EP 578 – The 8 C’s Of Conversion With Krista Mashore




Want to gain marketing tips as well as clarity and direction on how to showcase your business? On today’s show, Scott Carson sits down with realtor and productivity coach Krista Mashore to discuss the 8 C’s of conversion and how everyone has the ability to connect and convert on a higher level by utilizing social media and video to create content that is direct and purposeful towards your ideal client. Krista is the author of several books, including Sell 100+ Homes A Year and F.I.R.E. Financially Independent Retire Early. She is also the owner of Krista Mashore Coaching and the host of the F.I.R.E.D. UP podcast.

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The 8 C’s Of Conversion With Krista Mashore

I am fired up for a variety of reasons. We have an amazing guest and this is going to hit some nails on the head. If you’re a realtor or a mortgage broker, you’re an entrepreneur more than anything else out there, you’re going to get some great nuggets in this episode. Our special guest is a rock star who is actually kicking butt and taking names. She’s helping a ton of entrepreneurs along their entrepreneurial journey with their marketing and systems that she puts in place for her multimillion-dollar real estate company. I am excited to have the host of the FIRED Up podcast, my friend Krista Mashore joining us. How is it going, Krista?

I do meet a lot of people and I feel like you’re my brother from another mother personality and I love you.

I love you too. That’s why I’m glad to have you. When you get excited about what you’re doing, it comes through. You’ve got the energy. Every time I’m on the phone, it’s like, “I love it. Keep rocking and rolling.” The energy is contagious out there. I bet when you walk in a room you light it up for everybody.

People will tell me, “You have so much energy,” and I haven’t even said anything. The thing is I don’t drink caffeine and I don’t take anything. My friends at work, there used to be a sign like, “Do not give Krista coffee,” because I already have so much energy.

It’s the same way here. People are like, “What do you want?” I’m like, “It’s all-natural, everybody.” I don’t do any drugs. I have enough of a good time as it is. You’ve got three books, you’ve got a fourth one in the works that we’ll get to later on, but you’ve got a great book called Sell 100+ Homes A Year, which I loved. It’s a great one. There are many amazing lessons in this. You’ve also got the book FIRE: Financially Independent Retire Early, a book that you had come out as well. It was great stuff. I was scanning through that as well too. You have separated yourself from your competition relatively in a short period of time. What do you think has been the biggest catalyst to your success, besides your energy and your passion? What are some of the biggest things that have helped you set yourself apart from the competition and also lead into you doing such a great job as being a coach for others?

To give you a little bit of background, I’ve launched my coaching business years ago, and we’ve brought that business from $0 to $7.4 million in 25 months using the strategy that I’m going to talk about. It’s the exact strategy that I teach my students from across the country. It’s the strategy that I talk about in my new book that’s going to be launching in April. The Ultimate Lead Gen Playbook for Local Professionals. You can get a copy of that on my website for free if people would like it and they can go to KristaMashore.com to download that before it even hits the market.

This is also the same strategy that I’ve used to be in the top 1% of realtors nationwide for many years. I say that not to brag, but I say that because I want people to understand that it works. First of all, I’ve always have hired good coaches. I believe in coaching. I spent well over hundreds and thousands of dollars on my own coaching and development. I spent around $16,000 on coaches, programs, and training. I believe in it. That’s what’s helped me to get where I’m at. It’s important. I like to date before I jump into bed. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Most entrepreneurs and most marketers, number one, they forget to identify who their client avatar is, who they want to go after, who they’re trying to target. Sometimes they think that if they go after everyone that they have more of a chance. Quite frankly, you’re still going to know about, be referred to people and get recommendations. When you specialize in a niche with someone, they will find you as long as you’re putting content out there correctly. When they’re researching, they’re looking for a specific thing. You want to make sure about your niche. What people do is they market it on the internet and they want people to download their thing or give their information. They put a lead magnet out there and create a funnel and they say, “Give me your information.” They forget that they don’t know who you are.

When I first started this, the research showed that it takes about 11 or 12 times for somebody to finally click on you. Do you know that research shows that it takes 33 times for someone to give money? The reason being is because our attention is diverted and we don’t trust anyone. You’re getting a million ads everywhere you go. If you go on to Facebook and you scroll, every 3 or 4 scrolls is a sponsored ad. It’s less and less likely they’re going to want to click on you. What I do is I first reached my audience by giving them as much information and value as possible. If you read my book, it will tell you everything about exactly what to do, how to do it.

