EP NC 31 – Due Diligence and Marketing Automation with JD Bates

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Time is money as we all know. JD Bates from Note Proz specializes in solving problems and building brands by optimizing things to be more effective. He has put together an amazing due diligence and marketing automation software that is just absolutely changing a lot of investors’ time by helping them pull things a lot faster. JD says that you can be a leader in your industry and improve market results with digital tools. He discusses how to cut hours off of your due diligence and marketing by using the team at Note Proz.

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Due Diligence and Marketing Automation with JD Bates

Here again with another great amazing speaker. This guy is probably going to be the most valuable speaker for all of you this weekend. Probably be the one session that’s going to save you more time, more money and get more stuff done than anybody else we’ve had on us on Note Camp 5.0. JD, probably agree to that, wouldn’t you?

Time is money as we all know. I specialize in optimizing things to be more effective and hopefully I’ll be able to show you a lot of value here.

You’re one of our speakers joining us from Costa Rica?

That is Costa Rica. Yes, that is correct.

For you that don’t know, JD is from a company called FiveSigma, specializes in helping investors get a lot of stuff done in automation and things. He has put together an amazing due diligence software that is changing a lot of investors time by helping them pull things a lot faster, especially on the initial due diligence which can take the most amount of time.

It’s a joy and a pleasure to be here talking to you. I started serving on note investors for a year and a half, two years ago. Our business has grown with the industry. As we have learned to serve you better and solving your problems, you have grown and we have with you. I’m glad to be here talking to you. At the end of this presentation, I want to show you and give you as a small token of appreciation. Let’s get started here. That’s what we do. We solve problems and build brands. Let’s go through the goals of this presentation. This presentation we want to be able to show you how you can focus on building a network, get more meetings, finding more money and closing more deals without all the headaches and learning curve.

What is building an online pro presence? Do hours of due diligence, sometimes even days of due diligence when you get a tape. Learn how you can lead in your industry with digital tools and improving marketing results. I’m going to show you the NoteProz platform, hours of due diligence in minutes, let’s start with that. I started serving investors for about two years and we started doing websites and online presence, stuff like that. I started to get into the industry a lot and identifying what were the biggest issues that investors have with their business, with their process. A big issue, not really an issue but sometimes it took a lot of time, some hours, sometimes days, was the due diligence process.

We learned how to the due diligence process was done. We learned that you first had to get a bank that sales assets you have to find out which banks had assets to sell. After that you have to be able to find out who was in charge of the department of the asset manager who was in charge of handling these assets in the bank. To get in contact with that person, there are a lot of gatekeepers. They have to go through and finally be able to get in touch with them and create a relationship, get them to like you so they can give you tapes. We understood that this process took time and we went ahead and built this database.

We went and saw what the states that have most assets to sell and we focused on those. We spent around four to five months calling banks. We called all these banks in Florida that had assets to sell. We tried to get the contact information of the asset manager. The goal here was to be able to provide you with some direct information for an asset manager. If you’re interested in buying in Florida, we’ll give you a list of banks and a list of the asset managers of each bank. Doing all the due diligence, just first part of the due diligence process for you. We will provide always the main phone number of the bank. Sometimes we provide the extension; sometimes the banks don’t have an extension for the department or for certain people that don’t have an extension. We will provide a direct phone number if there’s one available. Obviously, the most important thing, we will always provide the name of the asset manager and the email. Those are the two things that are always going to be displayed, and then everything else department email, any notes, the extensions of the department, sometimes they have it, sometimes they don’t. We want to be able to provide you with the contact information of an asset manager so you can contact them directly. If you call a bank instead of saying, “Can I be transferred to somebody who handles distressed assets?” That’s going to take you sometimes for even the receptionist to understand where you want to know the purchasing person, who wants to get a hold of. We did all that work for you.

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: Do hours of due diligence, sometimes even days of due diligence when you get a tape.

Let’s check out another bank. Here we were able to provide as well a direct phone number, a direct name and a direct email. The database we spent four or five months calling people, calling banks, calling banks, calling banks. We had around 203 VAs calling eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. We really invested time and money into building this database. We identified that this was the first part, it’s a process of due diligence that we could help with and we wanted to do it this way, doing the work for you. This is a really cool aspect of the due diligence.

As a note here sometimes you might be calling the bank and you find out that maybe Danny is not working there anymore. We can update the database and you can provide some collaboration to the community of NoteProz users to keep the database updated. We obviously update the database every other couple of months, but this information changes a lot. If you find out that there’s a bank that has change of information, let us know so you can collaborate with the other investors who are using the platform.

