EP NNA 40 – Leveraging LinkedIn For Your Note Business

NNA 40 | Leveraging LinkedIn

NNA 40 | Leveraging LinkedIn


How do you leverage LinkedIn for your note business? In today’s time, people always opt for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to build authority and create their influence. Truth be told, most CEOs spend their time on LinkedIn. In this episode, Scott breaks down some of the effective ways to use LinkedIn in your note and real estate business. LinkedIn is underrated but discover the advantages of posting content on it. On top of that, learn why videos are one of the best ways to drive traffic.

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Leveraging LinkedIn For Your Note Business

We’re talking about leveraging LinkedIn and it’s a teeter-totter. Some of you have been extremely excited about leveraging LinkedIn and growing your audience but when something happened, you stopped doing it. I’m a big believer that LinkedIn has had one of the most powerful impacts, not just on my note business, on the education business and on my podcast but all across the place. I see it by some of the things that we’ve implemented and then also immediate results on some other things. The question I like to ask people first and foremost is how are you using LinkedIn? Most of our audience in Note Nation, you’re using to contact special asset managers. If you’re not, there are 360,000 special asset managers. We typed that into the search engine. If you type in secondary marketing managers, there are almost 1.4 million. There are a lot of people that have secondary marketing on their titles. A lot of people have been through the secondary marketing side. It’s a whole lot more people than there are banks and lending institutions, but still a lot of opportunities. I’ve used LinkedIn to connect with other real estate investors. We type in real estate investor. It pulls up 310,000 real estate investors. It’s a lot of people. It’s people all across the world.

I should have narrowed it down by America. I type in connecting with another note investor or I type in note investor, it pulls up 240,000 note investors. That’s a lot of people out there. The question I want to ask you too is are you marketing on LinkedIn regularly? I don’t mean by going on and targeting special asset managers. That’s a different story. I’m talking about posting something. Posting a blog, posting a video, doing some posting on a daily, weekly, monthly or never basis. I’m going to share results. 8% of you never market monthly, maybe half of you roughly. Weekly is about 15% and only one of you market on LinkedIn daily. I do daily. We do several times daily for the most part. Here are some of the things why most of you aren’t doing this on a basis. Let’s go through some of the numbers. I want you to see some numbers out. 54% of response that came out the article of a bigger thing I came across this survey have less than 500 connections. If you have more than 500 connections, you’re at the top half of LinkedIn because a lot of people have less than 500 connections.

27% of those that were surveyed had 500 to 1,000. 12% have between 1,000 and 2,000. 3% have between 2,000 and 3,000. 4% have 3,000-plus connections. That number is not for the total aspect of things out there. My friend, Marcus Murphy, who actually works for DigitalMarketer is on the LinkedIn development board. I’ve had a chance to visit with them and enjoyed some of the things that he shared at Traffic & Conversion Summit. He’s a phenomenal guy. I highly recommend to go follow him. That’s based on one short survey they ran out there. The numbers are a little bit different here. I want to share some different numbers of people and I found this great survey they did of different social media platforms, especially where the adults are spending time.

This one is the percent of adults who say they use Facebook. 62% of adult men use Facebook, 24% of women. You can see the age group. 81% of 18 to 30-year-olds, which isn’t our classification we’re looking for is on Facebook. They’re 30 to 50, 50 to 64 and then 65-plus. You can see the location. 25% are urban, 67% are suburban and 5.8% of rural. You can see the highest is varied and the income levels are increased on there. That’s the percent of US adults who use it. If you figure it out, it’s an average of 68% of men and women adults are using Facebook. Here’s the one that uses Instagram. The numbers are going to be a lot smaller. 30% of adult men are using it, 39% adult women. You can see it’s a much higher ratio on the low-end. What I mean by the low end I’m saying 64% or below of those below 30 are using this. It’s a little bit lower on the college side because it was such a younger group therefore the income levels are down a little bit too. Let’s talk about Twitter. Roughly 24% of adults are using Twitter. The beautiful thing on this is when you’re on Twitter, we found out is a big chunk of them are highly educated, making good chunks of money too.

