EP NNA 31 – Cyber Monday Hacks

NCS 31 | Cyber Monday Hacks

NNA 31 | Cyber Monday Hacks


There are so many great applications and tools online that sometimes it becomes overwhelming just to find the right ones for you. Others can be misleading, while some are just difficult to operate. On this Note Night in America, Scott breaks down some of the technology hacks that have helped him save time and money while also helping make his team more productive. He features applications that can help you generate lists of potential clients and maximize LinkedIn. He also gives out some tools that prove useful in doing lives or shows. Going into emails, Scott provides a tool that will help sort out the number of emails that come with the business. Finally, he shows a great application that aids in arranging your schedule and calendar for you.

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Cyber Monday Hacks

I’m excited about this episode’s topic because it’s going to provide some of you out there who are doing some great nuggets and awesome stuff to help you accelerate your business. For those of you who aren’t doing anything, you’re probably not going to enjoy this webinar because it’s got some cool things. You’ve got to be doing things to take advantage of what’s going on with this episode. If you are looking at your goal in 2019 is to add some things and start marketing a little bit more, you’re going to want to definitely be here to enjoy what I have to share with you. This is Cyber Monday Hacks is what I like to call it.

I want to thank all of you for joining us on the show. Go to WeCloseNotes.TV or my Vimeo account. Go ahead and subscribe there. You’ll find us on YouTube as well, subscribe there. We have hundreds and hundreds of videos there along with the Note Night In America webinars. You can always go and listen to the Note Night In America webinars on iTunes, Stitcher. It’s one of the podcasts that we do on a regular basis. Subscribe, listen, it’s a great nugget for you. We’re always glad to have you here. Thank you for the messages. Thank you for the reviews. Thank you for the emails. Thank you for the Thank you notes. I love getting Thank You notes. It lets us know that we keep doing the right thing.

At the beginning of 2018, we set a goal for our five-year goal to be able to help educate and create 10,000 note investors over the next five years. We started at the beginning of 2018. We’ve surpassed the 2,000 marker for the year. We’re trying to hit or beat the number from 2017. We think the 10,000 goal is possible. I do not think it’s going to be too many investors, not enough deals as long as you continue to market. Those that complain about not finding enough deals because there are too many investors the area, that’s because you’re not marketing. You’re being lazy. There are plenty of inventory around. There are plenty of amazing deals out there.

I want to thank everybody. Our The WCN Crew Facebook page surpassed over 900 members. This happened when we had Note CAMP. We had Brecht Palombo on the previous episode of Note Night in America and also as a bonus session for Note CAMP and George Antone. Kudos to all of you that joined us. We’re going to be taking that and converting Note CAMP into another podcast. Season two for Note CAMP on iTunes and Stitcher. A big shout out to our 900 members on The WCN Crew Facebook page. I’m honored to have you. Thank you for those that are new members. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for our existing all shares. The group has been around for several months. We expect probably to hit hopefully 1,000 members by the end of 2018. I don’t know if we’ll hit that mark, but we may get close to it. If you’re not a member of that, go ahead check out The WCN Crew on Facebook. We’d be glad to have you.

The first event of 2019 is our Fast Track Training on January 11th to 13th in Austin, Texas. We’ve got a couple of spots available for that. I then will be flying out to the Bahamas in Atlantis Resort to spend it with Jeffrey Taylor at Mr. Landlord Retreat. I’m excited to be speaking there on January 17th. The Ultimate Crowdfunding Secrets, our friend Jillian Sidoti will be speaking February 7th and 8th in Orlando. There is the Multifamily Investor Summit taking place January 17th to 19th as well. We had Dan Handford on The Note Closers Show talking about the event and some of the things that we see taking place in the multifamily market, the mistakes and other things. We have our first Virtual Note Buying Workshop on February 15th through 17th. That’s online. We’ll be headed out after that to our Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego with 8,000 other marketers. We’re pretty excited about some things that we’re working through. Our second Fast Track if you can’t make it in January is March 15th to 17th back in Austin.