Breaking Down The Barriers

That’s the thing I love in there. You’ve got a spot here on page 97, sixteen-plus ways that you’re using a market. I chuckled about it because I guarantee 99% of the other realtors out there are doing the pure minimum to market, not going above and beyond like what you were outlining in your book here. I love this because there are many things that investors can use to market their properties or to market their deals as well that you hit many great things on here.

What we have to do is break down their barriers, get them to know us, like us and trust us. For example, I’ve sold over 2,000 homes in my career and it took us nineteen months or so, not even that. We have four Two Comma Club awards, which means that we created a funnel. Each funnel is worth over $1 million. I am a specialist in digital marketing. I understand that. I’ve studied it. I’m an expert, but if no one knows that I’m an expert, it doesn’t make a difference. I have to establish myself as the authority.

In order to be known, I have to be seen, heard, and trusted. I have to get somebody to click. The best way to do that is by actually giving information, giving value, and I do that through video content. Because when you do plenty of videos, I pay for ads and I put ads out there. I have the podcast. We market ourselves everywhere on YouTube, on Facebook, on all these different platforms. Before I ever ask anyone to click or anything, I’m giving them value. I’m helping them, I’m answering questions, I’m showing them that I am the authority figure. Once they see me as the authority figure, then they’ll know I’m an expert.

Nobody wants to listen until you give them a reason to say, “That person knows what they’re talking about. I want to learn more.” You need the best possible way to get into somebody’s space by giving as much value as possible. Doing it through video, targeting them, retargeting them, and giving them relevant content that meets the needs and the situation that they’re in when they’re in it and continuing to do it. Not saying, “Let’s jump into bed. Give me your name, your phone number, your email address. I want your information.” You have to give them a reason first to want to give you their information. Once you develop a relationship with them and you break down their barrier and they trust you, then later on down your funnel, they’re going to be much more likely to give you that information. That’s pretty much been the secret.


FIRED UP: The key to marketing is once somebody interacts with you based on a specific ad, continue to retarget those people and give them more of what they originally were interested in.


The secret is not to be the Tinder of your thing or the Match.com.

Everyone’s swiping left. You want to swipe right but it takes a little bit of time.

Knowing Your Avatar

One of the great things that I love about what you said, and I was going to hit it and you’d mentioned it about being a multi-Comma Club there, is having those funnels put in place. You came back, you mentioned there knowing your avatar. You hit the nail right on the head. You need to know specifically down to the niche what your avatar is doing. Do you have an exercise or something that you work with your clients to help them identify that to be very specific versus being broad? I believe and agree with you, it’s the death of any entrepreneur trying to be too broad versus identifying your specific client.

First of all, who exactly are the investors? This works for you. There are people out there that do not want to lease their houses. Maybe somebody passed away, they are hoarders and their house is a hot mess. Maybe they don’t like people, or they’re afraid of the Coronavirus. There are people out there that want to get rid of their homes and they are willing to not list with an agent, but they don’t know who to go to unless you’re the one that they see. Also, a lot of these people are afraid of trusting. They’re thinking, “They’re going to screw me over and they want my money.” If you can show them that you are there to help and give them their options.

Option one is that you lease with me and you could have made more money, but then you’re going to have to go through all this process. Get your house ready and do the marketing, let people in. Give them their options. They will realize, “They’re going to make money, but also it’s going to help me too.” You can target them the same way. Think about what are the problems. If you’ve been an investor for a while, or even if you haven’t, what are the issues that people are going to be going through? What are their concerns? How do you take them away from pain and move them more towards pleasure? Marketing to people’s pain will actually do better than marketing towards people’s pleasure because people want to get away from pain.

That’s why people are buying all these dieting exercises and taking these pills that will never work. “How to lose 50 pounds in five days? Take this pill and it works.” People buy that stuff because they want to get out of pain and they’ll do anything to get out of it. It’s the same with your investor audience and their client. Identifying who they are, what their interests are, what their needs are, what their pains are, what their pleasures are. Where do they shop? Where do they hang out? How old are they? Are they married? Are they educated? Are they single? Once you know as much about your client as you can, you can target those interests, those activities, those behaviors on the social media platforms so you can directly target them.