Pinterest weighs almost 41% for women. Only 60% of adult men are using that. It’s much more even amount across the age demographics. It’s a little higher on the college side of things in the income, but the LinkedIn side are at 25% of adults out there. Those that are using it that they find out are college educated and making quite a bit of chunk of money. 45% of that group is making $75,000 or more. It’s a highly targeted higher income earning aspect of it. A lot of it is urban and suburban stuff. The age group is from 30 to 50 and 50 to 64. That comprises a lot there of highly-educated people. I think a lot of us are marketing in places that aren’t making sense for us and I only say that pointing the finger back at me. We do a lot on Facebook. We do a lot on Instagram, but we spent a lot of time on LinkedIn more than most people do because we’re posting daily. Sometimes multiple times daily there and we see a lot of things.

On YouTube, this surprised me on these numbers. 75% of adult men, 2% of adult women are on there. It’ a large percentage. You see 91% is under 30 crowd, 85% of the under the 30 to 50 crowd and then 68% of the 50 to 64 crowd. There’s a higher ratio of the percentage that using YouTube, which is why I harp on using YouTube on a bit is because 85% of those that are on there has some college education and they’re making a lot of money. It’s a big audience of a lot of people and why is this compared to LinkedIn? If you’re creating and you shoot your video, YouTube is a great spot. It’s the second largest search engine behind Google. Number two, it’s the most visited website in the world and also in the United States. LinkedIn is at number 27 across the world because it is primarily an American thing bought by Microsoft. It does have international, but the United States is the biggest thing. There are some cool things I’ve learned that you can use on LinkedIn to leverage whether you’re at home or out in an event. This whole Find Nearby feature where you can connect with other people at an event.

I don’t think a lot of you are using LinkedIn groups on an effective basis. There are some very big LinkedIn groups that you can share and post to 500,000 people. While you may not be able to always connect with people because you’re too far separated and connections on LinkedIn. If you’re part of the same group, you can connect with anybody in that group because you’re connected. That’s a huge feature that I think a lot of people aren’t using. Direct messaging, many of you have used this for the special asset managers or secondary marketing. What do you have on your books? What we have started doing is adding a little short video to mention our direct messages and it’s increased engagement across the board. Everybody was all upset after Thanksgiving when LinkedIn eliminated the feature for you to export your contacts.

NNA 40 | Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn: If you have more than 500 connections, you’re part of the top half of LinkedIn.


The beautiful thing is I think you need to switch differently. Many of you probably are like, “I’m going to stop doing it.” You can use things like Scrap.io. There are a few data scrubbing things that you can use that’s not the most effective. I want you to start considering instead of exporting connections, importing connections to LinkedIn. Making LinkedIn a place for you to explode your business by adding the different lists, the different networks and the different things that you’re a part of. Whether it be your business card file folder or it’s a list from Note CAMP or a Virtual Note Buying Workshop. Lists of asset managers you’ve downloaded from bank contacts or you’ve got the list of IRA investor emails that you’ve purchased or even uploading your opt-ins from your website. This is a smart thing to do.

Finding Nearby People And Importing Contacts

Let’s talk about finding people nearby you. Hopefully, you’ve all got the LinkedIn app on your phone. I don’t know how effectively it’s going to work with us all spread across the country but I want you to pull out your LinkedIn and click on the LinkedIn app. I want you to go down when you’re on your homepage. You’ll see the little network thing at the bottom of your LinkedIn app. I want you to click on that. That’s going to take you to the next page. What I want you to do next is hit Find Nearby. It’s going to go out and try to find nearby members for you.

What was cool is when we’re in the Traffic & Conversion Summit and Marcus did this from the front of the stage and I was able to add almost 100 new people directly who were there. It may not work because we’re spread all across the country. If you’re reading this, you may want to go back and sign up for the WCN membership at $97 a month to have access to this stuff. Some of you may start seeing people pop up that are nearby. That only works when the people are in there. One of the great things that we’re going to do is using this to leverage when we’re at an event. Go to your LinkedIn, connect with me on LinkedIn by doing this. Pull up your LinkedIn profile and literally showing people how to do this and they connect with it.

If you use this it’s a great way to find a thing but I thought that was pretty cool to do this and it was something that I had been messing around a little bit. Finding Nearby can only discover when you were on this page. Hopefully, you can go back and set this up on a regular basis with you to do this. If you’re speaking from an audience or you’re out networking, you might want to do this and Find Nearby and then you can connect with them. One of the things that most of you should be doing is doing the opposite of what you were doing prior to Thanksgiving 2018. By this, I mean importing contacts. Some things to keep in mind with LinkedIn. You can have up to 30,000 connections. You can have more than that. What happens when you hit the 30,000 connections? You can’t accept new invitations. If you hit 30,000 connections and somebody wanted to connect with you and they sent you an invite, you would not be able to accept those anymore. You would only then be able to invite others to connect with you.

