EP NNA 26 – 2021: A Note Odyssey

NNA 26 | Note Business

NNA 26 | Note Business


The future may be unpredictable, but the good thing is we can always prepare for it. Scott discusses what he believes the future will hold for the note business, his business, and what’s in store for you. Scott ponders on the question, “Where is the note business going to be in three years?” and gives a view on the possibilities of what may happen – from licensing and foreclosing, to market values. He talks about where some great places to invest are. He caps it off by talking about where his business is going to be, and how it could continue to help many note investors out there.

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2021: A Note Odyssey

This is a very special 100th episode. It’s hard to believe that we’ve done 100 episodes of these for the last couple of years. I’ve been doing webinars a lot longer than just 100 episodes. Since we started doing Note Night in America and then also The Monday Note, this is episode number 100. I’m totally honored especially to those who have been here for a lot of these episodes over the last years. I’m absolutely jacked up that we hit this number. We have many people join us for the first time who have never been a part of our Monday night webinars. We have a variety of people. We’ve got note investors that are active and we’ve got real estate investors looking to get into the note industry. We’ve got people that are looking at notes as a way of diving into the real estate industry as investors or looking to put their money to work in the notes. One of the things we do as well, to take it a little bit extra step as we take these webinars every Monday night is we throw them on YouTube, so you can always catch the replays on WeCloseNotes.TV or you can go to iTunes, Stitcher, all the Smart TV channels, as well as iHeartRadio. Get our episodes on there as well.

Note Events

We’d get the podcast Note Night in America, which is our least amount downloaded among the three that we have, just over 5,000 downloads on iTunes as we started uploading them. It’s still been very effective and we’re glad to have that there. One of that marks the 26th episodes on the podcast as well. Always we started sharing our goals for everybody about what we want to accomplish in five years. We still have the five-year goal to educate and create 10,000 note investors. 10,000, because we believe there’re a lot of opportunities still in the market and going to hit the market. This webinar is going to be about some of those opportunities that we see. It may scare some of you. We still see a lot of opportunity in the market. I’ve been talking to some of my great people, some of my peers. We feel like a lot of stuff is even getting closer and closer to being out there. I don’t worry about it. “You’ve taught so many people.” You’ll see the reason why it does not bother me to have the goal of helping create and educate 10,000 investors. I want to share some numbers with you about Note Night in America. For those of you that are looking to do some marketing on a regular basis, this is why I wanted to share these numbers for. In the last hundred times we’ve done this, we’ve had over 25,000 RSVPs in total across the board. That’s all RSVPs that I’ve got. It’s not the individual investors.

We’ve had over 13,000 of those show up. We’ve averaged about 50% to 53% of those registered get live. It’s not included in what’s going on with Facebook Live because Facebook Live changed how we do some stuff about halfway. We’ve had over 9,500 Facebook views over the last year. A big chunk of Facebook views is going on there as well. That has affected the attendance ratio that we can see for those who show up to the RSVP. Looking back at the top three Note Night in America episodes. Number three was our Note Civil War we did with Fuquan Bilal where him and I took half our faces. He was Captain America and I was Iron Man. We discussed the marriage between first and second lien investing. It was great. Number two is Sourcing Note Deals. Number one was the Marketing Octagon, which was surprised to that aspect of it. Number four, five, six were close with Raising Private Capital and looking at note deals. Marketing Octagon, between the views and those that RSVP that showed up, it was number one overall. That’s surprising. I’ll take it. I love it. Those are great things, but it always talks about those things. Sourcing note deals, marketing, and raising capital are the three biggest things that we see with everybody out there. Finding deals or raising capital, marketing.

