EP NNA 115 – Investor Conversations: Role-Playing Phone Calls For Potential Investors With Larry Hoffman

NNA 115 | Investor Phone Calls

  The first few conversations are crucial when it comes to selling. You have to get them to your side and convince them to give you the time to show the value you could offer. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson discusses what you need to focus on when having initial phone call conversations with potential future investors you are looking to fund your deal with. Scott discusses what to and … Read More

EP 687 – The Key To Working With Realtors With Jennifer Murtland

NCS 687 | Working With Realtors

  You might have heard a lot of success stories in the real estate industry and wondered if you’re capable of succeeding too. You won’t know until you try. In this episode, Scott talks with long-time investor and Realtor Jennifer Murtland about working with Realtors and the dos and don’ts when asking them to help you as a new investor. Jennifer shares her knowledge from being in the real estate business for 12 years, and … Read More

EP 684 – How To Make Syndication Investing Work: Success Tips With Jim Pfeifer

NCS 684 | Syndication Investing

  Relationships are key in making syndication investing work. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott talks with real estate investor Jim Pfeifer about finding quality investments through syndications. Jim also shares his biggest failures and why he chose to be a passive investor instead of an active investor. Jim Pfeifer is one of the founders of Left Field Investors, a group dedicated to educating and assisting like-minded investors negotiate the nuances of … Read More

EP 447 – Creating And Working Your Business Plan

NCS 447 | Business Plan

  Setting up a note business means that you have to create and work on an effective business plan. It can be a long and analytical process, but once it is properly executed, success can be endless. Scott talks about how to make a business plan that works. He says keeping your eye towards the goal and talking to the right people is necessary to ensure that you are in the right path, and identifying … Read More