The beauty of this is the top ten people out there on LinkedIn have 36,000 connections. You’ve got to hit 36,000 roughly being the top ten based on an article I read and I’m not quite there yet. I’ve got ways to go, but I’m a big believer when I look at what my business page has done on Facebook with 33,000 connections and the travel you get off of that, it’s an opportunity. The number one guy has over 50,000 plus connections. He’s probably closer to 50,000 or 60,000. The thing is if you think about this, those are connections and if they’re on LinkedIn, they’re highly-educated, interesting in what they say. The American Marketing Association did a survey of CEOs to find out where they’re spending their time at. Overwhelmingly, many of them are spending their time on LinkedIn and Twitter. They are not spending time on Facebook. The beautiful thing is that if you have a LinkedIn profile, a free account, you don’t need the paid account or a business account, you can import up to 10,000 emails at a time.

Maybe you don’t have 10,000 connections. Maybe you don’t have a 10,000-person database, but many of you have gone through different workshops, different seminars. You’ve got a box of business cards. I wouldn’t necessarily take the business card contacts and upload that to MailChimp because it’s probably going to kill it because of the fact of how old those contacts are, but you can’t take that list and import it to LinkedIn to still see if you can connect with those people. They’re still using an old email without killing your LinkedIn accounts. It’s not the same thing. It’s like uploading an old list of MailChimp or Infusionsoft and they’ll spam it. Why is this important? Why am I getting into this? Why am I trying to harp on this to help you leverage LinkedIn for it?

I’m a big believer especially with some of the cool things that are coming down the path and some of the changes to everything. It’s important to do this. Some of you have already made changes to some of the things that we’re doing. We’ve moved Note CAMP to once a year versus twice a year. We’re doing maybe two Virtual Workshops. We’re still going to have our free Mastermind, but one is going to be right around the Quest Trust Expo. The other one would be in December. I’m speaking less on the road because I’m using these online tools to build our audience. If I look back in the last eighteen months, I’ve grown by the LinkedIn audience from 6,000 connections to 15,000 connections and it’s been very valuable.

NNA 40 | Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn: 80% of sales are made on the fifth contact.


Live Video Feature In 2020

People are opting in, people wanting to pledge capital and asset managers are sending us one-off deals. It is important is that we are connecting with the decision makers of these companies. I’m avoiding the drama of Facebook. I don’t know about you but I’m so sick and tired of the negativity of Facebook. I don’t even go onto my personal page on a regular basis. We post there regularly, but I love the fact that LinkedIn is drama-free for the most part. One big thing that you need to know is that LinkedIn will be adding a live video feature in 2020. It’s probably just going to be for your business pages is what they told me. That’s what Marcus has said. I would expect them to roll it over to the personal counsel but the funny thing is that there are less than 300 people are posting a video on LinkedIn on a regular basis. It’s like a fifteen-minute upload to it, which is fine. Maybe you need to take your videos and cut them up, slice and dice them up a little bit. Who knows? We see a lot of great feedback on LinkedIn. The thing you’ve got to keep in mind, if people have a LinkedIn profile, it’s usually a better fit for a note and real estate investing or higher educated. They’re making more money, but they have less time and it allows for you especially to build your online resume and build rapport.

Post Deals, Case Studies, And Short Videos About Your Deals

A lot of times people look through this and that’s what the asset managers are looking at too. They’re going to go directly to your LinkedIn profile to look at things. What should you be posting to LinkedIn a regular basis? I would be posting deals, case studies or short videos about your deals you do. If you have a podcast or you’re doing video nuggets, share that to LinkedIn because it’s important to get it out there. Dan Deppen, we were talking on his Loan Tales interview. The 30-plus deals that you’ve done or the 37, I would be creating short little videos out there of each one and we’ll throw that on LinkedIn. It’s because the people’s attention span on Facebook is small compared to those that are spending time on LinkedIn. I’m going to take care of you. You know that I care about what you do because I want you to have success but there’s plenty of success out there. There are 300 some million people on LinkedIn and you have so many capabilities out here. We’re seeing so much stuff happen that I believe that if you start using video on LinkedIn, it’s going to lead to some good stuff for you.