There’re not so much extra strategies. There are some systems in place, but if you’re more worried about systems that are going out than sourcing and raising capital, you’re probably not moving as fast as you’d like to. In our upcoming event calendar, we have one spot remaining here in Austin for the last Fast Track Training of the year. I’m running through the 11th. Note CAMP 6.0 is weeks out. It’s on November 15th through the 18th. We have a half day on Thursday. You can get your tickets online. Virtual Note Buying Workshop, November 30th through December 2nd. That’s online. Go to WeCloseNotes.com and get signed up for that at $6.99. If you sign up for the Virtual Note Buying Workshop in November, I will give you a ticket to Note CAMP 6.0. We have the December Note Mastermind in Cape Coral, Florida. It’s going to be one of our biggest Masterminds of the year. We’ve got some great stuff lined up. We’re going to be doing a pre-happy hour on Thursday night. We’re doing a Meetup group. We’re getting ready to drop a bunch of postcards out to IRA investors in the area to have them come in and learn a little about note investing in 2019 using their self-directed IRA to fund some deals. We did it a years ago. It was a huge success.

We’ve got a couple of sponsors for the events. It was a nice time in Cape Coral, Florida. It’s like shooting some fish in a barrel when it comes to raising capital. We have our first Fast Track training. If you can’t make it in November, it’s January 11th to 13th in Austin, Texas. For those who have rental properties, those who are renters or landlords, you may want to look at going to the Bahamas in January, especially if you’re in a cold spot. I’ll be out there at Atlantis with Mr. Landlord Jeffrey Taylor on January 16th to the 19th. We’ll be out there right after our Fast Track and hanging out that week afterwards. I’m pretty excited about to be out in the Bahamas for that event. Feel free to drop me an email at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com to get on a phone call to discuss where you might fit into these. Where your business is ready or when you need the most help to, let me know. I’ll shoot you the link and we can schedule a 30-minute phone call. I had some great phone calls with students since we started offering that up a little bit and it was nice. Some people are doing some great things. Some people are just getting started. They need a little bit of guiding and we’re here to help hold your hand and walk you through those things as we can.

NNA 26 | Note Business

Note Business: If you’re more worried about systems going out, you’re probably not moving as fast as you’d like to.


Someone who runs a real estate networking club was looking for speakers in 2019. We’d like to fill our schedule up. It needs to be a paid membership club. We don’t want a free to attend unless it’s local here in Texas for the most part. We’ll talk about that on a case-by-case. We’re looking for 100 regular members for the most part, but we’ll make an exception if you’re locally or within two, three hours of Austin. Note-focused real estate investing or note info is what we focus on. We’re not going to talk about marketing. If you know somebody and you can reach out and schedule it for me, don’t just send me a list. I want a date in a booking. If you help me book next year sometime, I’ll give you a $500 finder’s fee for helping me book in 2019. If you know somebody, a local real estate club or another club, drop me an email. If I have any questions, I’d be glad to talk about it as well.

NoteCAMP.live is where you can go next to get signed up for Note CAMP. It’s a $399 special. As we get closer within a month, prices are going to keep going up. We’ve got some phenomenal stuff we’re going to be talking about. We’ll be doing partial explanations, owner financing. We’ve got some new names this time around on Note CAMP Live. We’ve got Mitch Stephen and Eddie Speed. He’s going to be speaking on partials and some other things, along with some new servicing companies and some private money stuff. It’s not just the same crew months ago. We’re bringing on some great speakers, great people that do some other things in the note industry that will add a lot of value to what you’re looking to do. We’ll kick off at noon on Thursday. We’ll run until 5:00 on Thursday, Friday. Saturday, it will be at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and then Sunday will be 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM is what we’re looking forward. It will be all worth it. All the numbers of people who have signed up for in the past, the database in the survey results is worth the $399. Chris Seveney had seven private investors come up from his connections on Note CAMP from reaching out and marketing. If that’s not worth $399 to you, I don’t know what is. If you’re an existing WCN crew member, the memberships that you’re paying monthly, this is included in your membership. You should be in the Base Camp group already. If you’re not, then you’re not.

