EP 277 – Celebrating Nine Months And 100,000 Downloads!

NCS 277 | 100,000 Downloads

NCS 277 | 100,000 Downloads

100,000 downloads! Congratulations, Note Closers.

Nine months – have we been on air that long? Nine months of sharing expert real estate and note investing advice, of sharing personal triumphs, experiences, tips and tricks to making it in the note investing battlefield. And we could never do it without our listeners, our extended family. From when we started this podcast over a year ago just to touch base with everybody in our tribe on an almost daily basis, The Note Closers Show is now the longest running podcast out there of its kind. It’s absolutely incredible.

As we look back at our top 10 most downloaded episodes of all time, I want to thank you so much for helping us hit our first big number, 100,000 downloads in our first nine months. Our big drive then is to try to hit a quarter million by the end of 2018. But I think it’s possible and I’ve crunched some numbers out there to really help share what’s going on in the note industry and why it is the final frontier of real estate investing. So go out, make something happen!

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Celebrating Nine Months And 100,000 Downloads!

Excited to be here with you. I hope everybody had a great weekend. It is hard to believe that May is literally three fourths of the way done. The time flies and it’s hard to believe with the time has flown over because it’s our celebration of when we launched our first episode that went on iTunes of The Note Closers Show Podcast. We’re celebrating a special milestone because we hit 100,000 downloads. That’s just the downloads of iTunes and Stitcher. That’s not counting the other 500,000 views from people watching on Facebook Live along with watching on YouTube or Vimeo. I want to thank our audience for listening, for sharing, for leaving reviews. Thank you so much for listening and being a part of our extended note family. If you’re not following us on the Facebook page, please take a minute to do so. Check out The Note Closers Show Podcast. We’ve got some great stuff going on there. I have to give a big shout out. We’ve got our full-time marketing intern, Shannon Strebel joining us and she’s been doing some great marketing on the Instagram page for the podcast along with posting to my LinkedIn profile. Thank you, Shannon, for being a part of that and helping out. We’re looking forward to what you are bringing to the table as far as marketing.

We have Note Night in America going on our webinar, talk about how to hit base hits and home runs. How to be a good five-tool real estate note investor in your note business and help you take advantage of what’s going on the market and making sure things are good. You’re going to definitely want to join us for Note Night in America. I don’t know if we’ve got a million followers on there, but we’re shooting for that. That’s our next big goal, to knock that out of the park to get to the point where we have over a million downloads. Could not do it without our listeners, could not do it without our extended note family.

When we started this podcast, we started with the Facebook Lives just to touch base with everybody in our tribe on basically an almost daily basis and how it obviously blossomed into the podcast. We’re the longest running podcast out there. The others that have had shows are no longer going to continue with their shows, which is unfortunate and sad to see. The Questies, a big shout out to Rebecca Miller and Haley Gant from the Dallas office were there. It was great visiting with them. Talking with people, just to hang out. I didn’t speak. I chilled out and talked to people. Got a little work done, made some connections. I talked with Kevin Day, Brent Buscay. One of the things that we are working on is our own Rockefeller strategy that Laughlin offers up. They’re in the process of putting that together. Sometimes you want to fly out and talk to your attorney, visit with them, see what’s going on and run a couple ideas by them for some things. That’s what I did and I flew out to carve a few minutes out of my time with Kevin Day. Visit with him for fifteen minutes. I talked with Brent Buscay for a few minutes on our own entities and some things. we were structuring. It was worth the trip. It’s always nice to visit with Aaron Young and Meghan Cole. I met them over at Laughlin, one of our sponsors of the podcast. Some of these days, you just want to jump on a plane. It’s relatively inexpensive with Southwest to do that, especially when you get as many miles as we do.

I thought we’d go through our top ten episodes that we’ve had so far from The Note Closers Show Podcast. I ran some numbers and I was pleasantly surprised that a few episodes that are still ranking in the top ten, to drive some things, some of what you guys love listening to, what you guys love to hear about and it’s things that we will keep focused on in our next hundred plus episodes. We’re at episode 275 total with the Facebook Live. That means we’re at roughly 125 episodes here on the podcast. We’re cranking them out pretty good. What do you say we dive into the top ten?

