them on and 20, 30 members that wouldn’t be a part of it otherwise. We’ve put those things out there and people are using them or they’re not using them. That’s up to them. It’s not something that we have to manage anymore. It’s just key. Your marketing can become its own beast where you spend more time marketing by the time you go back. The last thing you want to do is spend so much time marketing and not have the time to go back to effectively answer or reach out to the leads that’s coming from it.

That’s the big thing I see a lot of new real estate investors is they go to a workshop, they implement something, they get all these leads, but they’re too busy going to another workshop instead of being able to answer the business they’ve got at home. I only say that because I’ve been in those shoes before where we run a plan, it worked for a while but, “I’ve got to go somewhere else.” I didn’t take the right time to schedule one and a follow-up time after an event or after a marketing piece to be able to effectively manage my leads coming in. The beautiful thing is sometimes your marketing can speak to your conscience. One thing that we’re going to be adding here too which is cool is some marketing and using some of the messenger bots to help answer questions on some cool stuff here for the next year.

You can get signed up for our Virtual Note Buying Workshop at a nice discount of $300 off. All you’ve got to do is go to the sign up link and use the code BLACK and that will help you get things rock and rolling for you. It will get you registered, $300 off of Virtual Note Buying Workshop. Take advantage of it. There are going to be some fun stuff over the next two weeks going forward. It’s our last workshop of 2018. We will see you all at the top. Go make something happen. Take care.

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