Thinking About The Future

Let’s talk about our subject. 2021: A Note Odyssey. I was literally sitting in my hotel room one night in Rochester thinking, “What do I need to talk about?” It’s been so busy. I had been up early, I didn’t sleep much because I had an early flight out. Something popped up. I was thinking about somebody that I enjoyed something. When I was out at Aaron Young’s Inner Circle meeting before the Magnify Your Wealth Summit, there was a great thing that Michelle Young, his wife who was the MC of the event, said. I’ve heard her do it before. I’ve done this before as well. Think about where you’re going to be in three years. Take some time. If you could be anywhere and money was not the issue, what would you be doing? What would your life look like? I did this for myself. I wrote it all down. If I’ll sit and take some time to think about it, where are we going to be in the note industry? Where is everything going to be at in the next three years? Think about it. Where are we going to be in the next three years? That’s why I jumped up by Cody Cox who sent me a text message. He asked me if I ever sleep and I do because I posted it immediately. He was like, “This is a great idea.” This is a great subject because I know a lot of people are wondering what is going on in the note industry. I see this every day. People complain about pricing, about vendors,  complaining about where were defined deals and raise capital and I chuckle.

Credits And Notes

I’ve seen other groups posting, “What would you like? PowerPoint slides? Would you like PDFs or would you want more help on raising capital or marketing or systems?” I laugh when I see because it’s disturbing when I see people answering who’ve attended all so many workshops, not only mine but other things and they’re not pulling the trigger. There is no magic pill. Morpheus is not going to show up and give you two pills, a red one or the blue one. Take one of them and you wake up in The Matrix. When you wake up and it’s perfect, you’re in a dream. You have to take action because from some of the conversations I’m having, the things that I’m seeing, my radar is going crazy. My stuff is like, “Don’t stress out. Don’t flip out.” There’s opportunity involved with everything I’m going to talk about. What you choose to do or how you choose to prepare for the future isn’t going to determine how successful you are when it comes around.

If you could see the crystal ball, what’d you do? The future is split up three ways for you here. We’re talking about where the note business will be. We’ll talk about where I will be. We’re also going to talk about where you will possibly be. The future of business, over half of you and others won’t be in the business anymore. I know that it’s probably a little shocking, but I look back, it’s about three or four-year cycle. If I look back at our students, I look back at people that were here years ago, half of them aren’t in the business anymore. It’s not anything that we did. It’s the shiny object syndrome. They chase other things. There are some people who closed hundreds of assets and done a tremendous job but aren’t in the note business anymore. They may be more in the REO space or they may be sitting enjoying their cashflow. That’s completely fine. Only about 10% of people do anything anyway. Less than 5% stick with something long-term longer than five years. Even some of our best students aren’t even in the industry anymore.

NNA 26 | Note Business

Note Business: There is no magic pill. You are not in a dream. You have to take action.


You are closest to us. I haven’t bought anything in two years. They’re going back to get a job, which is unfortunate because if they worked, if they got off their ass and did something it will be a whole different situation. They will not have to go back looking for a job. They would be their own boss. They would be the person in charge of their future. We all are in charge of our own destiny. It doesn’t matter what I do. It doesn’t matter what you do. I’m in charge of my destiny. You’re in charge of your destiny. We’re at where we’re at because of the decisions that we make on a daily basis or in the past, the decisions that we have made. That’s the first thing I’m going to tell you. Half of you and others won’t be in the business anymore because you’re not focused. Some of you will close one hundred of deals. I don’t know who those are. Some of them are ramping up not doing a great job, so maybe get out of your mind and starting to do some great things out there. Some of you have done great things right out of the gate, which is phenomenal.