Our number ten episode ranking still is Episode 165, that’s Due Diligence In Turnkey Note Investing with Dan Zitofsky. Dan came on talking about his business model for using notes and to help him find deals that make sense that he can turn into turnkey rentals. We started off of a Facebook rant he had about people not doing due diligence on a property. Even a hedge fund’s doing due diligence on the Memphis asset that he was making a bid on and wondered why it did not close or he didn’t get approved for it because somebody else is buying it at a price way too high. Glad to have Dan on, he’s been here twice. Episode 165 ranks in at number ten. He’s doing some great stuff. Dan started his own podcast here shortly.

Number nine is Episode 175, Starting From Ground Zero. This is the episode I did where I talked about what I would do if I had to start over again. Where I would go? What I would do? It’s done well as far as downloads, but it was interesting because a lot of people listened to it to understand like, “I would do the same things I’m talking and telling you to do here on the podcast every day. I’m going out and marketing, going out and sending email, I’m reaching out to the asset managers on a pretty regular basis to make sure that we get in front of him to get deals sent to us that nobody else sees.” That’s number nine of the top ten of our first few months here.

Number eight is probably a little bit surprising for some people but not so much of a surprise to those that are in our Mastermind group because number eight is Episode 193, Howard Marcalle. Howard came from Dominican Republic to the United States and started buying notes. Howard’s done a tremendous job. Howard closed on six more notes last week. He’s a full-time note investor living in Florida, but he’s living in Tampa with his family focused on fulltime note investing. Howard loves to share his story too. His first four deals, one of them he lost money on. Another one he broke even though he made money on two of the four. I highly encourage you go check out Episode one 193 if you’ve not listened to it. Howard’s got some great lessons. It might be time to get him back on the show because he’s closed on some other stuff to talk about some new case studies. Kudos to Mr. Marcalle.

Number seven is probably one of the most popular ones. That didn’t surprise me because I see this happen a lot in Facebook. Number seven was our episode on Wholesaling Notes. This doesn’t surprise me because we get a lot of people, especially when I speak publicly or travel. I come across a lot of wholesalers in different real estate investment markets or investment clubs who want to get their feet started. Wholesaling notes is one of the best ways to do things. It’s how I got my start in the note business and it’s not hard to do. The biggest thing I tell people is do not let that be your only way. Keep looking to buy deals. Don’t just wholesale because you leave a lot of money on the table. Episode 174 is our seventh highest episode.

NCS 277 | 100,000 Downloads

100,000 Downloads: Wholesaling notes is one of the best ways to do things.

Episode number six comes from one of our sponsors who does a great job. Lo and behold, number six is our good buddy, Aaron Young, Creating Your Entity Fortress, Episode 152. This is our third episode and still does well. It’s ranked number six in the top ten. He does a great job. It’s why he’s one of our sponsors. A great guy. Definitely has a big heart. His whole staff at Laughlin Associates does a tremendous job getting help with everybody out there. That was episode number six. Not surprising us so far.

Number five, Episode 167 had as featuring Due Diligence For Dummies Part One where we broke down the front end of the due diligence on notes. Part two is the backend after we made a bid and got accepted. No real surprise that that ranks in the top five. Due diligence is always one of the questions that pops up from everybody. How do you break down a deal? How do you do due diligence? How do you identify a deal from a dud? Kudos to all you guys who have listened to that. Episode 167 is the Due Diligence For Dummies Part One.

Episode number four does not surprise me because it would have been our third full episode. Number four is one thing that we’ve been focused on doing more of. Episode 133 is our first note case study where we went from start to finish on it. Jen came and we talked about how we found the asset, how we broke it down due diligence wise. What we looked at and then ultimately how we have gone with that asset going forward. Our case studies always do well. People love hearing about deals. It’s one of the big reasons why we tell everybody that we come in contact with, especially in Fast Track or Mastermind is more case studies. You can talk about the more people you have watching it. We’ve taken some of her own advice to keep walking through different note case studies. I would highly encourage you if you have not to check out one of the most recent episodes of what we go through, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, some new case studies even contract for deed that we bought a few months ago. That’s episode number four. People love that. Episode number four was our fourth actual episode, so four for four on that one.