We’ll be doing some live episodes from different places. We’ll be doing some live episodes of The Note Closers Show from San Diego. We’ll be doing a couple from the Bahamas as well with some great people, and some other places of speaking across the country in 2019. In February, I’ll be in Tampa at the New Media Summit as well right before Traffic & Conversion Summit. If you want to take advantage of our discount, you get 25% off. If you can’t make it and you want to make it in February, save 25% now and sign up now. It’s WCNCyberMondaySale.com. You don’t do anything. Go to that website and it will take you straight to the checkout. I’m not here to pitch you on stuff, I’m here to give you some hacks, to give you some great stuff and share some things with you who are looking to take your business to the next level. I’m constantly updating things. I’m constantly looking forward. I’m constantly looking to pull new information. I’m constantly looking at opportunities not only for myself but for you guys, my Mastermind, my students, the WCN membership. We’re upgrading some things here. We’re upgrading the mics. We’re upgrading the camera by the first of the year.

LinkedIn and Skrapp.io

One of the big things here if you did not know is that LinkedIn got sneaky. You’ve always heard me talking about going on LinkedIn, reaching out to asset managers. It’s been one of the great harvesting websites out there to find special asset managers, bank asset managers. It still is. It just got a little more difficult for you that are using it to market like I am. I got almost 15,000 connections on there. I export my database on a regular basis. The thing is you can still go and connect to a lot of people and you can still export your contacts. The little sneaky people over there at LinkedIn removed the emails from the download. They did it on Thanksgiving so nobody would pay attention to it. They didn’t even talk about it, but it happened. What’s the workaround? If you only have a few hundred contacts, that’s okay. You can still go in and look at the person’s profile once you connect with them and then see what their email is and then copy it. It’s a little bit more of a tedious process.

For many of you that don’t have and have never done that before, don’t worry about it. you can still keep connecting with people as they connect with you. If you export your list, go back and resort it by the date that people connected with you and go on one at a time. You may want to hire an assistant to do that or if you’re only doing it, do it late at night. It’s the least effective time for you to do anything else. Give it to your kid to do it or a VA, somebody but you can still do that. For those of us who are using LinkedIn on a regular database to harvest some things, there are a couple of things that you can use. You go out there and search for some scraper. What I did is I went out and found this website called Skrapp.io. I messed around it a little bit. I’m working on something bigger. It’s a LinkedIn scraper. What it does is pull the contact’s name, title, and emails that they can see initially when you’re doing your search. If I go straight over to LinkedIn and I pull up a search for asset managers. One hundred emails a month for free. $49 a month will give you 1,000 emails a month, which is a lot. That’s still adding basically 12,000 contacts throughout the year. You still want virtual assistants to pool addresses because it’s not going to do some things as effectively.

I thought I’d share with you so you know what it does. Basically, it’s a Google Chrome extension. I’m logged in. I’ll do a search for special assets. It pulls up a bunch of stuff. It only shows me ten people there. Probably it’s best if I hit secondary connections. If I’m already connected, I probably already have their information. I hit export page results, export to a list. This takes me over to my Skrapp.io thing and I can create a new list. I’m going to create a new one. Let’s type in special asset managers. I hit save results in a list. It will search for emails on there. This one had found six out of ten of them. That’s probably been the highest one so far which is great. What it does is it takes me over to the page. I look at my list to get a little bit of an idea. I ran one earlier with special assets. It pulled up six so far, but these four out of ten didn’t pull. I still need somebody to go back in and look for AnneMarie Ivey or Tammy Stephens or Ned Buckley on an individual basis. If I click on Ned Buckley, it puts me directly to their page. Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank, I can click on see contact info and that’s it. His email’s not shown up there in the profile. I’m not connected to him either so I may connect with him.