This is the first part of the platform, the database. I want to show you scraper, which is the second part of the diligence process. You were able to get contact with an asset manager. You developed a relationship. They finally sent you a tape and now you have to do your due diligence on the tape. An asset table would look something this. We created a scraper where you can copy paste addresses from the tape and then copy paste them in here the street address, the city and the state. That’s all you have to put in there. No Commas, no zip codes, no dashes or anything, just the address, the city and the state, and then click analyze. Here we’re going to be able to load the results in a couple of seconds here. As people have been using more and more the platform we’re looking into moving our service into a better cloud services like Amazon Web Services and stuff like that, a cloud service, that’s what it’s called.

As you could see less than ten seconds and then you will be able to pull all the information that is important on a tape. Obviously the address, the city, the state but then we start with that of the property, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, finished the square footage, what is the low value and high value? You have in there a little bit of an idea what is the range of the value of that property. When was last sold? The last sold price? The task assessment year, when was the last year that it was made an assessment? The task assessment and the amount, that’s how much was that assessment for. The type of house, the year it was built, the lot square footage and then something cool here is the crime data. We’re also going to be able to pull crime data whenever possible of the properties. This is something important for you to see if this is a crack house or is it a nice area. You don’t want to be invested in places that have high crime rates. We want it to be able to provide this for you whenever possible. For example, here you can see that in this area there’s been twenty robberies, 172 thefts, 65 drug related crimes, fourteen thefts of vehicles and stuff like that. This is something important for you that you have to do. We wanted to provide that in here. Something also important, the rent value. One of the exit strategies is to make the property a rental. We can provide that information as well.

Another thing here, we’re able to provide you with a Google map view. When you see a property on the map it’s important to know what’s around. For example, there are a lot of things around this property here. Tax services, a church, another church. There’s a park somewhere here. This doesn’t look as such a bad area, but the most important here is that you can go ahead and use the street view of Google maps. If you pull the little guy on the bottom right corner and then put it right in front of the property. Just drop it, and then you’re going to be able to take a look at the property. You can take a look, go here and see the side of the house, see the front of the house, see what the neighborhood is like. This is going to give you a ton of insights. It’s going to take you there to see the property. If you liked this property but you’re not close to take a look, then we decided to add contact realtors in the zip code. If you click this link here, then we’re going to provide you with a list of realtors that work in this zip code area. All we have to do is pick up the phone and call them. “We’d like you to go and take a look at this property.” The basic procedure that you do when you’re not close to a property and you want to take a look, you call a realtor and do that. We wanted to provide that information for you right there as well. That’s all the information that you can see here. It’s also important for you to do something with this information.

We created an export where you can choose the properties that are of interest for you or choose them all, and then all you have to do is click on export CSV. We’re going to save and then it’s going to open up. The data that was on the scraper, you’re going to be able to see. We even exported the map links for Google maps and the realtor links. Even that information is exported into the CSV here. It’s something simple. Something that if you want to provide what assets or properties you want to invest on and send it to your investors, you can click on the ones that seem good to invest. Just choose those and export it and then go ahead and send them out. Imagine how much time you usually have to spend with this? Doing all this research manually going into Trulia, going through Real Tour, going to Zillow and all these places to start creating, doing the due diligence by hand. Sometimes you got to type over hundred assets and you have to go through each of those manually. By just copy paste in here, you’re going to be able to have an overview a lot faster than going one by one doing it by hand. That’s the value that we think we’re bringing to the table with the scraper here and the database. You are going to be able to save so much time to get this information. To get a hold of an asset manager to get a tape and once you get a tape to do the research, we’re doing all this stuff for you.

This is what we have right now but I want to show you something else. We’re going to be adding a note asset CRM. With this CRM or this note asset manager, as we call it, we’re going to be able to handle all of your notes in one place. You can even add users, investors, referrers so people can see with total transparency what’s going on with each deal. We developed our company in California that has been doing notes for a while and has been into real estate for twenty years and started to develop this dashboard, this asset manager. It has so much insight’s value to what you do. Over here is the main dashboard, for an admin to view the total performance of the assets. Over here you can go to manage admin where you can add people as managers, as investors, as referrers, as admins. You’re going to be able to handle users within your asset management platform. You’re going to have manage referrers. You’re going to be able to have their contact information, what is the investment percentage that they get, the profits, what is the status, everything else. You’re going to be able to manage all these people that refer you deals effectively here with a lack of transparency. Manage investors; here you can add and edit money partners here. You can check whether they use for their investment funds and that kind of information. Here you can see their information like their email, the amount of loans, the status, when was created, etc. You can view it, you can edit it, etc. We go here to asset groups. Sometimes an investor has invested money on several properties and this provides a dashboard where you can manage all of these groups of investments here. You cannot money partners here. Investors can be created in groups to themselves where you can put all of their assets, they partner up with you or create groups in multiple money partners and the software will automatically assign and check their percentages of income and expenses based on the dollar amounts of any investment related to the project.