It’s great. Those of you that are doing that are going to be around for a while. Others will fade away or chase another squirrel. They either fade away and start chasing REOs when they become available later on or something like that or you’ll go and do something else. You’re going to do marijuana, drain sales or into the used car recycling business. You may hit enough success along the way like, “I don’t need to do this anymore. I can just live how I want to live.” That’s completely fine. Business-wise, I believe we’ll see more licensing at the state levels. I would hope that the owner of Seller Finance Coalition is able to help with that. We need that number, trying to get up to at least five so people can do at least five deals a year or more. We’re going to see more licensing at state levels across the country where you’ll either need to have a mortgage broker’s license, a note brokering license or a debt buyer’s license. It’s going to be a way for the state to grab more money out there for you. We’re going to see that across the board. Years ago, we predicted this. We got our class approved for continuing education originally in Texas. If we start seeing more of that, I’ll go back and work to get the thing re-approved for continuing education across different states.

Market Values

Half of the people don’t do anything anyway. They come along for a little while and they’re gone and I’m talking to the general population. More of you that are on here, will probably be around for a longer time, but if I went back to look at people who run my webinars for years ago and how they’re no longer around or I’ve gone to different events and run it people that were like, “You were in the note industry,” even vendors, even educators. There’re a lot of people that are educators now that won’t be in the industry at all. A lot of educators that haven’t bought anything in a year, in the last year or two years are just being educators aren’t going to be in the business. I love Fuquan Bilal, a buddy of mine at NNG. He’s not in the note industry anymore. He’s in the real estate industry, which is great. It’s fine. It’s where its taken him, but not in the note industry phase. I’m a big believer that market values will be below where they’re at now. In some cases, substantially less than where they’re at currently. The hardest hit states, they’re going to be at California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Texas. Especially the bigger cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin. Our values are taking a bigger hit because of a couple of things. When the markets dropped, they’re going to drop faster than those areas because those are the fastest to foreclose on. It was the flat Texas market to be moving on some things.

You’re going to see foreclosures. When it starts to hit, it’s like a domino effect. It starts reducing value in other areas. The states that were hit the hardest beforehand, they’ve slowly recovered like Michigan, Ohio. They’ll take a little bit of a hit, but they’re not going to be as dramatic as what we’ll see on the West Coast. In the cities that are overpriced, San Francisco is going to be hitting very hard. LA, San Diego. A lot of those places are going to hit very hard. The second liens will be cheap again. It’s also funny because I’ve seen a lot of second lien investors who have a performing portfolio looking to sell off while they’re still encumbered versus being over-encumbered. That is something that should be a red flag. I’ve seen some of the funds looking to sell other assets off at a $0.80 range. I’m like, “Why are you selling these off at $0.80?” You foresee something happening in Florida. You foresee something happening in the longer foreclosure states. We know when the values drop, the values of the seconds would have been created or were created aren’t going to be there anymore. Buyers overpaying for assets will be dumping inventory. You’ll see investors who have overpaid dumping inventory looking to get out of this business because they’re going to be upside down and they’re looking to get out as best as they can.

I hate to say this, but smaller one-off buyers won’t have a place at the table. What I foresee based on a couple of things if you add in the licensing aspect of things. If you look at the market and then probably the ability to buy, one-off buyers are probably the problem with some of the pricing on the low-hanging fruit. You still have seen good assets from banks and better pricing than the bulk side of things. That’s what happened in the REO market, people were overpaying the foreclosure auctions. They’re overpaying. That’s fine. It’s an opportunity for me as a note investor to sell to those over buyers, but when they get in the note industry space, they’re going to be overpaying for assets and looking to dump them. The smaller one-off buyers won’t have the tools or affordability to do things on a one-off basis. You’ve got to be looking to do many bulks. I’m talking not one asset but looking to leverage it across several states across several assets. That’s what I believe. Those investors that have funds and not just five or six CRD, those investors will clean up for a couple of reasons because they’ll have a lot of cheap money that can come in and buy in bulk and just clean up.

NNA 26 | Note Business

Note Business: There are a lot of people that are educators now that won’t be in the industry at all.