That’s the thing about Skrapp.io. It works on that link as basically a Chrome addition. You see up here 37 out of 100 emails used. I have the free plan. I messed around and I got to those podcast hosts. If I click my podcast host list, you can see I got a much longer list of basically nine pages. About 90 pages I’ve pulled from LinkedIn. Ninety connections and I only found roughly 31. If I click on Daniel Gefen, I go back to his profile. See contact info. There is his email. I’m going to go ahead and increase this to the 1,000 contacts a month for me because I want to add another 1,000 a month. I can do that if I have somebody that spends a little bit time with this. I can keep going and it will max out if I only have 100 there. I can still pull 1,000 names, I just need somebody to go back in and click on those one at a time. A VA or assistant can do that. That’s Skrapp.io. We have a question, “I find most asset managers use their personal email address, not a business. Do you market to their personal address?” I sure do. I market to whatever email address they give. We have another question, “Will you then export to Infusionsoft?” I’ll then export to Infusionsoft and then send an email, “We’re connected on LinkedIn. I wanted to reach out and connect with you.” Either use Mailchimp or Infusionsoft.

NNA 31 | Cyber Monday Hacks

Cyber Monday Hacks: Connect with people who connect with you.


It gives you 100 emails a month, which means if you get a 10% hit rate, you’re going to pull 1,000 contacts in. You can have somebody go back in and fill in the rest of this. Go hire somebody on Upwork for $3, $4 an hour to do it. I want to do more than 100 emails a month. I’ll pay for 1,000 a month to go through it. It may not let you do it until you’ve gone through the 100 emails. I played around with this now. I like some of the features that you put in a nice list. It makes it easy for my assistant to go back in and click on there and spend an afternoon and if you’re bored, at night too. This is not an email client. This is strictly scraping for the contact information. You still need Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, or something else to send an email out to.

For those of you that slacked off and then download your LinkedIn connections. Here’s a short-term fix for you. It still works for the free account. You don’t have to have a paid account in LinkedIn to get this to work. LinkedIn is making a big mistake by doing that. They’re hurting a lot of their business who use LinkedIn for stuff unless they start advertising allowing it if you had a paid account or something or a more expensive account. I’ve got a company I’m working on to trying to do something a little bit more major than 1,000 a month. I’m trying to see what they charge for it. I’ll have an update on that in the next couple of weeks. We will have a Monday night webinar on the 17th, which will be the last one of 2018. We won’t do one on the 24th. We won’t do one on the 31st. We probably won’t do one on December 10th because I’ll probably be flying back as well.


One of the great things that we use is LiveLeap.com. This is an amazing app for you. I got a link for you on most of the stuff that you can use. They save you a discount or get a special promo. We’re doing Zoom or I hit one button to share this to Facebook Live, Live Leap allows for me to take that same video and broadcast it across other places simultaneously, without me having to hit any of the buttons. I go in and set up to make it happen. It shares my Facebook videos from my personal to my business pages, to my WCN page, Note CAMP, Inverse Investments, and The Note Closers Show page. It also then sends it to a group that you control. You’re not a moderator but you own a group, and then it shares to your websites. Some of you guys and gals out there that are doing videos, that you’re running a group or creating a Facebook group. You can automatically share your videos to those pages from your Zoom account or from Facebook Live. It also has an integration to share it with you if you’ve got a WordPress site. You can integrate it in and show a live video from that as well. It will also share across my Twitter account. It also shares with my LinkedIn account. You can upload an email list. It will also upload an SMS list to one of their providers.

They don’t work with Mobit right now, it’s what I use. If you have an SMS list you want to mix them too, it will send a text message out to you. Some of you are looking for an SMS service, this might be the one for you to use. It’s ridiculously cheap is what it costs. A seven-day trial period for $1 and then it’s $19 a month afterwards. You can do any type of videos. This is something you should all use. You can cancel at any time. I can share it across all the Facebook pages I have like Social Media Day and National Podcast Day. What I’m interested is being focused on some things but I can share this across the board. The fact that it automatically shares some of these things like Scott Carson is going live on LinkedIn. It will also share that Scott Carson’s going live on Twitter. When you have a pretty good following there, this is one of the ways it helps us get our message out everywhere. This is one of two major websites that we use. What I thought I’d do is walk you through Live Leap.