The Demographics

Many of you have a YouTube account. You’re going out, “Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I need 100 people who subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can now customize it and make it Stonegate Capital, make it We Close Notes or make it Gail the Note Gal.” Instead of you trying to get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, if you import them and they connect with you, they’re your subscribers already. Instead of you dealing with a maximum of 5,000 Facebook friends and you got to follow people, or you start a business page. You can add up to 30,000 connections on LinkedIn. Expand your friends, expand your audience. Instagram followers. That’s the hardest thing for us because it’s the least effective use of our marketing. That’s fine. I love 2,000, 3,000 people if I go live and a few people that connect with me where we did the quick Instagram Live story.

I would rather have highly educated people. Not that you weren’t highly educated. I’m saying that the demographic for Instagram is a lot less than what we’re focused on. I see a lot of real estate investors out there and I see people posting and doing all the stuff. If it’s the wrong demographic, you might as well just be shouting into the wind for those who aren’t going to hear from you. The same thing I like to do, maybe you’re collecting people opt-ins. One of the most valuable things you can do is then connect with them on another social media platform to start contacting. 80% of sales are made on the fifth contact. If you can speed this up a little bit, when people are opting in your website or meeting you at an event or connected with you in some fashion, it’s going to speed the raising the capital, closing the deals, finding the assets. They will become your audience that you can market to. I will help you find deals if you’re dealing with an asset manager or a note investor. I will help you raise capital talking about what you’re doing. If you’re looking to sell assets, I will help you sell assets more effectively. All those things work in your favor without having to pay for Facebook ads, without having to do an Instagram boost.

If you can take your contacts and upload them in, it will help you explode your audience out there. What I wanted to do is share a couple of things with you and walk you through this a little bit. If you go to my website, WeCloseNotes.com. People click on Buy Notes, do a Virtual Class or a Mastermind. If you will click on buy notes aspect of it, we’ve had a few people because we’re getting 9,000 unique visitors to our website a month. They fill this out, email, first name, last name, cell phone and top three states. I do this because they’re looking to buy notes and want to know more information. Most of you, all you need is the email, first name, last name and cell phone number. The beautiful thing is if you got a first name and email address, you could still connect with a lot of people out there. What I did is I have gone out here and I pulled that list, export it from Infusionsoft. I removed everything else except the emails. On one list alone, we have had 1,619 opt-ins to the website because we market a lot. I saved this as a CSV file.

The beautiful thing here is to click on who’s viewed your profile. 675 people have viewed my profile in the past 90 days. That’s down 53%. You can see who has viewed your profile. If you’re reaching out to asset managers, I think it makes sense to go back and look to see who’s viewed your profile, Keith Fletcher, Lucille Investments, Lead Magnet Guru. Brian Williams reached out to me. He’s a mortgage broker and real estate investor. Scott Smith, Chris Bowles, Sherrie Shan and Matthew Johnson. Some of these people are brand new. Peter Kotzbach is a friend of mine, a fellow podcaster. Jasmine Owens look at my profile. This is a cool thing you can see and if you’re connected with them, connect with them or send a message. This one, Daniel Crotzer, Energy Storage Consultant. There are asset managers checking it out. You can go ahead and connect with them. I’m going to click on my network and you can see over the left-hand side, I’ve got 1,500 and 656 connections or different groups I’m a part of, eleven companies. Things that I follow and the hashtags are 70. What it says on your contact, the import is ready, what you want to do is hit continue. It’s going to take you over to your network.

I’m going to look at either my Gmail and continue or if you connect your Outlook account and see your email to go out and find somebody there, which is pretty valuable for many of you that are emailing asset managers. You can send this upload a file and go over here and I’m going to type in the NFL, WCN opt-ins. There’s going to be a CSV file or a TXT file. I’m going to hit open and I’m going to hit upload and it’s going to work its magic. It’s going to take those email lists of 1,678 and go out and see if they have a LinkedIn profile of those emails. I don’t know why I didn’t think about this. It says that additives as we found 2,323 people you know on LinkedIn. It’s the people you’d like to connect with. The maximum it will allow you to try to connect with at a time is 2,500. It’s around 1,600, so I had some leftover from the list I uploaded messing around with this but it asked me to connect. Upload a list of emails I got from going to my New Media Summit, Dr. Gail Carson, Kim Sutton and Michael Levitt or friends of mine from that that I didn’t know they were connected to. Joel Yates, Dallas Investor, banks or some mortgage bankers.