I believe Goldman Sachs will be out of business. Maybe not the whole thing, but I believe the facet of their 26,000 loans that they bought or more than that will backfire on them tragically. They’re one of the biggest buyers overpaying for all these HUD loan trades. When the market goes south, they would have overpaid. They’ll be upside down. Just because they can get a tax reduction doesn’t mean they’re fine. They’re going to look at the numbers and realize they overpaid for the stuff. The same thing with a lot of the larger hedge funds who are buying REOs and putting renters into them and trying to control it that way. Those notes will hit the market again at a substantial, cheaper price because the value won’t be there. Those that have funds can go away and will be able to buy from them. They’ll be able to eat at the whale, sharks eating meat at the whale carcass. Insurance rates in Florida will drive investors away, especially with what happened in the last years as you make it extremely unaffordable to have a lot of investment property there, especially around the nice areas of Florida.

We have a question, “Goldman Sachs gets a credit on what they owe the government when they buy notes and forget principles. Is that right?” Yes, they get a $1 for $1 discount off of their fine. They’re still trying to make money on a lot of the stuff based on what they paid for this stuff. Why would you still buy a lot of stuff that you can take a loss? You start losing 20% values in areas. It’s not going to make sense for them. They’re going to be losing money and it’s going to be too big a drain on the fund itself. This is a thing to keep in mind. Uber, which is already doing this, will replace taxis and drivers. Uber is not going to have personal drivers. They’re going to have automated cars, the automated drone. There was an article about delivering things. Why is that good? How is that going to increase default rates across America? A lot of people are working for Uber or Lyft to pay their bills in Orlando and other areas of the country where I’ve gone to. It’s their only gig because they have a hard time finding jobs elsewhere that will help them. They’re working there, but the minute Uber starts to replace them with automated cars, which we will see in the future, it’s already happened in other areas in the world, those lower income producing borrowers won’t have any money. They can’t afford to pay their mortgage and that’s going to increase the default rate.

We already see a separation between the rich and the poor. The middle class is getting squeezed one way or another. What’s going to happen if default rates, you’re going to have auto debt already at a higher thing. That’s going to be a big boom. I had a conversation with one of the smartest guys in the world who’s known as the Scorpion. There’s a TV show after the guy. I had a chance to visit with him at an event. He was talking about, “Yes, you’re going to have all these people that have garages with no cars because they can take an Uber everywhere they go cheaper than paying for insurance, paying for a car payment, and paying for maintenance.” They can use the Uber everywhere. How many of you guys go to a place and you Uber everywhere? A lot of you. I rented a car this weekend because I had a 53-mile drive. A lot of places I go, especially in the higher occupied areas, the bigger areas, I never rent a car anymore. I just Uber every place. That’s going to squeeze out the low-income producing people who are relying on that to get by. Look at some of the Uber Eats and the Uber Delivery that’s going to be replacing some of the drivers, FedEx, UPS.

A lot of those drivers are going to be out of their job. The minute that they ended up using these electronic vehicles as well for NAFTA or the big trucks, tractor trailers you see on the highway and if that becomes automated, there’s another level of people that won’t be able to pay their mortgage. The companies will hire a cheaper robot to help out with. At least more default rates that lead to bigger things, more opportunities for us to come in, but will anybody be able to afford them? I believe marijuana will be legal in the next three years. You’ll have a whole new classification of commercial notes. Is it a dispensary? Is it a grow house? A total different new aspect of commercial notes out there. Apartment nonperforming notes will be cheap. This is going to scare a lot of people that have gotten into the apartment industry because apartments are overpriced. Totally overpriced. Go in and spend three years, four years and work to gentrify. Take it from a Class C to a B or B to an A. We’re going to be adding more values, but what happens when people can’t pay their mortgages that are living in those houses? Default rates go down.

