EP 688 – Gabriel Petersen On His Strategies And Experiences As A Commercial Investor

NCS 688 | Commercial Investor

    Starting low in real estate is a great way to establish your focus and gather excellent deals you can give a lot of time into. Scott Carson sits down with Gabriel Petersen from the Real Estate Investing Club podcast to share his journey as a commercial investor and how he went from wanting to be a lawyer to discovering real estate. Gabe shares his winding path from residential fix and flipper to commercial real estate … Read More

EP 642- Commercial Property And Insurance Pitfalls In Distressed Assets With Stephanie Saunders

NCS 642 | Insurance Pitfalls

  Getting the right type of insurance has become synonymous with personal protection, and that’s pretty reasonable. Still, many insurance pitfalls lurk around that may devastate your assets when you are caught off guard. Helping out in detecting and addressing such problems is Stephanie Saunders from United Claims Specialists. Sitting down with Scott Carson, she also talks about her professional experience in note investing, detailing the most important things to take into consideration when buying … Read More

EP 615 – Pivoting Your Business To Play And Win The New Game Of The Pandemic With Aaron Young

NCS 615 | Pivoting Your Business

  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to leave behind our old ways and adapt to the new environment. Those who fail at doing this may find themselves getting drowned out of the market. It is time to pivot your business. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about some of the items that business owners and entrepreneurs have to start doing to take advantage and win at the new game with the pandemic. … Read More

EP 608 – Creating Space For Female Real Estate InvestHERS With Elizabeth Faircloth

NCS 608 | Real Estate InvestHER

  Real estate tends to be a very male-dominated industry that it can be very difficult for many women investors to break in and make a name for themselves. It is time to change that, especially as more and more women are taking over the investing space. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with real estate investor and the host of The Real Estate InvestHER show and community, Elizabeth Faircloth, about what it is like for women to … Read More