The next one did surprise me. I guess it does and doesn’t a little bit. It is our number three episode. It’s our second episode, it’s Business Models for Your Note Business. We talk about the different ways to make money, whether you be in rentals, in wholesaling, fix and flips, buy and hold or buying foreclose. Always does well when we talk about the different business models, people love to hear this. It’s one of the things we speak about a lot when we travel. If it would it be number two episode, it doesn’t surprise me as people are listening to that one almost immediately when it comes to our downloads, especially in iTunes and that neck of the woods. That’s what we’re running it off of. This top ten is all about the downloads. Numbers may be a little bit different when you look at Facebook, YouTube views, stuff like that because we’ve got a huge amount of views that way that dwarf our download stuff. This is the easiest way to track it through our iTunes download. That one doesn’t surprise me. Business models is always an important one.

Number two downloaded episode is Closing On Bank Assets. This was the episode that we brought on Adam Adams, Joe Bayarena, Jamie Kubiak to talk about the portfolio that they bought for a bank, how they found it, how they raised capital for it and their game plan moving forward to it. Always a hot topic, always talking about closing a bank asset. Highly encourage you to listen to that episode. It drives home a point. You can buy assets directly from banks. You don’t have to be a big name in the business to do this. Joe Bayarena, Jamie Kubiak, a couple great guys here in the Austin, San Antonio market. They called around a bank using Distressed Pro and Lane Guide and got an asset manager in a bank in San Antonio that wanted to send a portfolio.

Then they partnered up with Adam Adams from our Mastermind. All three of the guys are in our Mastermind group, partnering up with fellow mastermind Adam Adams. Adam helped raise the capital and they’ve taken down a pretty cool portfolio. That’s been business changing for all three of them, especially the fact that they don’t chase individual deals. They’re more so going after portfolios where they can buy two, three, four of those a year. That’s all that they need to drive their business home to hit their financial and retirement goals, kudos to all of them, which is what everybody should be working for. If you can find portfolios, they can sell them to you at a discount that you can take down whether you’re either doing it with different JB partners and carving out it different agreements. Are you buying the whole thing and getting a PPM put together to dig down into some bigger things? Kudos those guys. Glad to see Episode 189 is our number two episode as far as downloads.

What do you guys think the number one episode is? This didn’t surprise me a little bit because it’s been highly ranked since we ran it. It’s not our number one episode, our first episode, which would lead to, “I’m going to listen to the first episode and go from there.” Not the case. Our number one most downloaded, most watched episode had a huge download, made a big huge boost in one day. The downloads on this thing just took off. Number one episode is all about Launching Your Business. It’s Episode 195. Launching Your Business, largest download. It’s heads and tails above everybody else and this is where we talked about what you needed to do to start things off. I don’t know if the keyword search helped with the SEO optimization, but when anytime you have business in your headline, it actually boosted quite a bit. Lots of downloads, a lot have listened through us to the end on this one. This one not only ranked high here on iTunes, but it’s also ranked very high on Vimeo and our YouTube channels, a lot of downloads. Launching Your Business, people are focused on doing that and they often need the most amount of help because it’s the little things that they worry about. The contracts or the entity set up and things like that. Definitely love the fact that a lot of people are watching and listening, it is what we can do.

NCS 277 | 100,000 Downloads

100,000 Downloads: One of the great things that we have done that has helped separate us is the fact that we do shake it up a little bit.

One of the things that we strive to do is always deliver good content. One of the great things that we have done, that has helped separate us, and I’ve heard this from people that have been on the show or people that have listened to the show, is the fact that we do shake it up a little bit. We do bring on guests on a regular basis. With different topics, different markets and different business models, it refreshes. It’s not all about what Scott is doing. It’s not about We Close Notes. It’s all about what’s going on in the industry. If you’re brand new to the show, where do you go to watch the replays? You can go to iTunes and then also to WeCloseNotes.TV to watch all the replays in one area. Thank you so much for everybody that has left a review. Definitely helps us with our marketing, stuff like that.