We have a question, “Do you think there are other sites like Skrapp.io?” There are four others that I went through, but I didn’t like them. Skrapp.io is the only one I put my name behind and I was recommending. The others didn’t work. They’re outdated. I’ll have some better stuff over but I wanted to share that one for you because most of you aren’t going to do over 1,000 names. You do it for a month, get it and then skedaddle on out. I logged into my Live Leap account. You can see what it has set up. It recognizes any time I do a live video to my personal Facebook page. It shares from my personal pages to my four other Facebook pages, Inverse Investments, We Close Notes, Note CAMP, and it also shares to the Note Closers Show podcast. Anytime I do a video from any of those five pages, it then shares across the board. My four Facebook pages, my Twitter account, my LinkedIn account, and also send out to an email list as well. It automatically clones itself across the board. It’s easy to set up. If you’re looking for a text message service and you’re not going to use Mobit, I would check out the guys they used for this.

If you don’t have a service to text message to, you should be looking to do this. Twilio account is another company that you might want to use. It’s not too hard to use. It’s interactive but I use more so for the Mobit side. If you’ve got a WordPress account, it will allow for you to Live Leap directly to your page. You’ll soon see on the website that’s going live in some fashion on the website. It’s a cool thing that we’re looking to do. I could go set up if I click on Facebook Route Manager. I can create a new route if I want to. Let’s call it Note Night In America. I want to share it. Do you want to share the live videos that publish from your personal profile? Yes. Which Facebook pages am I going to use? Allow pre-recorded videos to auto-share? You could upload a new video to Facebook and it will share it across the board like it’s live. You don’t have to do a live video. That’s one cool thing as well for those that are scared about going live. Maybe you want to do a short fifteen-minute video or a short five-minute video, and then have it shared across the board where you only got to mess around with one website. You’re going to constantly share.

I want to share these other websites, these other groups or pages that I own. I want to do The Note Closers Show, Note CAMP, Inverse Investments and then my Scott Carson main page. I have other Facebook pages that I own. I can go and add this stuff. I want to share with my Twitter accounts with 10,000 followers. I also want to share it with my LinkedIn account as well, to my connections of 14,000. If I have lists I can share it up there or I can share with these email lists as well too. I can put live notifications to these websites. I haven’t set up another website for the National Social Media Day, so I could do that later on for my own website which is pretty easy to do, then I hit finish. Those are easy, pretty much set up for Live Leap. The nice thing about Live Leap is it’s pretty inexpensive as well. One account can set it up across the board to as many pages you want. There are no video limits. The one thing I would do is make sure you have good video and good audio. I would go to the horizontal side if you’re doing Facebook Lives. It fills the screen better versus being vertical, especially with YouTube. I see some people doing this with videos on YouTube and it drives me bonkers. Unless you’re using it for Instagram TV, doing it sideways fills up better. It’s a better-looking view and it’s much more YouTube and Vimeo capable.


A lot of people are like, “Scott, how do you share? It sounds great but I didn’t see anything about YouTube?” because Live Leap’s not going to share it to YouTube because it’s Facebook app. I went out and found this app called Repurpose.io. This allows for me to share a Facebook Live video directly to my YouTube channel, where all I’ve got to do is press a couple of buttons and I can upload it directly to YouTube. I don’t have to worry about going back and forth downloading, exporting. If you ever had to download a video from Facebook, it takes freaking forever. The cool thing is when I finish up a video, I can go to Repurpose.io and see it sitting there waiting for me to share it to YouTube. No long downloads. I can pick and choose the different videos that I want to upload. If I don’t want to upload them all, that’s fine. Repurpose will recognize them on my Facebook page and then share them to YouTube.

If you do YouTube Live, you can switch around so it recognizes the YouTube videos. It will allow you to share them directly to Facebook as well. It also gives you a nice screen where you service to edit tags, description, and upload thumbnails all at one spot versus having to go back to YouTube and jump back and forth. $12 a month is all any of you need. One Facebook account to one YouTube or one YouTube to one Facebook account. It’s cheap. Unlimited uploads. You can do thousands of videos each month if you wanted to and have it all sitting there. There’s no all 30 or 10 or 100 or one a week, it’s not like that. It’s affordable. I do have an affiliate code for you if you’re interested.