Also, when market values start going down in three years, the four-year timeframe when these people, these investors are going into the idea that they can get refinanced with traditional bank financing in three years, it’s not going to be there. They have to bring 20%, 30% down cash to get refinanced and they’re not going to have that. You’re going to see apartment rates drop. It’s going to hurt some things, like it was in 2008, 2009. We’re seeing a lot of apartment loans that we could pick up. They’re still fully-occupied, but the borrowers, the people that were stuck on it I could not get refinanced out. They had to bring some to the table. Interest rates will be higher. Credit lines will be tightened. It’s also going to affect your commercial loans. Plenty of IRA, 401(k), people were getting laid off from work, are out of jobs and they’re looking to put that money to work. We get a lot of money hitting the market. You can come back as investors and offer some cheaper rates on some things and knock some stuff out. These all have a dramatic effect on the note industry.

NNA 26 | Note Business

Note Business: The more default rates that lead to bigger things, the more opportunities for us to come in.


States To Invest

We have a question, “Where are your safer states to invest?” I would be investing in the areas, the blue-collar stuff. I would still be going into stuff that’s relatively inexpensive for you. I would not be buying anything over $150,000 valued assets. I’d be looking at the $60,000 to $100,000 range. You’re going to be fine. Those are still great investments where you pick up the debt cheap and still be able to make a good return on investment. That’s still the first-time home buyers. That’s where you’ve got to look at. You don’t want to buy the high-end loans because those people can drag you out and fight you in foreclosure and bankruptcy and things like that. It’s at sub $150,000 value of houses where you want to be. Not between $50,000 and $100,000 for the most part. The stuff below $50,000 is going to get cheap again. This stuff that’s at $100,000 will be down to $50,000. Those that valued at $150,000 lead down to $100,000 or $75,000.

Is there a safe way to invest in performing notes? The thing about performing notes is you want to still make it and buy at the right price. If you’re buying something in 70% of value, get 80%, 85%, you want to make sure that you’re getting a pretty decent return on investment, 15% or more. The 15%, I think you’ll be close to not making much after the downturn comes in place. I still liked the way of taking nonperforming to get them converted to performing notes and holding onto them. I’ll share with you where I see myself in 2021. Here’s where I believe I will be in 2021. I wrote this out. It’s been on my brain a lot more. That’s what helped me out with this topic. I will still be in the note business. I’ll still be one of the main facets of what I’m doing. The podcast, it will help out with speaking that we’ve been offered. I don’t believe I’m running a marketing firm. Some people talked about it and I don’t think I’ll be doing that. If you want to get where you want to be in 2021, don’t apologize. If you’re worried about offending other people or you’re worried about getting permission for everything that you do, you will not be in business long because you’ll get eaten alive. Don’t wait for somebody to give you permission to start a Meetup group. Go do it. Don’t wait for somebody to give you permission to email out to your database. Go do it. Don’t wait for somebody to help you with your IRA postcards. Go get to them and send them out.

Taking Action

Things I have turned down, some speaking things to focus on my business because I see where things are going. I still speak a lot, but we have leveraged our note or the podcast to help us be here more often. I also travel quite a bit, but traveling for more fun or being very selective where I’m going. I’m a big believer that you have to be taking action in the next six months between now and then March. It’s going to set you up for 2019 more than anything else with. We’re going to see some changes in the next three years. You have to be taking action on things. You’re going to have to probably crack a few eggs along the way, but it’s an omelette to make. We’re going to have two $25 million funds that are totally funded, at least two. One is going to be $25 million nonperforming notes fund and another one’s going to be performing fund. Primarily buying nonperforming notes have been converted into performing notes. We’ll clean up quite well in the funds as things change from some of the bigger guys.