NNA 40 | Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn: The thing to keep in mind is looking at where your connections are.


I’ll click on add connections. It then takes me to the second part of this. It says LinkedIn connection means you’ve never lost touch. By your contacts, these are all old emails that people aren’t using anymore. I’m going to hit skip this part and it says you’ve invited 2,323 people to connect with you. I’ve got 15,000 connections. It’s going to take a while because not everybody’s on LinkedIn every day. A lot around on Facebook. When those that are on LinkedIn, when they log in, they see posts from us. They see us building a rapport. I’m a big believer that I’ve got 15,000 people that if I post something to or send out to, they’re going to see my stuff. “Scott Carson’s going live,” because I have Live.ly connected to this when I do a live stream video for the podcast. There’s a great way to expand your audience but have them there.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s important to have a YouTube account and ask people to follow you on there. The thing is the biggest website everybody goes to, you want to try to filter it down a little bit. That’s a bottleneck but your deal filter, your funding filter, your raising capital filter, whatever it may be, you want to start implementing these things so that when the video does hit, you start using that. Otherwise, you’re still building an audience. This is one of the most valuable things that you can do to get that rare air. If you’ve only got less than 500 connections, you’re not going to be able to add too many people. Think about this. One of the things that I did and I uploaded 2,000 IRA investors and about 1,100 of them connected with me. We are able to provide those. If you have IRA investors in any county uploading your IRA investor lists audience there and then you’ve got people that are able to connect with you. I’m going to hit, I’m done and I could go back and add other lists, people from Note CAMP or people from WCN Crew. I could upload so many things on here to help feed into my database. I’m at 15,600. I want to hit 20,000 relatively soon. I said if I hit 30,000, there are a couple of things but having that audience is so valuable for all of you because we’re all looking to get our word out.

I don’t believe the things you connect with me all start having connections. I’m a big believer that you have to start doing these things to separate yourself especially when everything hits the fan. I am positioning myself so that I don’t have to travel that much anymore. I’ve traveled quite a bit but I’m positioning ourselves that everything is going to be on the line. If I want to move to Hawaii, I want to move to the Bahamas or move to Puerto Rico or Europe. I saw the connections and the people out there to reach out to you if I use my time wisely. Some of you are still working full-time and juggling your note business and your real estate business, but you’re still doing a lot of things out there that are old. If you want to boost some results, go on and import your contacts. Go on to your Buffers and Hootsuites and start sharing your stuff to LinkedIn.

It doesn’t take that much to share it to LinkedIn to drive some things. Start leveraging when you go to events, “Who’s nearby? Let’s see if we can’t connect with you and go from there.” When you upload the list, you want it to email. That’s different from Facebook. Facebook allows you to do custom audience as well where you have to let the emails or the cell phone numbers. All you’re going to be able to do here with LinkedIn is upload an email. If you’ve got a large list of all connections or old business cards in shoe boxes, we all have one of those. Take the time, put them in an Excel. Take the emails and upload them in Excel. They’ll do all the rest of the work that connected because they’ve got their first name, last name, email for you and it’s a way to distribute them.

Uploading Videos On LinkedIn

If they’re not going to be on, they’re not going to be on there. I’m a very big fan of LinkedIn for us in the note and the real estate industry. People type in there, I’ll find 100,000 people. I’m going to connect with people. I know a lot of people aren’t connecting with stuff, but that’s okay because those that do, it’s much more desirable than making 100 phone calls. It’s easier for me to reach out to asset managers instead of dialing for dollars. I can do these all the time. I can hire a VA to do those things for me to make things happen. Here’s the thing that I wanted to share with you, one of the things that we’re doing. We’re leveraging the power of video when we send a direct message. I’ve been doing this with a podcast for a little bit. We’re starting to do some stuff with the asset manager stuff too.