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: You need to have a realtor to drive by. This is not going to replace every aspect, but this is your front end due diligence.

This is something cool to manage your investors when they invested in more than one asset. They see how many active assets they have, what’s the status, the total loans or the total investments, the date, the profit, their ROI, etc. If we go here to manage assets, here you can enter and check all the information related to an asset here. The address, the state, any documents related to that asset, to that note can be added here and can be accessed right here. The status of that note, is it sold? Is it a foreclosure? Is it a note? Is it an REO? The purchase amount, reserve amount, expenses, revenue, profit, ROI, everything else can be seen on this manage assets section. If we go to financial here, these are financial reports. This is an investor’s cash accounts. You can manage virtual investor cash accounts here, investments and withdrawals and interest payments. You can see the name of the lender, the amount they have invested, the transaction type, deposit and interest loan, etc. You will be able to see it here. You also can enter incoming expenses for each asset here. This investor report here, if you click on this group circle you can see what group the lender is in and you can see also a list of assets that the investor has interests in and where he’s active on. This is to manage your investors here, the amount, the total amount of loans, the profit, the ROI, etc.

If we go to investor’s reports or the statements, you will be able to take an overview to see the portfolio, review the portfolio incurring cash, deployed cash, portfolio value, and the graph showing off the performance of the investor. Here is a cashflow report and cash transactions. You can see the entire business cash flow reports or individual investor or individual assets. You can focus the transactions on income, expenses, assets revenue and stuff like that here. This is a full-fledged, notes CRM and this soon to be added. I was pushed into having this ready, but we couldn’t. This software integrations developing, you think you have it and then things come up, bugs comes up. I’m certain you will be able to access this CRM integrated with notes platform that I just showed you.

Go to NoteProz.com/ScottCarson in order to see what the platform all about. You can see, be able to take the trial here and everything else. It’s only $27. I’m giving the database and the scraper membership for $27.They’re normal price here is $47. If you go to NoteProz.com and login through there or create your account through there, you’re going to be charged $47. Go ahead and do $27 if you go to Scott Carson.

Let’s make sure you clarify that for those that may not have heard what exactly you just said. For $27 a month, is there a limit to how many assets we can pull, JD?

No limits.

Is there a limit to the number of asset managers that we’ve pulled on there?

Nothing. You will be able to access everything that you saw.

$27 a month, as long as they’re in good standing, they can pull as many asset managers. They can pull as many as you’ve got on there. They can pull as many asset addresses and then you’ve got the asset CRM tool coming up here. Correct?

Exactly. It’s going to be $27 as well. This is a Scott Carson promo.

The website again www.NoteProz.com/ScottCarson.

That’s right. Go there and go ahead and sign up for NoteProz right now. Again, it’s $27 and then when the CRM comes up, we’re going to let all of you know via email when the CRM is up and running. We’ll send you a link so you can sign up there to the CRM as well.

Let’s take it back a step because we get some people that are blown away because you went through some things so fast. Let’s answer a couple of questions here. First of all, “I am a subscriber to NoteProz and like it. One question, how do you derive the low and high values? I noticed there’s a typically a big spread.” Yes, there is a big spread between low and high because they’re pulling. You are pulling it from the online websites. Right, JD?

That’s right. Those are estimates.

You still need to have a realtor to drive by. This is not going to replace every aspect, but this is your front end due diligence. This is helping you cut down from 100 assets on the tape to the ten you want or 1,000 down to the 50 you want. You still have to have a realtor drive by and look at your assets. That’s why it’s high and low in a lot of places. It says exactly high values, low values. There is a big spread in a lot of areas depending on what’s showing up there. Some notes can be distressed assets of a sold and then also fully rehabbed property.