I’ll show you how to use this. It’s freaking simple. If you’re doing any type of video and you’re doing Facebook Live, you might as well have a Repurpose.io account. This will save you time and energy all in one spot. What’s great is it’s connected by YouTube, so I give my Repurpose.io login to somebody who works remotely. Once my podcast production company edits things, transcribes everything, and throws it on my website, she logs in and takes a look at what the wording is or the transcript. Copy and paste that in my Repurpose and then shares that to YouTube. It’s easy and it saves a lot of time. It’s valuable.

NCS 31 | Cyber Monday Hacks

Cyber Monday Hacks: Focus on the things that you can share across the board.


It shows you some workflows. I’m going to log in. I have two different workflows, one for my podcast. I’m going to hit view videos because I want to upload it to WCN YouTube. I have another workflow for a different company that produces my videos across my smart TV channels called BINGE Networks. I upload it to there. To my Podcast Workflow, I want to do this for my WCN Facebook to my WCN YouTube account. I do it manually. I keep all the settings there and I hit view videos. It will show you all the videos that I’ve done on Facebook Live. It will go back and find all the videos that you’ve done even before you had a Repurpose account. You can go out there and search for them.

I’ll give you an example. I’ll publish the one by Doug Roberts. Before you post to YouTube, it’s better to have your keywords and your title available if you can and then also your description. The minute you upload it to YouTube, YouTube’s going to reach out and start searching for things. I like to share these things and have them set up. I draft them to Repurpose and then I go do this. I’m going to put my website there. It’s going to pull the information and share them on Facebook Live. “We’ve got special guest Doug Roberts joining us on Note CAMP 6.0.” That’s what I typed into the Facebook Live video that day. “Doug and Scott talk about the market past, present and future.”

I have all my keywords put in there. My title was what I typed in Facebook Live. I can upload a custom YouTube thumbnail so I click on browse because I’ve already got one for Doug. It will go out and publish this to YouTube. I can go on like that, and I can go on to the next ones and the next ones. It’s so much faster. It’s all there. I don’t have to worry about downloading and uploading. They’re already there ready for me to kick them into gear. This saves a ton of time, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re kicking it off to somebody in your office or a VA to log in and take care of this for you. It’s a valuable tool. Live Leap and Repurpose.io are two of the most valuable websites that we have found since I attended Podfest. It’s when I originally found those two.


We all get email addresses. I know that many of you are coming from some fashion, either you have been in the business for a while or you’re new to the real estate business. I guarantee almost everyone has a database or a shoebox full of business cards at home, especially brand-new. The big things that hurt a lot of people, especially the new Mailchimp account or some of the new email account is when you upload these old contacts. A lot of times MailChimp or somebody’s going to shut you down because you’ve got bad emails. I have to thank Laura Blunk for providing me with this one, ZeroBounce.net. This is something to check your email list to make sure that they’re still good. Make sure the emails are still available, they’re not bad. This is important especially if you start growing to add contacts. You add people to your database as you start having other email lists sent to you from friends to market to. This is a valuable tool. It improves your deliverability because it gets rid of the bad emails. If you have fewer bad emails, it allows for you to increase your open rate. It also increases your click-through rate. It decreases your spam notifications. It also allows for you, especially like your MailChimp where you’re accounted for everybody on every list. It doesn’t mean all these contacts are bad emails. You get 100 free to start off with. It’s not bad but I upload a list. I went ahead and bought 100,000 tokens, credits. I paid $345. It’s easy math. $345 divided by 100,000. I paid a third of a cent for 100,000 emails.