We have a question, “Scott, tell me about adding phone numbers again to their contact downloads.” I don’t think we’ve ever gotten phones downloaded via LinkedIn before. It’s always been first name, last name, email, company and the job title. Those were the five things that were downloaded. You’ll still get four of those downloaded, but you won’t get the emails anymore. Messaging, I had my assistant going on here and they send it. I said, “Look for people to have a podcast of some business.” I had her copy paste this, “Jason, I see you running some of the crowds and thought we would connect. I’m listening to your podcasts lately as well. It’s a great show and I left a review. Mostly good guests on your podcast and I put a short video here.” I want to share you something on here. This is important. I think you will love this. If I go to my Vimeo account, it’s where that video is housed. It’s not on YouTube. I go to my videos. I have sent that out I don’t know how many times. I shared my videos to YouTube and Vimeo just in case one gets shut down I don’t lose everything

My pitch video has been viewed in a few months a whopping 124 times. That’s not a lot you may think but what’s valuable is that 80 of those people have reached out and responded to me and said, “We’d love to have you as a guest. We’d love to work with you.” I’m still in the early stages with doing this for the asset managers, but I still believe you’re going to have some good stuff with the asset managers if you are doing very similar, “My name’s Frank Fiore. I’m originally from Boston based on my accent, but I live in South Florida, but an active note and real estate investor for a few years. I’m buying distressed assets from my own portfolio. I would love to see what you have on your books available.” Using that little video and posting that in the LinkedIn connections will drive you a lot of traffic to you. It will drive people a little bit extra that people will be able to watch and learn a little more about you and then connect with you. I think that’s a phenomenal thing to do. We’re still in the early phases of that. I have a VA doing a little bit of that stuff there as well. I won’t show you my pitch video for that, but it’s very similar. “I’ve been doing this for years. Here’s what I’m focused on. I’d love to talk to you. Here’s what we’re looking for. Give me a phone call.” Something very simple for you to take a look at.

NNA 40 | Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn: In LinkedIn, the people you have connected with has led to people that are looking at your profile and wanting to connect with you.


I think that’s a great thing that I don’t think anybody else is doing this industry. Nobody in the industry will tell you how to do it except me and that’s what I think is a lot of value. If you can implement little things like that. Think about this, you upload a fifteen-minute video to LinkedIn. You’re going to see a lot of great stuff out there. The way I want to look at this is if you could go back in time to when Thomas Jefferson bought from Napoleon Hill the Louisiana Purchase. The people were coming to Oklahoma for the Boomer Sooners or going out to California for the gold rush. Think of all the people, the 49ers. This is that wave I believe is going to happen if you use this stuff religiously. Nobody’s doing some of the things that you can be doing out there. If they are, they’re having tremendous success but nobody is teaching this stuff. I wanted to pass this on to you because I believe in the power of it no matter what you’re doing. Maybe you’re not a real estate investor.

There’s so much value to this if you leverage this right and connect with people and grow your audience, “Connect with me on Instagram or connect with me on Twitter or follow me on my YouTube channel.” The thing to keep in mind is looking at where your connections are. Take the time, pull up your phone and take a look at it. You’re at 500 or fewer connections or less than 1,000. Our friend, Paul Cooper, has leveraged this quite well being a note investor and he’s using this to build the real estate that he’s building. Grabbing this LinkedIn land grab, so that when he does go full-time when he leaves his job as a traffic controller, he’s got some opportunities there to be able to read stuff. That’s the same thing. Everybody out there uses this to market yourself whether it’s locally, whether it’s in a temple or to connect with people. This is one of the easiest ways to have people connect with it. You don’t have to worry about the fake spammers on Facebook or the fake girls or the fake guys. Who knows that may have happened at some point in LinkedIn, but why would you not want to do this? It is a professional network. You are dealing with a class above than most people on Facebook.

I get so sick of the things on Facebook. It doesn’t make sense. We use it royally. I spent a lot of time on my business page, but I had to take my personal page from Facebook originally, convert it to a business page because it got me on that 5,000. The number of a business page is 33,000-plus on there. It follows, doing a lot of work. This is an easy way for you to grow your audience a lot faster than I have over the years. This is how you can go from 0 to 60 quick. The things that I would be doing is taking any business card contacts you have and put in a spreadsheet. Put the email in there as CSV, Comma-Separated Value and upload that and then go out and find them. If you’ve gone to any of our workshops and gotten a contact list from any of our workshops, I will go on there as well. If you have gone out and bought names for your specific genre or a workshop or IRA leads that you’re doing, I would import those. You can upload a maximum of 10,000 connections. I wouldn’t upload them all like that at a time because it’s going to take some while especially for you that have new audiences where you’re only limited. You’d be able to connect with 50 people at the time. This is what I would do.