We have a question and I’m not sure exactly where he meant this, “Can this include the UPB note rate, etc.?” Do you mean when you copy paste in that into the NoteProz? This is designed to have you pull the valuation. You don’t need the UPB, the note rate, etc. when your copy pasting the address and to pull the online valuations. We have a question, “JD, will the current subscribers be able to have access this awesome CRM as part of our current subscription rates?”

Yes. If you’re under the Scott Carson promos, you’re definitely going to be able to access the CRM as well with the $27 promo as well.

We have a question, “Where are you getting the crime rental and value information from?” For the crime from the Trulia.

We got them from Trulia and we’re also pulling it from SpotCrime. We’re definitely connected to the scraper, multiple websites, that’s why it takes a little bit to load the results. Sometimes if you go ahead and do a tape of a hundred, it’s going to take more to pull that information because we’re getting from so many different places.

“Do asset manager tape show performing notes as well as NPNs?” The information, it’s not going to tell you if it’s performing notes or non-performing. There’s no way for JD or anybody to know exactly what a bank has until you pick up the freaking phone, you lazy ass. It’s directed to a lot of people that are like, “I need to know.” No, just pick up the phone. They’re literally handing you the keys to it for $27 a month. Pick up the phone call, drop an email. They can’t do everything for you. We’re not going to spoon-feed you. If that was the case, there’d be no need for NoteProz. We’d just do it all ourselves.

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: The basic procedure that you do when you’re not close to a property and you want to take a look, you call a realtor and do that.

It would be great if we could get that information and provide it to you, but it’s not available.

It would be a whole lot more than $27. “Is a CRM pretty self-explanatory as well? Will there be some training video?”

Yes, there will be tutorials and stuff like that. We will provide you with training tutorial information.

We have a question, “Just curious. Why don’t you export the type of house column information?”

It is exported, type of house.

I don’t think it always shows what type of house.

It should be here. If it’s not there, we’re going to add it.

What I love about what you are doing, you’re taking real world that contact us. You take in consideration people asking for things. If you can’t, you try to add it. If you can’t, you can’t.

That’s why I always encourage you just use the contact us button. Any questions, any issues, anything. If you go ahead and click on the contact us button and send the message, I’m going to get it. My team is going to get it and then we’re going to take care of it.

It’s worth a whole lot more on than $27, definitely. If there is no link for crime map, there’s not anything in there. Don’t overthink this. We have a question, “Would it be possible to get a few more fields? Is this Cloud-based?” Those things are not cloud based? Your scraper?

It is cloud based because you don’t have to download it. It’s an online tool. If you mean cloud based where you can save results and everything and keep it on your accounts, we’re working on that as well. We want to be able to create functionality where we save the tape results that you do and create a history. If you need to go back and check something you don’t have to do the analysis again of the tape. Just go through your history of tape analysis and then you’ll be able to see those things there. Everything is online and you’ll be able to do this in any computer. You don’t have to download anything.

Drop them an email, very easy. Drop an email and talk to them. If they can, they’ll do it. If they can’t, they won’t. Just drop them a message. We’re not going to get to, “Can they do this? Can they do that?” Just drop them a message. It’s $27 a month. If you don’t see the value in that, then you don’t need to be in the note business. You should go do something else. I hate to say that, but if you look at the alternatives. You can either spend hours doing this yourself, copying, pasting, copy, pasting, and taking notes. You could hire a VA service to do that and there are others out there that will do that for $5 to $7 an asset that takes them 72 hours, if not longer, to get the tapes back to you and you don’t have all the information.

What they pull in five minutes is exactly what those VA services are doing. There’s no reason to hire the note investing clubs that come out there anymore because they they’re overcharging and they’re not doing a good job. A little backstory, JD reached out to me about a year ago. You sent me an example. We looked at it as, “You’ve got to do a lot of work. We’ve got to clean it up. You’ve got to put a lot of stuff into it.” You’ve had probably four or five versions of it? We had you on Note Night in America. We talked about it. Great stuff. A lot of people enjoyed it. You keep adding to this. This is not, hey, we’re going to not do anything to it. You were using this in your business is a lot of people are using this.

A lot of people are asking, “Could you tweak this? Can you add this?” If you can do it, they will do it. The point is don’t ask for something if you’re not doing the deals. Don’t be saying, “Can you do this?”and you’ve never bought an asset before in your life. I don’t want to get into those questions. If you’ve bought a lot of assets, great asking the question, but if you haven’t, you’re brand new, don’t ask. You don’t know what you’re asking and we’re not going to waste time with that.