It’s dawned on me in the last years, but we’ve been focusing a lot of things on raising capital, a lot in marketing and a lot of other things, bringing things together and it’s like a light came on for some of the things that where we want to be. I don’t think I will be in Austin in 2021. We may still have a house here, but I don’t think I will be living here. I think it will be rented out. The other six months out of the year, we’ll probably be bouncing around the United States. One of the places that we want to go to, but we’ll be living in the least half the time non-hurricane season in the Caribbean somewhere. I’ll be doing these webinars where the ocean in the background is the way I feel, what I have foreseen over and over again. I will help over 100 investors become millionaires. That number’s closer, probably closer to 200, 300 but we will have helped over 100 plus investors become millionaires. I’ve already seen it in my dreams, where we’re having an event somewhere in the Caribbean and they’re flying out. It’s just 150, 200 people we’ve helped become millionaires in the next three years. Our Note Mastermind will still be rocking. It will still be the best in the industry, all of these, because we still do it. We still do stick to our notes, We Close Notes.

We meet in different places, probably in the Caribbean or Puerto Rico once or twice, somewhere like that. I will have a couple million downloads on the Note Closers Show podcast because everybody will be going to try to find information to how they can tap into this and what’s going on in the industry. You start thinking about something and I’ve wanted to do this for a while, it becomes more and more obvious that the actions you take and the things that get presented to yourself, it’s like quantum physics. Things start appearing in front of you. Start proven things right that you’re on the right path. That’s where I want to be able to wake up every morning, fresh cup of coffee, go out, take a walk on the beach or a swim in the morning in the pool, come back in, and work for a couple of hours. Then go have fun. I believe I’ll be down to a four-hour workday at that point. I know it’s a little crazy. I’m putting a lot, but I believe that’s where I’m headed. That’s what I’m shooting for. It’s not a four-hour work week but a four-hour day. I believe that’s where we’re at.

NNA 26 | Note Business

Note Business: If you’re worried about offending other people, you will not be in the business long.


I’m taking some steps to get there in dramatic fashion in the next 60 days, next 90 days. Where will you be? This is meant for you to be interactive with this. I want you to think about this. I want you to close your eyes I want you to think about where you’re going to be in three years. I want you to think about a variety of things. I want you to share this with your spouse or partner after you go through this little exercise. I want you to think, what do you want to accomplish? Three things, business, financially and personally. They always talk about your health or trying to get everything in balance. It’s impossible to have a balance on your big five things. Let’s focus on three things. I think I’m going to be in the best health. I’m going to be in a long time. I’m also going to do standup paddle boarding competitively. I want you to think about this. Where are you going to be in three years in your business? What goals have you set not just for next year, but what’s the end game? What does that game look like to you and what does that look like financially to you?

Our fund is $50 million total. $25 million nonperforming funded in $25 million performing funded. It’s bringing us capital on a regular basis. I believe we’re going to see a 20% profit on both sides of that that comes to us. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what those numbers are. That’s where I see us based on the things that we focused on. It’s what I want to focus business-wise that brings in financially, which means we do anything and personally it allows us to do a lot of amazing things. Is that waking up on a beach for you? Is that waking up in Austin? Is it that waking up in Costa Rica? What does that look like to you? Who’s there with you? What are you doing? What do you look like? What are you eating? Think about that. What are the things that you’re accomplishing? One of my biggest things is I believe Steph’s going to do a great job with Furbabies podcast and be speaking her webinars in other places quite often because it’s a passion and she’s going to overcome some hurdles. A lot of you guys will have some things out there. You will have some podcasts. I keep hoping that there will be more podcasts because it’s helpful for people.

I don’t mind having a great podcast. I love it. It’s great for the industry to have a few more and some people will disagree with me. We all have different tribes. Not everybody fits into my note family tribe. Not everybody’s going to fit into your tribe if you’re doing a show, if you focus on and you’re serious about it. I’m not talking about dipping your toe in the water with what you’re wanting to do, but diving and getting wet and do whatever you want to accomplish. Whether it’s your business, which leads to financial success for you and then leads to personal success, you have to have those three things. Think about it. Is it going to be easy? Probably not. It’s going to be difficult. It’s going to take some hard decisions from everybody. If you don’t think about where you want to be, you’ll aimlessly drift along. You’ll be caught in other things, currents of other occurrences, currents of other people, currents of financial, economic changes. You’ll have no place to go to go with the flow.