We’re getting ready to take a little bit of a trip. Steph and I, we’re going on a little bit of vacation. We’ve been planning for over a year to go to some fun places. We’ll be sharing where we’re headed. We did not want to leave you guys stranded without The Note Closers Show. We could probably get a few episodes from where we’re going, but it’s a trip that you don’t want to be tied down to your computer to have to do something. I’ll share that with you. We want to take some time off. I know that with us being in Hawaii and of course having Note Camp and then of course the Mastermind, we didn’t have that many episodes because of that. We seem a little bit of a dip, based on downloads and people joining because there weren’t that many new episodes. We definitely wanted to make sure that you get some great stuff.

Episode 272 is great, Policing Your Note Business. It’s a little self-promotion there for Mr. Eric Hyde. Eric shared some great nuggets on his policing his note business. What is funny that Eric probably did not share is him being a police officer. He did a video about notes in his uniform and got written up. His wife did not know about that until he shared that on the podcast. His wife listened. I met his wife this weekend and she like, “Yes, this is the guy you get written up for.” He’s learned his lesson. We look forward to what you’ve got to offer.

We reached out to a few of our past and some of our students to see about being guest hosts on The Note Closers Show Podcast here over the next couple of weeks. We’re excited that seven of them were able to say, “I’ve got some time in my schedule to do that.” We did not want to leave you hanging for three weeks without any new episodes. We want to encourage driving content, sharing some great stuff, sharing nuggets, hearing other stories, case studies out there. We’re honored to have seven great people going to be running the show here over the next couple of weeks, next two and a half weeks, as we’re up traveling.

Eric Hyde is going to be joining us. We’re glad to have him on there. We’ll kick things off tomorrow with Bill Griesmer and Gail Villanueva being the first to guest host. We also will have Gail Greenberg joining us. Katie Moton will make an appearance back on as a guest host. Patty Peg, one of our newest, maximizes long with Chris Sevigny will be joining us as well here. There’ll be rotating through the next seven days. It was great to visit with them and a little webinar we did with them. Jen will be manning the house here a little bit. Make sure that you’re all going, but you’ve got some great stuff lined up based on what the initial conversations with those seven people. Some of the great things that they’re going to be sharing with you over the next couple of days and next couple of weeks until we get back from our little trip. We may be making it a little bit of a quick appearance on the show, that depends on what our schedule has.

For the most part, I’m going to leave it in their capable hands of providing great content to you guys, some great episodes and keep it fresh. Highly encourage you to make it a point to join us. If you’re listening on iTunes or Stitcher, definitely want to listen to some these podcast episodes, especially the newer ones, that are popping up. Big shout out to our friends over at Podetize, Alexandra Hazzard, Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard. They will be helping us with the production while we’re gone and traveling. A big shout-out to our marketing intern, Shannon, who will continue to post while we are out traveling and great time.

I know that Eric’s got some ideas. He’s going to be sharing seven tips for business owners, that’s one topic his planning in the next couple of days. I know that Bill and Gail will be talking about some case studies from hell or the note deal from hell is what Bill mentioned. First of all, more than anything else, thankful that these guys are jumping during their busy schedule to host and pick up the torch while we’re are running around and having some fun. Gail says, “Everyone, please tune in as we kick this exciting series of podcasts. Let’s not let those numbers dip with Scott and Stephanie away. Hopefully, no one will throw virtual tomatoes at us now.” You guys will be good. I guarantee you won’t have any. The rotten tomato scale will be high, not low. Thank you, Gail. Have a great time.

Lots of fun stuff for everybody out there as well. One of the thing things that we have got planned, just to share with you guys, we’re working on some new software to help with the note industry. I’m not talking about due diligence software, there are plenty of those out there, especially we have NoteProz.com to help you with this stuff. You guys don’t need help with due diligence, trust me. If you get NoteProz at $29 a month or $49 a month, that’s a big chunk of what you need to do. You don’t need help pulling O&Es. You use ProTitleUSA for that.