JD reached out said, “You got a slot on Note Camp?” I was like, “Yes.” I don’t want to put you Thursday, Friday, and Saturday against a different speaker. I want you here Sunday by yourself so everybody can see the power of I don’t. There are people on here that have been students or for months and they’re like, “My God, why haven’t I ever seen this before? “ You must have missed that Monday Note. You must’ve missed that. It’s important for you to be here, realize how valuable this tool is. $27 a month, he lives in Costa Rica; it’s cheap down there. Anywhere else at least a hundred dollars a month, right?

Yeah. This is because we launched this. This is a welcome, a grand opening price. You know the value of this. We know the value of this, but we still want to give it out for $27. We appreciate your business. Go ahead and take advantage of this $27. It might not be $27 in a couple months, a couple of weeks. This is a grand opening promotion price that we’re giving you.

NoteProz.com/ScottCarson. What’s the preferred browser for this? Is it only compatible Chrome or something like that?

Yes, Chrome recommendable to use it.

The beautiful thing about what your software it works besides with notes, it’s pulling a lot of due diligence for any type of real estate investing. You’re high or lows, having to pull comps and REOs and things like that. That’s great. We have a question, “Do you have a rough ballpark guess when the CRM will be available?”

It’s almost already. I wanted to have it ready by this presentation. I couldn’t but we’re going to have it ready. Make sure to sign up and as soon as it’s available we’re going to send you an email.

We have a question, “We send you a tape and then what is the turnaround time to have all the add-ons?” You do this yourself. You copy and paste the street address, the city, state into NoteProz. They pull that info. If they don’t pull, it’s done online for you there. You don’t send anything to anybody except to yourself. We have a question, “Are we grandfathered in?” Yes, you’re signed up already. You’re grandfathered in. If you sign up today, you’ll be grandfathered in as long as you’re in good standing with NoteProz, right?


NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: Don’t ask for something if you’re not doing the deals.

What’s the best email or is it going to the contact you there on the website?

If you go to the top, you see that update CC? Just go to your account and click on that link because there are a lot of people that were asking to change their credit card information and I didn’t want to ask them for the credit card information because that’s sensitive information. We created this update CCl ink here you can go into your account and update your credit card yourself.

We have a question, “Will the CRM completely replace something like Pipedrive?

If it would be compatible? The company that has started developing the CRM uses Pipedrive. There’s a high chance that there might be integration coming in for that, but we still don’t, we haven’t considered that. If you send me an email at JD@NoteProz.com, we’ll put it on the feature request list.

Questions here. “How long is the price good for us to sign up?” If you use NoteProz.com/ScottCarson, do it. It could change in two weeks because they’ve got a beta amount of signups that they’re looking for before they tweak it. It’s $27. That’s cheaper than two tickets to the movie theater. No, this does not link with pro title; add any lien or title information. You still need to pull pro title stuff separately. That’s a different pay. You got to pay pro title USA separately. I don’t have time to do a quick recap of all the recommended sites that I use. There’s nothing quick about that. This is one of those that we use, though. We have a question, “Getting an error signing up?” Make sure you’re doing it through Chrome.

If you still get an error, just send me an email JD@NoteProz.comand I’ll help you out there.

JD@NoteProz.comis important. Can you jump over to the asset manager stuff and show the states again that you’re pulling stuff? There’s no reason for you to pull stuff in all 50 states because there’s not stuff, but you’re literally diving into a big chunk of the states where there’s the most amount of deals available.


Let’s log in there and give people a bit of a preview of those states real fast so that they have an idea there. You got Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia. That’s the 13 states that you’ll see stuff for the most part. Yes, most of that’s like the big ten southeast conference parts of the United States. That’s primarily a mass majority Ohio, Michigan for sure, Indiana, Illinois, you have Illinois in there?

No. We have to do homework on Illinois.

Update. You’ve added a few states since I last looked at that. You’ve added a few states to that which is good. $27 a month. That would cost you four assets at another thing where you can pull unlimited stuff with these. On your notes, your REOs, your contract for deeds, the tapes you have. It helps you out dramatically. With the information they pull, you can run a couple of formulas on the high and the low side on your spreadsheet to figure out rough ROIs, figuring out what it is. Obviously you always, always, always want to still have a realtor drive by the final assets you’d bid on, that you get accepted to make sure that they’re there. Make sure that it’s not an empty lot since they’re only information offline, they don’t have a way to tell you, “It’s an empty lot, burnt down or it’s got a big gaping hole in the roof or the roof caved in.” You’ve still got to do your eyes on the prize due diligence for that stuff, but this is a great way to help you sort those lists from 400, 500 assets down to the 10 or 20, you probably want to spend the time on. What other questions do you have here real fast? What other stuff can we do for you? You’ve made some great changes to it. You said they can add a lot. Is there a maximum amount of addresses they can add to it that you see works best?

