EP 676 – How To Make Better Owner-Financed Notes With Will Henning

NCS 676 | Owner Financed Notes

  How do you make better owner-financed notes? The key is to be reasonable with your offers. You’ll do better in the long run. In this episode, Scott Carson’s guest is Will Henning, the Vice President of Loan Acquisitions from the First National Bank of America. Scott talks with Will about creating, structuring, selling, and buying owner-financed notes. They discuss the pros and cons, what First National is buying currently, and how investors can broker … Read More

EP 649 – Challenges And Opportunities: What To Watch Out For In The New York Real Estate Market With James Prendamano

NCS 649 | New York Real Estate

  With the ongoing COVID pandemic situation, New York real estate investors are sizing up the current real estate market in the Big Apple and surrounding areas. Today’s guest is James Prendamano, CEO of Casandra Properties, Inc., Staten Island’s premier real estate firm. James discusses with Scott Carson how challenging it is to assess where the New York Real Estate market is headed because of difficult legislative processes. There’s been a consistent shift of rights … Read More

EP 443 – Small Commercial Notes

NCS 443 | Commercial Notes

  Commercial notes are meant for immediate needs, which means there has to be an immediate action done before values change. Scott talks about the opportunities in smaller commercial notes and what to look for when performing due diligence on them – from looking up photos online to investigating the area and its neighboring properties. Maximize opportunities with small commercial notes and discover the story behind them and the promise they hold in this episode. … Read More

EP 381 – Self-Storage And Mobile Home Investing with Hunter Thompson

NCS 381 | Self-Storage And Mobile Home Investing

  Affordable housing across the country is getting tighter and tighter, and that’s where the opportunities lie the most, especially in the commercial space. Commercial real estate investor Hunter Thompson looks for recession-resistant assets of which self-storage and mobile home investing are on top of the list. Hunter talks about how he got to the world of commercial and shares what’s compelling about it – the scalability, the recession-resistant component, and other major advantages. — … Read More