I’ll give you an example. I uploaded an old list of 70,000 emails. This is an older contact list. Out of those 70,000 emails, only 21,000 are valid working emails. The rest are bad, horrible. They’re not working. They check 100 million emails a day according to their website. That saved me a beaucoup of money because I’m not uploading 49,000 bad emails in my Infusionsoft account. I’m not uploading 49,000 bad contacts in my Facebook to market to. I don’t see you go like, “What are 70,000 emails, I got 500. I don’t know how to get there.” At some point, you’re going to get there especially using LinkedIn or other things to build databases or you’re buying IRA leads or doing stuff like that. Marketing in 2019 is going to be a lot different than it has been the last couple of years. If you’re not marketing, it’s not going to be worth your time to do anything. You’re going to be way behind the eight ball, way behind the curve. You need to start taking action now.

That $345 pay is totally worth the cost for me. It would cost me at least another $500 a month to add 50,000 new contacts in Infusionsoft for me. I have a big database. I don’t have any workarounds this one. You get 100 free. There is no affiliate code or anything like that. I still think it’s valuable especially for those of you who are putting your business cards that you’ve met at events in the last couple of years together into a database. Before you upload them, run them through ZeroBounce.net. It took them about 45 minutes to work through my big list of 70,000. I’ve still got ways to go with another 30,000 to upload. Once they go through and clean it, I can download the clean list then. I can export that list and then upload it. Then it would be a clean list for me to upload and market to whether it’s at Facebook or uploads a little bit into Infusionsoft.


A final hack is something that I have been using for the last couple of months and it’s helped me tremendously. You’ve all heard me talk about scheduling my time and time blocking, whether you’ve been to a virtual workshop before or you’ve listened to the podcast or things like that. I’ve worked with multiple different calendar apps in the last couple of years, Google Calendar, your Outlook calendar. I love Calendly. It makes it simple. I went ahead and decided that I’m like, “I need to sort through some things. Let me go and schedule my phone calls with investors or clients from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.” On Calendly, I set up a time for my contacts to talk to me in the afternoon. They also have a two-hour timeslot in the morning to record a podcast. I tweaked that to one-hour for my different episodes throughout the week. This is a free app. It allows you to control your schedule. It’s free. You can have multiple calendars. I have a calendar that goes for my podcast recordings. I have a separate calendar for my discussions. It will often tell me, “You’ve got a little overlap in here.” I can block out days. You see more and more professionals going to this and I totally agree.

Sean Douglas mentioned this as one of our keynote speakers at Note CAMP. If you’ve got a schedule, schedule everything. You will think about what the president or what our senators or anybody that’s well-off, what do they have? They got somebody that’s scheduling their schedule down to a 30-minute or fifteen-minute timeslot. If you want to get somewhere, you have to squeeze more out of your day or be more productive in your hours. If you need to knock out two hours in the afternoon where you don’t want to be phone called or bothered, then put it up. It links to Outlook and Google Calendars too if you’re currently using those. It connects those two well and easy. It only allows you to schedule 30 days out. I had to constantly go back in and adjust my schedule 30 days out, but that’s a good thing. This is one of the things I do every Friday it’s like, “I’m planning out. What is my calendar looking like for the next 30 days?”

It creates a separate email link, which is nice. If I want to send somebody a scheduled link for my podcast, I send the link to the podcast. They pick up the timeslot that works for them on what days work for them. If I want somebody to schedule with me some one-on-one conversation time, I’ll pick it out. You can break out whether it’s 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour. You can pick those timeslots of how long you want those sessions to be, and that keeps you on track as well. I get timeslots and blocks out there. It’s easy to use. There are a couple of things that are not the easiest with it, but for the most part, it’s the easiest calendar link I’ve been using. I was told this a while back and I’m stubborn over a year ago, but it’s one of the best apps out there. If you’ve got a full-time job, either you’re not going to be there from 8:00 to 5:00 or you needed to schedule time with your asset manager or time for people to call back. Put your schedule in there from 5:00 to 7:00 then you have a link in your email, “Schedule some time with me,” or “Here’s how to call back. Pick a time that works best for you.” That way, they’re calling you at the best time versus calling you out of the blue and you’re not prepared.