We have done tests with 6,000 assets, but usually the tapes that you get from banks are less than a hundred. The few times you’re going to have to use it for more than a hundred assets. I didn’t try to break it. We did try to break it with 100, a hundred and something assets and it didn’t break, but do your best, try to break it and let me know what is that number so I can look at it.

I think it’s a big thing too when you get a tape and you go ahead and carve out the stage you built by. You eliminate the New York, the New Jersey, some of that stuff that you’re not going to spend time on yourself. That’s important to do before you start plugging and playing it because then you get overwhelmed with information.

I do have some more stuff to show you. I wanted to tell you a little bit of the story of how westarted. How did NoteProz started. How did all this platform came to be? We obviously didn’t come in and say, “We’re going to do this platform for note investors.” We didn’t know. We didn’t even know that we’re going to do this because we started just providing real basic online presence services for investors. Doing websites, Facebook pages and stuff like that. Really basic stuff. That’s where this number comes, to be important. It is an acceptable concept that 85% of people that you go ahead and pitch them, do your elevator pitch or talk to them about your business, they get hyped about it if they like it. If they really like you, they’re going to go online and check out your website, check out your Facebook page or LinkedIn, see if you have some information online. If they don’t find anything, 85% of people won’t take you seriously.

We started to fill in that gap for investors out there. We know that you got what you do is totally different from what needs to be done to create a website and create a professional online presence of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We started providing those services for you. We started providing; websites for investors, but anybody can build websites. We wanted to build a website specifically for you and we’ll display the information that you need it or the information that investors are looking for when they’re looking into investment with you. We created professional websites with portfolios where you’re able to upload properties and show the real important data like what is the noteprice? What is the note amount here? What is the exit strategy? What is the overview of the deal? Is it a note? Is it an REO, etc.?We started doing that but then obviously just having a website is just the first part of 50% of having an online presence.

We started working on helping investors and created an online presence of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, which are the big four. Creative profiles is just one part. We also had to learn how to be able to keep updated those pages, create content, look for articles, learn how to hashtags, work and stuff like that. We started to learn all this social media stuff and start applying it to our clients and it worked well. We started to look at what do our clients need the most? For you guys, the most important thing is to get money. You need to find the money to get a funding for your deals. The most effective way to do this is to start building databases of investors.

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: You need to find the money to get a funding for your deals. The most effective way to do this is to start building databases of investors.

We started to study how we could do this in an effective way and to create databases that were effective and custom. We don’t buy databases, we don’t steal databases, and we helped the investor create databases of other investors to get the deals funded. We started to get to know how to do that. We learned that when you get a list of database of people, you can even create a custom audience or campaign on Facebook. You can upload the database and Facebook will try to match those emails with a Facebook data that they have of users and you can create a specific targeted campaigns to those people. You can be showing up in their Facebook page, and they don’t even know how you did that, but you’re going to be popping up in their Facebook page and they’re going to notice.

Building a database is the first part. You have to be able to use that list and to be able to convey your message through different platforms. Newsletters are the basic ones. Once you have a database, you can build a newsletter and start sending them information about that. A newsletter, anybody can do newsletter. We started to study what were the best days to send a newsletter, what were the best times, what people like the most, how much of them we’re actually reading on the content that we’re sending. It was then where we started to get into videos. We noticed that people were not reading that much and we knew that people were consuming more videos and stuff. This is an important fact here, by 2019 global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Everything that people who’s going to be consuming on their phones and their laptops on everything online is going to be a video, 80% of that. We decided that we had to get into videos. With it, we bought video editing software. We started learning how to do cool videos. We started how to learn cool video introductions. How to be able to create a video, a short video of one minute, two minutes that will showcase a deal. This video can be uploaded to Facebook, it can be sent via email. The newsletters can be put on your LinkedIn page and people will consume this content a lot more than pictures and texts.

We started to get good at this. The client will send us a voiceover and some pictures of the property. We edit the video together with the voiceover in there. A little background music, some effects with some important information about the deal and everything else and put it out there on the internet. We started to get into that and it worked great for our clients. Finally we wanted to help investors to be found on Google. That’s something really important to do. We started to get into opening Google My Business pages that will help us rank on the results of Google on the local results, and then working on on-page SEO on the websites. Googlebots can find the websites easily and start ranking a little bit better.