You can upload the list to grow your audience dramatically or go on and connect your Outlook. Connect your Gmail, connect your other emails to those that you’ve emailed to and LinkedIn can log in and connect to their accounts and see who have you emailed and do they have a LinkedIn profile? For those of you that you see their smiling face and then the second phase of the connection if you don’t have photos on there, just skip that part. Those are usually dead emails anyway. Am I excited? Yes, I’m excited about this. You should know it. When I see an opportunity to help all of us raise more capital, knock some great things out. Finding more deals and helping you sell market, take advantage of this. For most of you that aren’t posting on a regular basis, all you’ve got to do is go into Buffer or Hootsuite and connect your LinkedIn profile and share on a regular basis. I know that some of you have come to our Mastermind or the Fast Track like, “Scott, how do you share so much stuff?” It’s because I set it up once and we upload one thing, it shares across the board.

I might need to go back and walk you through a thing or two for you that are joining us. Did you like that? Is that a waste of time? I don’t want this to be awesome. I want to see you implement this. I don’t do this because I want you to tell me I’m great or it’s awesome content. I appreciate the feedback. You have to learn to implement these things. I would also go and join some of the groups, but then I would also post your video. The thing is, if you can do your videos in fifteen-minutes and upload it directly to LinkedIn, it’s going to do better for you versus just posting on a link. LinkedIn will only allow you to post it to fifteen minutes.

We have a question, “Do you know how LinkedIn handles multiple connection requests? I have invited 100 people, a few connect, then they show up to connect again. Are they getting multiple requests?” Sometimes yes and sometimes the connections expire. They may not be looking at their LinkedIn very often. Expand your connections especially if it’s the asset managers or other things. You can get multiple requests to connect or they may ignore it and they may not see it. That’s fine, move on. Don’t stick with 100 connections. You should be adding a lot of connections. We have a question, “I’m searching for note groups. I’m not finding many on LinkedIn.” It’s because you’re probably looking at note investing. Look for distressed assets. Brecht Palombo has a group. Go to my profile and look at the groups that we’re a part of and then add connections. Asking to join those groups is the easiest thing. There’s a guy who’s got some very large real estate distressed asset groups, join those. Notes are so nichey, I would not be focused just on it. I will look for distressed assets. Cashflow groups are the best way to look for that. Sometimes there are some pretty good-sized people that you can connect with.

This is a great way if you’ve got a stack of business cards that you’ve not done anything with. Upload them and see if it will work here and connect them on LinkedIn. That’s one way to do it. If you’re looking to try to raise capital for note deals, go to some of the multifamily apartment groups. Those people are looking to do deals, but they don’t want to overpay for assets. That’s been a great way for us to raise capital. Hopefully, this was valuable for you. That’s a nice thing. One of the things if you’re out at an event and someone’s got a LinkedIn profile. You don’t have business cards. “Let’s do this. Let’s connect that way on LinkedIn,” and follow up that way.

What I have found is that the people I have connected with has led to people that are looking at my profile and wanting to connect with me. That’s a very common thing that happens in the note space. You can go to LinkedIn profile and people that looked at one profile will also look at other profiles. I have that happened all the time. Steph has that happen all the time. They looked at my profile and then look at Steph’s, or they look at Chris’ or they look at other people. They’ll look at Eddie Speed. People get at Eddie Speed and then they’ll look at mine. They’ll look at mine or vice versa. That’s a smart thing. It expands your audience. You’re no longer Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon. You’re one degree from Kevin Bacon.

Hopefully, it was very beneficial. If you use these things that I taught you and start implementing some of these things, you’re going to see a lot of growth. Give it some time to marinate, give it some time to connect. If you have 100 people or just 50 people, you’re trying to connect with those 50 people, you have to expand it on there. You’ve got to give them time to log in and take a look at the connections. Steph maybe looks at her LinkedIn account once every couple of weeks. She doesn’t spend time on it, but that’s okay. When she does, she’s got a lot of connections. It’s a great place. I swear that’s the California gold rush on LinkedIn. If you use it and start implementing it, it’s an audience for you. When they do go to the live video, you’re going to have a lot of great stuff that you can add to. Thank you for being a part of this. Thank you for being a part of the WCN Crew membership. We’ve got some good stuff next time to go through that I think you’re going to enjoy. It’s stuff that I’ve been working on for a little bit. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, this was valuable. We’ll see you all at the top.

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