You don’t need help pulling values because that’s what realtors are for. What I’m trying to get at is a lot of people struggle with getting deals into their inbox. We are doing something cool based on all the data that we’ve collected over the years with people, their top three markets, what are they looking for, especially from those that have attended Note CAMP and filled out surveys. We’re going to be taking a lot of that information internally and we’re working with a cool company to help automate some things. If you are joining us on a podcast and we’re talking about a case study on a deal, you can literally comment in the question a specific code or specific word and our note bot will kick in and help provide information, either due diligence or provide you similar deals in similar markets or your top three markets to help you streamline the deal origination side.

That’s a couple things that we’re focused on here is with our relationships with all these asset managers, our database. Don’t know why we have not done this sooner. You can only do so many things at so many given times. Literally helping you streamline, finding some deals that maybe are in your backyard or in your backyard markets that you’re looking to buy in or things come to your inbox. Things come to your Facebook page, things come to your smartphone where you can literally see an asset, see some of the due diligence breakdown that we have pulled. Also, if you want to put it under contract, you’ll be able to press a button and literally have that thing you wanted to contract and O&E and a BPO ordered for you from the touch of your phone so that it’s coming to you quickly, effectively, and streamline things.

NCS 277 | 100,000 Downloads

100,000 Downloads: A couple things that we’re focused on here is with our relationships with all these asset managers, our database.

That’s some things that we’re focused on putting together in place, trying to take the whole artificial intelligence thing to a whole new level, especially in the real estate community and doing it with our students first and foremost before anybody else rolls it out. That’s what we’re focused on. Got some great stuff doing that. Combining that with our training to help our note bot understand what’s going on and help educate you guys in our audience. I encourage you to check out The Note Closers Show Facebook page. If you’ve not been there, you can always email me with specific show questions to Scott@TheNoteClosersShow.com is where you can always email me at. I always try to get that response to you in usually a 24-hour basis to help make sure your questions get answered. If you have concerns about the show, we’re always glad to hear about that to help identify anything that we can to make things better for it. There are things that you’re struggling with, there are things that you want us to do differently, we’re glad to help out in any way we possibly can for you.

Also, one of the big things to keep in mind too is that our Note CAMP 5.0 is up on iTunes and Stitcher and all the podcasts. It’s up there. Each chapter, each session is its own podcast episode. That’s gone over 1,500 downloads in the short time that we’ve had. We didn’t know what to expect from throwing on a conference like that online, but you can download all the episodes and listen in to all the speakers, Rhonda Britten, Sharon Lechter, Mark Yuzuik, bunch of those speakers had some great stuff to share on there. Obviously opportunity if you’re traveling, listening to the show. Once again, Note Night In America, all of the 2018 episodes are uploaded on iTunes for you. That’s over 1,500 downloads on the episodes going back this year.

One of the things we’re doing, we’re going to be hitting some pretty cool places here on our journey. My big goal, especially as we travel abroad, is to talk to realtors and find out what’s going on in those countries. Financing, home ownership, it’s obviously different in different areas of the country or different areas of the world. We will be hitting a few countries. We’re pretty excited about flying to London tomorrow, then onto Spain and Barcelona and then hitting Italy. Probably hitting France back on the way into, pretty excited to hit some of those exotic locations and enjoy ourselves and recharge a little bit, but not to let the ball drop. You’re going to enjoy some of the stuff that everybody else has out there available.

I want to thank all of you in our audience. I want to thank you for listening in on our top ten episodes. More importantly, thank you so much for helping us hit our first big number, 100,000 downloads. Our big drive then is going to have to up our game to hit 250,000 by the end of 2018. It’s possible and crunch some numbers out there to help share what’s going on in the note industry and why we think it is the final frontier of real estate investing. Go out, make something happen, be safe, and we look forward to seeing you all at the top.


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