We started to work on those things and trying to help investors to be found on Google. Why are we doing this or why am I telling you the story? Again, as I talk of appreciation, I wanted to give you a safe and effective way to be able to access all of these services with the experience that we have built with previous clients. That’s why we created NoteProz marketing packages, which will give you a professional website like I showed you.

This is a website that we’re offering. This is a note website where you’re going to be able to showcase professionally. This is what the websites look. You’re going to be able to talk about what is the most important for you. You’re going to be able to showcase your properties, your deals, to have your management team, your professional team in there, client testimonials, deal pipeline. Let me go in here and for me this is the coolest part of the website. How we showcase the deals inside the site. Obviously you can add pictures; you can add up to eight pictures of the property. You can have a tag, is it an REO, is it a note? An overview of the deal, what’s the exit strategy and the most important thing here that highlights what’s the area of the property, bedrooms, bathrooms, property value, the purchase value and the exit strategy again, which is what investors are looking into the most. What are we going to do after we invest in this? You’ll be able to have the management page, about page, a contact page. Who you’re working, who’s your team? It’s always important for people to see who you are. See your name, see your position and that will create a lot more rapport.

We’re offering you a professional website with the portfolio, if you have a portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio, we can create a website as well without the portfolio. I know some of you are starting up and one website that don’t have anything else yet. It doesn’t matter. We can still do it. A website domain, we can get whatever domain that you want and if you already have a domain somewhere and GoDaddy or something like that, we can access it and transfer it to host a NoteProz site. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, corporate profiles, which are super-important, weekly social media post, an animated logo intro, something like you saw and video creation and editing the Google My Business page and SEO rankings.

We can help you with the Facebook ad campaigns; create a YouTube page of course and I don’t know if you know about Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools that this will give you a ton of ton of data of who visits your website and what do they click, what are the pages that they spend the most time in? What is the most interesting thing about the website that helps you optimize. Finally, all the digital support that you need. Anything regarding digital about your business, it could be a CRM or a sales funnel or even software to manage your whole company. Digitalize your company, you can go ahead and ask me, I’m not a guru or anything, but I do have an idea how digital things work and I can provide you with all this, information that could be useful.

All this stuff you can start the$99. Again, this is just as a token of appreciation for the industry, for you because it’s been great to work with you. I have been able to grow with you. This is just a token of appreciation for you. Started in $99, go ahead and to NoteProz.com/Marketing and you will be able to put your email in there and then you will be able to see all the packages. What are the packages are about, all the detail of the packages and after you purchase package you’re going to be redirected to an online calendar where you can schedule a call with me. We’ll have a one on one call where we’ll be going through what you need and how we’re going to do it and start creating that channel of communication in order to provide you with the services. Scott, I see there are some people who are asking questions there.

We’ve got a couple of questions. No, you’re not charged by the number of assets uploaded. You’re unlimited number of assets that you uplift for $27 a month, but that can change. The other system I bought charged by whatever is uploaded. It’s by unlimited, especially copy, paste, city, state address, it’ll pull the information for you. Let’s go back to the marketing side here because that’s what we’re going to right now. If you’re having an error getting signed up, just email JD@NoteProz.com. He’ll fix the air or whatever it is that you’re dealing. Make sure you try to do that in Chrome as well. That’s $99 a month for the marketing stuff.

Starting at $99.There are two packages. There’s a web presence package and it starts at $99, and then an aggressive package where we will help you to build your database.

Is that per month or a one-time fee?

That’s a per month thing. We’re providing you with a ton of value for marketing. This is for you to be focused on what you need to focus on. Which is your notes, your deals and everything else. This will allow you to focus on what you do best and then I can help you with what I do best. You can focus on your growth, goals and deals. Getting that money done, you can go to those meetings without worrying about is my Facebook updated or I need to upload a video or we need to get this out to the newsletter to our investors. I’ll take care of all of those things where you can focus on your business and your growth.

That’s really good. “Can we start with a web presence and upgrade to the aggressive plan when I get rich and famous?”

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: Digitalization is in and up every single industry. If you’re not into the digital wagon now, in five years you’re going to be left behind.

