EP 636 – The Due Diligence Wizard On Saving Time And Money With JD Bates From NoteProz.com

NCS 636 | Due Diligence

  Let’s be honest. Due diligence takes time. Yet, it is something that we must all do. How do you make the process efficient? Scott Carson talks with the founder of NoteProz.com, JD Bates, about his amazing product and how it helps all real estate investors with their up-front due diligence. They discuss what and how it pulls data in seconds in what used to take hours, the asset management and reporting options, along with … Read More

EP 631 – Calling Banks To Find Note Deals: Top Takeaways 2020

NCS 631 | Calling Banks

  If you didn’t know yet, Scott Carson does a live stream of himself once a month at CallingBanks.com, where he spends four to five hours calling bank asset managers. On this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott discusses some of the lessons learned from the different sessions that he has held over the past couple of months. He also shares some of the a-ha moments that students have shared with him when it … Read More

EP NNA 70 – Meet The Banker: Market Updates And Buying Criteria With Richard Mason

  The savviest players in today’s mortgage and note market see this crisis as a great time to buy if you’re smart enough to know how to do it right. It’s time to meet the banker and learn about his buying criteria to stay in sync with the market’s pulse. Joining Scott Carson in this episode is Richard Mason, the founder of Northern Star Mortgage Fund. Listen in and learn a thing or two as … Read More

EP 522 – The Three Do’s Of Due Diligence

NCS 522 | Due Diligence

  How can you protect your investment and your investors? In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down the three most important aspects of due diligence and protecting your investment by knowing your values, checking taxes, and pulling title. These are the most basic things that you need to look at when you are in any real estate deal. Scott believes that by internalizing these three aspects, you can protect everyone involved in your deal. — … Read More

EP 512 – Baldwin Advisory Group With Dickie Baldwin

NCS 512 | Baldwin Advisory Group

  Being in the real estate business, you need BPOs, title searches, help with finding assets, and a variety of other services. Don’t you just wish there is a one-stop-shop that can do all of this? In today’s episode, Scott Carson talks with Dickie Baldwin about the services offered by Baldwin Advisory Group (BAG). Dickie has over 35 years of Real Estate experience as a realtor, loan originator, mortgage wholesaler, and mortgage correspondent. He goes … Read More

EP 487 – Overcoming Analysis Paralysis Today

NCS 487 | Analysis Paralysis

  Squeezing every scenario into a spreadsheet before knowing the value is not a healthy thing to do in the notes business because this gives birth to analysis paralysis. Host Scott Carson teaches us some tips on how to not overanalyze everything with notes and lose money. Reminding us to take only what we can, he tackles the importance of narrowing your list and quitting the habit of trying to make every asset a deal. … Read More

EP NNA 43 – Deals And Due Diligence with Joel Markovitz

NNA 43 | Deals And Due Diligence

  When it comes to deals and due diligence, thinking about the paperwork and documentation can be quite daunting because every deal can be different. Joel Markovitz talks about the collateral aspect of due diligence and stresses the importance of knowing what you need and what you do not need in documenting files. He shares his routine or process for handling notes, including looking at liens and judgments and what it means to him. He also … Read More

EP 447 – Creating And Working Your Business Plan

NCS 447 | Business Plan

  Setting up a note business means that you have to create and work on an effective business plan. It can be a long and analytical process, but once it is properly executed, success can be endless. Scott talks about how to make a business plan that works. He says keeping your eye towards the goal and talking to the right people is necessary to ensure that you are in the right path, and identifying … Read More

EP 443 – Small Commercial Notes

NCS 443 | Commercial Notes

  Commercial notes are meant for immediate needs, which means there has to be an immediate action done before values change. Scott talks about the opportunities in smaller commercial notes and what to look for when performing due diligence on them – from looking up photos online to investigating the area and its neighboring properties. Maximize opportunities with small commercial notes and discover the story behind them and the promise they hold in this episode. … Read More

EP 437 – Distant Due Diligence

NCS 437 | Distant Due Diligence

  When you’re a new real estate investor, it is natural to find it stressful to pull the trigger on something that’s 100 or more miles away. Performing distance due diligence on assets can be challenging, but Scott makes the impossible possible with online resources. Scott breaks down some of the tools and websites needed when performing due diligence on assets that are outside of your own backyard. Find out how you can find realtors, … Read More

EP 383 – Note Market Trends with Kevin Shortle

NCS 383 | Note Market Trends

  You got to be able to pivot a little bit with your business, whether it’s being a little more focused on the real estate side, the distressed side, or the owner finance side of terms. Longtime note and real estate investor Kevin Shortle from ProSpeak Productions says we still have a lot of untapped opportunities out there, but you have to have that depth of knowledge to continue on. Scott talks with Kevin about … Read More

EP 374 – Upfront And Back End Note Costs

NCS 374 | Note Costs

  Buying a note is not only a single transaction and then everything is done. It has to go through some before and after preparations, most especially when it comes to paying. Many people tend to forget this and fail to put in some important calculations. Scott breaks down some of the costs associated with your upfront due diligence, along with back-end costs to your note deal once you’ve purchased it. He talks about the … Read More