EP NNA 61 – Domino Investing: The Chain Of Events In The Note Market And Where Opportunities Lie

NNA 61 | Note Market Opportunities

  A lot of changes are taking place across the country. Sparked by the fall of one domino, the COVID-19 pandemic, we see the moving parts in our society slowly toppling one over the other. Where are we now in the chain of events? Where is it going? What will it look like ahead? In this episode, Scott Carson answers these questions, particularly in the note investing space. He discusses where the dominos are falling … Read More

EP 593 -The Note Force: How Investing In Notes Beats Other Real Estate Investment Strategies

NCS 593 | Note Force

  There is no denying how Star Wars changed the world. Be it in film, business, or other parts of our lives, its lessons continue to penetrate and become that guiding star. In celebration of May fourth, Scott Carson takes Star Wars to note investing, talking about the note force and everything great that comes from this space. He discusses the different ways that investing in notes beats REO and fix and flipping investing while … Read More

EP 592 – Setting Goals And The New Moneyball

  Things are going to change a lot once we come out of this chaos, opening up a lot of opportunities for those willing to seize them. Better things are sure to come. We need to be able to set our goals when things get back to some semblance of normality. Using an arsenal of baseball analogies, Scott Carson discusses what we can expect in the second half of 2020, as far as solid and … Read More

EP NNA 58 – Ten Things You Should Do As A Note Investor

  As an investor, how can you protect yourself and your business? Arming yourself with some key strategies that can help your business thrive despite these chaotic economic times is key. In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down the ten steps every investor should be doing to help protect themselves and their real estate and note investment business. These steps can help you get through the next 60 to 90 days. He also explains the … Read More

EP 540 – Ten Ways To Find Notes In 2020

NCS 540 | Sources For Notes

  A lot has changed in the note business over the past decade. In this episode, Scott Carson gives a bit of an overview of the how the note business thrived in the past few years. He goes on to explain what has changed in recent times. Scott also lists down ten sources for a note business in time for the upcoming year. If you are new to the note business and have no idea … Read More

EP 531 – Where Is The Work Ethic In The Note Investing Industry These Days?

NCS 531 | Note Investing Work Ethic

  Good people are hard to find. In the real estate investing world, that task has increasingly become harder. Host, Scott Carson, asks in this episode, “Where’s the work ethic these days?” He taps into the increasing problem of entrepreneurs and people in the real estate space signing up for things but never taking action. Investing in something takes the work ethic to really see it through. With that, Scott shares to you two important … Read More

EP 521 – The 500 Club With Thom Singer

NCS 521 | 500 Podcast Episodes

  Reaching 500 and more podcast episodes is a milestone worth celebrating. In this dual episode, Scott Carson talks with fellow podcaster and public speaker, Thom Singer from the podcast Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do. Thom is an advisor to executives, a speaker, and content creator. He happily chats with Scott about both hitting the 500-episode mark and what they’ve learned from their journey to the top .01% of podcasters. Learn from Scott and Thom as … Read More

EP 527 – Halloween Episode: Scary Note Deals

NCS 527 | Scary Note Deals

  It’s Halloween, time for those scary stories to resurface. In this episode, Scott Carson shares some of the scariest and grossest notes and real estate deals that he has experienced in his fifteen years as a note and real estate investor. Some of these deals will send shivers down your spine and even make you think twice about being involved in real estate. Learning lessons from each experience, Scott proves that often, the most … Read More

EP 500 – The 500th Episode with Stephanie Goodman

NCS 500 | We Close Notes

  Any podcast reaching 500 episodes is the real deal. Scott Carson brings on Stephanie Goodman, the Vice President of Operations for WeCloseNotes.com, to discuss the 500th episode. Scott and Stephanie reminisce their wonderful experiences on the different podcasts that led to this 500th episode. Leadership and management are some of the most common topics, as well starting a note business and how to grow in the notes industry. As they enumerate the top ten … Read More

EP 499 – The Quest Expo with Haley Gant

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo

  Scott Carson talks with Haley Gant, an IRA specialist from the Quest Trust Company, about the upcoming Quest Expo. Haley teaches investors how to use their IRA or 401(k) to invest into real estate and private assets such as real estate, notes, apartments, and lots of different options. In this episode, she outlines the different events at the expo, as well the keynote speakers and the topics that they are going to be speaking … Read More

EP 486 – Mistakes New Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Make with Aaron Young

NCS 486 | Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  Note investing is attracting new investors every day with it becoming a more established niche in the real estate industry. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about some of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs when launching their business and how to overcome those mistakes. Some new investors get interested in the note space and consider leaving their high-paying job, but they treat it as a hobby, not a … Read More

EP 484 – Risky Investing with Chris Naugle

NCS 484 | Risky Investing

  Investing is always risky, which is why you must be equipped with the right knowledge before making any investment in any financial market. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with real estate investor and TV personality Chris Naugle from Risky Builders about the current market, fixing and flipping, and raising private capital. He also shares his method to maximizing profits and avoiding mistakes as an investor. Take Chris’ advice so you can make your … Read More