EP 578 – The 8 C’s Of Conversion With Krista Mashore


  Want to gain marketing tips as well as clarity and direction on how to showcase your business? On today‚Äôs show, Scott Carson sits down with realtor and productivity coach Krista Mashore to discuss the 8 C’s of conversion and how everyone has the ability to connect and convert on a higher level by utilizing social media and video to create content that is direct and purposeful towards your ideal client. Krista is the author … Read More

EP NNA 39 – Tricks & Tools From Traffic And Conversion Summit 2019

NNA 39 | Traffic And Conversion Summit

  The Traffic & Conversion Summit is the largest marketing event in North America with over 6200 attendees. Now on its tenth year, T&C focuses on leveraging your media and marketing to raise capital and close deals. Scott breaks down some of the coolest tools, tricks, and productivity hacks from the summit to help you discover and learn what best suits you and your business. Moreover, Scott announces some changes that will affect Note Night … Read More