EP NNA 113 – Your Financial Independence Number – It’s Closer Than You Think

NNA 113 | Financial Independence Number

  If you want to leave your job, replace your spouse’s income, or retire, having a game plan is critical. So what does your financial independence number need to be? Today, Scott Carson breaks down the 25X theory for retirement and how you can reverse engineer the monthly income needed for retirement by focusing on buying one note a month for 24-33 months to achieve $150K a year on autopilot. — Watch the episode here … Read More

EP 700 – Lead Sourcing – 3 Ways To Find Note Buyers & Sellers

NCS 700 | Note Buyers And Sellers

  If somebody has bought one note, very rarely are they only going to buy one. This is why finding past and present note buyers and sellers can really help you land more deals. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson shares three different ways to find past and present note buyers and sellers. He also shares how he and his coaching students are leveraging county records, past note lists, LinkedIn, and … Read More

EP NNA 111 – Note Due Diligence And Its Five Phases

NNA 111 | Note Due Diligence

    How do you perform due diligence? In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson discusses the due diligence process of being a note investor. Scott shares his pre-bid and post-bid acceptance strategy for completing his five phases of due diligence on the property, borrower, and note. He explains how this strategy ensures that you have a note that you can either get back on track to paying, foreclose on legally, or … Read More

EP NNA 108 – How To Raise Money Like Wall Street Does With Joel Block

NNA 108 | Fundraising

  Fundraising is definitely one of the biggest things any aspiring note investor has yo think about. Scott Carson talks with Joel Block from Bullseye Capital about raising funds like Wall Street does. They discuss when and why you want to create a fund to maximize opportunities. Joel shares the difference between syndications and funds and why you need someone who has operated funds to help you create the documents and understand the legal side … Read More

EP NNA 107 – How Note Investors Handle Property Insurance And Forced Placed Insurance With Beth Boisseau-Coots

NNA 107 | Property Insurance

  Property insurance widely refers to multitude of policies or rules that can offer either protection of one’s property or liability coverage. On the other hand, force-placed property is a lender placed type kind of collateral protection insurance policy placed a lender which could be a bank or loans provider when a home owner’s property insurance is ever cancelled or even insufficient. In this episode of Note Night in America, host Scott Carson talks with … Read More

EP NNA 104 – How To Get to 6 Figures This 2022 Through Bank Notes

NNA 104 | Bank Notes

  How can you make 100K a year with bank notes? In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down the numbers behind making $100,000 a year in income as a note investor. He discusses how many deals you need to do to first cover your monthly expenses and why performing notes can be a great way to automate your investing process. He also breaks down why investors would fund your deals … Read More

EP 689 – Three Things That Real Estate Investors Must Do in 2022

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

  What should you be doing to boost your real estate investing this 2022? Scott Carson has the answers for you. In this episode, Scott lists down the top three things all real estate investors need to be focusing on to find and fund more deals this year. He discusses the need to Market More, Follow-Up, and Embrace Video to set you apart from other investors. It’s never too late to start upping your game. … Read More

EP NNA 99 – SMART Goals For 2022: Planning Your Year Right

NNA 99 | SMART Goals

  What’s the first step you need to do to ensure you are closer to the things you want? A simple yet effective way of planning for your goals is a must, and that is by making sure that they are SMART. In this episode, Scott Carson helps you plan your year right! SMART is an acronym of simple guidelines that helps you prepare for your future. How can you incorporate these into what you … Read More

EP 672 – The Three Things Every Real Estate Investor Should Do To Market Their Business

NCS 672 | Getting Started

  These days, there is an overwhelming amount of media and information that may confuse a lot of new investors just getting started. In this episode, Scott Carson makes it easy for you as he breaks down just three key things you should be doing as a real estate investor just starting out. It’s all about how you market. Get the tips and tools you need to grow your network and your portfolio by tuning … Read More

EP NNA 86 – What You Need To Keep In Mind If You Want To Close Your First Note Deal Successfully

NNA 86 | First Note Deal

  Closing your first note deal can be scary and nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared and you know what you’re doing. Scott Carson gives a rundown on his very first experience of closing a note deal and wants to inspire everybody else that they can do the same, even better. He shares that it helps to be highly motivated, and when you find a deal, you have to work through … Read More

EP NNA 85 – Understanding The 3-Step Strategy When Investing In Wholesale Notes With Scott Carson

NNA 85 | Wholesale Notes

  What do you need to know about note investing for 2021? Scott Carson shares his insights and some very important things everyone needs to know about wholesaling notes in the current market. He highlights the importance of following his three-step approach which he believes is the key to a successful investment. Scott says that while having a network and a list of deals should be prioritized, protecting your relationships with sellers and buyers is … Read More

EP 650 – It’s Never Too Late To Be A Note Investor With Patrick Franz

NCS 650 | Note Investing

  Have you ever been stuck in your career and wondered if you could just jump ship to another one? Especially if that career is all about real estate and notes investing. Well, you can! But the road won’t be an easy one. It takes a lot of discipline and passion for making it through. To go with you on your journey is Patrick Franz. Patrick is an entrepreneur and note investor. He turned all his … Read More