If you’re thinking about it and then don’t say you’re thinking about, you’re doing it, you’re taking actions. That means you jump on a plane coming out. Have you booked those tickets? A dream is just a dream until you put a date down to it or do some research on it. That’s one of the biggest things. We’ve got a trip to The Bahamas. We’ve got this cruise to Spain. We’ll be having some guest hosts on the Note Closers Show podcast. Those are just a couple of trips. I want to spend some time in the Caribbean. I want to find out where that is. Someplace that I can work and still be where I’m at but live in my own version of paradise. With sunburn, toes in the sand, enjoying life and having things down. I am so excited about where we’re headed with our staff and what we’re accomplishing, and our students are doing a great job. We’ve got some major things that we’re working on. It’s going to be very good for a lot of people out there. I want you to be specific when you’re thinking about where you want to be in three years, what does that look like? Write it down. How does that make you feel?

What energy does it give off of what you’re thinking about where you want to be in three years? Are you still working for your company? If you’re enjoying doing that, that’s fine. Are you moving up? Are you leaving them? Are you doing what you want to do full-time? Think about this. What do you see if you close your eyes? What I would love it too if you wrote this down and then share it. I’ll be the first one that when I finish this up I will go on to the WCN crew Facebook page and I’ll share this there. It’s my personal Facebook page. What do you see where you will be in 2021? I call it a Note Odyssey. It’s not a Space Odyssey like Stanley Kubrick. I believe there’s opportunity in a lot of places out there for people depending on where you want to be. If you’re not committed to the note business now, you’re probably not going to be committed in three years.  If you’re brand-new to it, great. There are people on here who had never closed a note deal and they’ll be closing 100 deals in the next few years. Those who are closing some deals who aren’t focused enough are drifting won’t find the success and you’ll drift onto something else. That’s okay.

NNA 26 | Note Business

Note Business: A dream is just a dream until you put a date down to it.


Take the time. Share it. Write it down with your spouse, share it with them and see what they want to do. Get them involved if you can. Talk about with your kids, if you’ve got kids. Talk about it with your girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever your partner is business-wise. It’s important that you have a shared vision of where you want to go to find your success. I’ve got some good friends that are in the business for five years and they’re breaking apart. It’s because they don’t want to go in different directions. It’s not been the easiest thing for them to do. They’re going to see some growth separately. They never talked about where they want to be. They grew big with these big things, but they weren’t focused on things that they were trying to do so many things. It resulted in them in losing some things. I want all of you to accomplish every goal that you want. Everybody out there, I want you to have an amazing business, an amazing life, and accomplish everything you want to do. You’ve got to work, you’ve got to know where you want to be and more importantly, you’ve got to plan for it.

Consistency is key for people. That’s most people’s biggest problems. It’s just being consistent, sticking to it. 100 episodes, 360 episodes in podcasts. Be consistent. Be the little engine that could. That’s the consistency. We’ve got some great little engines out there that are not just good but are doing it and would change them once. That’s about all I have for you. If you could do me a favor if you enjoy Note Night in America please take five minutes and go to iTunes, Stitcher, or Apple podcast and please leave a review. Do it on Note Closers Show if you like to do it there. Help me hit 100 reviews on the Note Closers Show podcast. Leave a five-star rating. I would love it. Thank you for being a part of Note Night in America who’s joined us for the 1st or 100th episode. I’m always honored and humbled. We look forward not only the growth of the show in the next hundred, but those of you out there who are doing some amazing things and have you on to talk about what you’re doing in business and also on a podcast as well. Go out and make something happen. We look forward to seeing you all at the top.

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