EP 446 – Zig Zag Investing

  Market value always changes, and as it evolves, you as an investor have to evolve too. It is ideal for anyone to understand the zigzag occurrence in investing. Knowing how to handle such scenario is essential for any business to thrive. The market may turn on you, or it may be in your favor but identifying the changes that need to be done once the market turns is necessary. Scott shows us how to … Read More

EP NNA 26 – 2021: A Note Odyssey

NNA 26 | Note Business

  The future may be unpredictable, but the good thing is we can always prepare for it. Scott discusses what he believes the future will hold for the note business, his business, and what’s in store for you. Scott ponders on the question, “Where is the note business going to be in three years?” and gives a view on the possibilities of what may happen – from licensing and foreclosing, to market values. He talks … Read More

EP 333 – Short Sales in Today’s Real Estate Market with Melody Medley

NCS 333 | Short Sales

  A common misconception by people about short sales is that it happens fast, that they can close a deal by tomorrow. As a result, many jump in without thinking of the processes it entails and end up getting scammed. Scott talks with realtor and short sale expert, Melody Medley, about short sales in today’s real estate market. Giving the 411 about it, she covers the market value according to the condition of the property, … Read More