Let’s have a recap. Skrapp.io is a LinkedIn scraper. I messed around and I liked what it’s doing. LiveLeap.com, it’s pretty easy to take one video and mass share it across your other Facebook pages or groups, your LinkedIn, your Twitter account, email and SMS lists. It’s $1 for seven days. Repurpose.io is $12 a month. Share your Facebook directly YouTube. Go into Repurpose and you’re able to edit it all in one spot. No long download times or upload times. It’s all there for you. I also said ZeroBounce.net. It’s a valuable email checking service to make sure it’s a valid email. Make sure you’ve got clean deliverability to your database. It helps you remove any bad emails and saves you money. Calendly.com helps you schedule your time. I’m a huge advocate of doing these things out here. If you add these to your database, it can handle what you’re doing. It will save you some time. It will save you a lot of headaches and it will make you a lot more productive. We talked about saving time, saving money and being more productive. All those websites I gave you will help you do that dramatically.

NCS 31 | Cyber Monday Hacks

Cyber Monday Hacks: If you’re not marketing now, then you’re going to be way behind the eight ball.


If you can do me a huge favor, if you’re enjoying Note Night in America, please leave a review either on Note Night In America or if you listen to The Note Closers Show podcast. I would love it if you leave me a review on Apple or Stitcher or wherever you listen to the show. You’ve helped me hit over 100, let’s see if we can hit 150 before 2018 is out. We are on the cusp of hitting 200,000 downloads, should be in the next couple of days. We’re already across the platform. We’re beyond 200,000 downloads between The Note Closers Show and Note Night In America. We’ve got another 18,000, 19,000 downloads on Note CAMP as well. Amazing over 200,000 downloads in our first year and a half.

We have a question, “How does this hour go by quickly?” It goes by quickly because I give good stuff. I give you some pretty good content, actual items, things for you to take advantage of whether it’s a discount or a little cheap discount or a trial period. I’m here to try and deliver great content to you. We have done a lot of these episodes. I track my numbers. I’m religious about tracking my numbers on things. Let me share something with you if you are interested. I track everything so you saw the power of cross-referencing things.

I always track who registered, registration numbers. I’ve been tracking our Note Night In America webinar since April of 2016. I’ve been doing webinars since 2011 but I got tracking over a couple of years ago. All these Note Night In Americas, the webinars, stuff like that. Looking at the Note Night In America for the most part, the number of registrants, we’ve had 7,056 registrants. We had 4,123 attendees. That’s in 2018 alone. In 2017 we had 11,058 registrants. We had 5,484 attendees. We’re a little down but we’re up quite a bit across the board. We had 3,803 views on Facebook Live in 2017. We have over that on Facebook Live. Some of you are enjoying Facebook Live in 2018. That’s making up for the little bit down. It’s a total 8,538. We look at the numbers from one week later, over 11,000. Combined together, it’s under 15,000. We’re probably closer to 16,000 since George Antone and Brecht Palombo. I keep track of that.

I like to track my numbers to see if the numbers are up or the numbers are down. I look at the number of video views across the board. I have Vimeo on one channel. Each month I get the total Vimeo views. I have all the YouTube views as well and the combined number, and then the average across the board. I then also run numbers for the podcast numbers. I keep track of my numbers. You want to know if you’re up or you’re down. We’re going to be down November 2018 because it’s been chaotic with Note CAMP, but we’re going to be over November 2017. We only had 9,084. We’re well-beyond that. We’re at 12,000 or 13,000. We’re still year-over-year.

I track my numbers. I live by my numbers. It’s KPIs, key performance indicators that I talk about all the time. The fact is that when I can share something, take one video and share it across multiple videos. It boosts my attendance. It boosts my videos. It boosts the people seeing my stuff. That’s what I want for you. What I’m giving you is not rocket science. It may seem like that if you’ve never done the marketing that I’m talking about doing. It’s there for you to use. If I got a great tip given to me by somebody, why not share it? That is all that I’ve got for this episode. Thank you so much for attending. Take care.

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