EP 400 – The Biggest Wins And Losses: Lessons Learned Along The Way To 400 Episodes

NCS 400 | Biggest Wins And Losses

  For the 400th episode of The Note Closers Show, Scott breaks down some of the lessons learned along the way to 400 episodes. He recounts how they got started doing Facebook Lives and their most-watched episodes as far as downloads. He also breaks down their four biggest wins and four biggest losses over the last twelve years, as well as the four biggest things over the last decade that have helped to shape him. … Read More

EP 348 – The Seller Finance Coalition and Note Expo with Bob Repass

NCS 348 | Seller Finance Coalition

  Scott talks with Bob Repass from Colonial Funding about the upcoming Note Expo and the Seller Finance Coalition. Seller finance has become a very interesting product and serves a great need for those who want to be homeowners but typically can’t get traditional bank financing or maybe the property is not traditionally finance-able. Bob goes deep into that and provides great insights on how you can take advantage of this opportunity, while introducing the … Read More

EP 342 – Marketing Mindset with Elijah Whites from Serving Social

NCS 342 | Marketing Strategies

  On this episode, Scott talks with Elijah Whites from Serving Social about the proper mindset when it comes to being an effective marketer. Elijah is the CTO and an executive of Google Partners program at Serving Social, LLC where he has had the opportunity to work with highly influential companies across numerous industries, increasing brand awareness through technology, which he lays down one by one with us – from uploading and optimizing photos on … Read More