Sure. These are just starter plans. Even the aggressive package is not a full-fledged marketing and web presence package. There are so many things, there are so many tools, and there are so many strategies that can be applied to any business. Digitalization is in and up every single industry. If you’re not into the digital wagon now, in five years you’re going to be left behind. I’m not trying to say things here, that’s the truth. There’s going to be a day where AI is going to be managing a lot of things that we’re doing and we either take it in or adjust to what the industry and every industry has evolved into or we get left behind. That’s why it’s very important for you to start looking into what are we doing digitally in our business?

That’s the truth. I love it. You’re so right on brother. Matt Allen, a previous speaker talked about how we try to stay ahead of the curve on everything and the truth is we know we have to because of all the different changes that happen, the things up to date. We’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve so we can keep our actions. If you’re standing still right now and I’m making any changes to your business around all the times, you’re already behind the eight ball. You’re already behind the people that are doing and using online tools, online marketing to drive business. The way I look at things, the reason why do I bring JD on and other people on is I don’t look as you as competition. You’re not competing against me. You’re competing against yourself.

It’s like everything in life. You either invest in yourself, invest in your knowledge, and that’s it. You’re competing against yourself. I don’t know if you saw the Rocky movies or the last Rocky movie, the Creed movie. There’s a scene where he makes the Creed kid fight against a mirror and he taps on the mirror is like, “Do you see that guy in the eyes? That’s your opponent in every fight.” That’s the same thing in life. You’re competing against yourselves. If you’re investing yourself, you’re going to be ahead of everyone who’s not invested in themselves.

I love what you’re doing. It’s some great stuff for everybody. It’s really filling a need, a huge need that most people are struggling with. It’s affordably priced. They should be getting almost immediate results from the stuff they’re doing and it makes it affordable.

As soon as you buy a package, either the web presence or the aggressive package, in less than three weeks or four weeks we’re going to have everything already set up. In four weeks you are already going to be able to see that everything that is on the packages is set up and running. I guarantee you that.

Good stuff. You’re knocking it out of the park. I’ll give you an example. I had a GoDaddy site that was horrible and you could try it. Try to do this yourself. You could try to use Wix. Wix is not very good. It’s copy, paste. Especially when you include hosting in there too, you are at $99 a month. That’s a big thing. Creating those and linking those things yet because the work, it takes a lot of time that you’re offering five updates a month too. That’s big as well.

Some of you have a lot of deals, movements. Those deals need to be updated on the website. You use a link, an online form, then you put all the information of the deal, attach the pictures, click send and then we get it and then it will be uploaded to the website. It’s      as easy as filling in a form.

What other questions you have for Mr. JD here? Again it’s NoteProz.com/Marketing. “Is there an extra fee to get started? Just flat $99 a month?”

No. The only thing is that what you see there is what you will be charged. There are no hidden fees or anything.

“What do you think about InvestorCarrot?” I don’t know about InvestorCarrot. You heard anything InvestorCarrot, JD?

No. Who knows?

“Is there any contract term?”

You can cancel anytime.

You own the websites though, correct, JD?

Of course. Obviously, the websites and everything that we do will be taken down if you cancel. It’s an ongoing plan and as long as long as you’re paying the plan, you’ll get what is offered on the plan.

It’s more than enough than what most of you guys need, which is great. It gives you a lot of great stuff to be searchable and things like that. Any questions, anybody?

Remember the videos.

Yes. There are videos there too. That’s correct.

With the videos, if you guys send me the pictures of the deals, send me a voiceover and some notes. That’s all you need to send me and I’ll put together a video and put it everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, everywhere. That’s how your message will be going out there and be consumed much more easily than anything else

NCS 32 | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: There’s going to be a day where AI is going to be managing a lot of things that we’re doing.

Video is the way of the future. Good stuff. There are not any other questions then, we will let you get back to your Sunday in Costa Rica. Enjoying yourself, JD. Thank you so much. That’s really great stuff. I’ll be in touch with you. If you did run into any type of errors, send them an email JD@NoteProz.com. If it was any of the errors it’s because it was getting bombarded with people signing up.

That’s probably what happened. If you’ve got an error, go ahead and check your email because it probably went through. Even if you get an error they probably still went through so just check your emails. When you sign up you’ll get an email to confirm. Even if you got an error, check your email and click on the link and see if you can log in. If you can log in then you’re good to go.

JD, thanks for joining us.

Have a good day.

How do we contact you for website? Go to NoteProz.com/Marketing. Get signed up there. Send them an email at JD@NoteProz.com. We’ll see you later, JD.

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