When people are going to Google and YouTube to look for information to solve their problems, the more content that you produce around that, that’s meeting their needs. When they go and do that search, your information is going to show up. When you do it locally, it’s a lot easier because then you can do geo-targeted terms like, “To solve your problem in Brentwood, California, 94513,” and you mentioned that several times. You’re going to be showing up through Google and YouTube through SEO by answering those problems. It’s constantly video repurposing it.

That was one of the tricks that Gary Vaynerchuk did initially with Wine Library TV. He ran Facebook ads. “If you’re a Princeton grad, get this discount,” or “If you’re a Columbia grad,” it was the same discount across the board. He was interest-specific because he knew people from Ivy League schools usually make a little bit more money. They can afford some nicer wine and add value to that. It’s the same thing like you said. I used the geotargeting tool when I was in Orlando at Podfest. Literally from my phone, I pulled it up and said, “If you’re a podcaster but you need help with monetization and marketing and you’re within a mile to this hotel.”

I don’t know about that tool. Tell me.

If you go to Instagram and post a picture, you can go back and run an ad to that to a specific audience, whether it’s based on interests or within a location. You can either be where you’re at or you can identify a location. One of the great things that I love doing is when big real estate events were going on, if there’s a Fortune Builders Conference going on, I would find the hotel that it was at and then I figure out what the hotel is, run an ad. “If you’re an investor looking for deals to fix and flip,” which a lot of people are doing. Those are my keywords and then I would target people that were at that location within a mile of that location that had an interest in real estate investing, rentals, fix and flips.

You’re doing targeting on Instagram. I thought there’s a different tool. I’m like, “What are you talking about?” That’s exactly like Facebook, Instagram, all of them. You can target a specific area and run ads to it like crazy. That’s what we do.

It’s knowing your specific audience. One of the best things I’ve always heard of is imagining what you’re doing on a daily basis. If your ideal avatar or you’re thinking about your avatar worth or when are they waking up, what are they doing? What’s their journey? What’s their commute? What does their job look like? When are they getting off? What are they dealing with at night? It’s a way to help to hone in on solving their pain issues. They’re stuck in traffic for 45 minutes or they’re coming home and they’re not making enough money or their 401(k)’s now a 101(k) or their money is in a certificate of disappointment.

Where do they hang out? What Facebook groups are they looking at? Who are they following? What are they watching? What are they interested in? Where do they shop? The more you know about them, the more that you can hone in on those specific interests. The nice thing is when you start marketing on these different platforms, you can start telling the algorithm to find you more of people that are already engaging. Here’s what most people do. They’ll start using video and they’ll start putting it on their Facebook page, their business page, but they don’t run any ads behind it. They don’t know how to market. They don’t know how to target people. They don’t know how to create lookalike audiences. They don’t know how to retarget people.


F.I.R.E. Financially Independent Retire Early: Your Crappy Job Won’t Quit Itself

The key to marketing is once somebody does interact with you based on this specific ad, to continue to retarget those people and give them more of what they originally were interested in because then they’re going to keep on getting to know you and watch you. You can tell whether somebody watched 10% of a video or 50% or the whole thing. If they’re watching 75% of your video or 100%, they’re interested in that topic. You’re not sitting there watching a video on how to sell your house without a realtor unless they’re interested inside of their house because they’ve got an issue. You keep on giving them more of that content and targeting it and then saying, “Now download my free book.” Set up an appointment type of a thing. “Sign up for this free evaluation of what your house is worth.”

We have our students across the country getting ten people a day raising their hand saying, “I want you to tell me what my house is worth.” That’s a lot. We teach them, “Now that you have that, how did you take that and knock their socks off?” Go above and beyond. Do what everyone else is not willing to do. I wrote this book, I’ve been writing it for a while, but it’s called The Savvy Seller: What to Expect When Selling Your Deer Ridge in Shadow Lakes Home. I’ve got one for East County. I changed the title. That doesn’t say anything at all. It says what to expect when selling your home for the highest price and best terms.

We then take this book and drop it off on somebody’s porch before our listing presentation. If somebody asks for market analysis, I give them this book. I put it with market analysis. This book is showing that I’m the expert and they should hire me above anyone else because I utilize strategies and skills to get their home maximum exposure. Imagine if you were to write a book on helping somebody sell their home that’s in duress or distress without having to put it on the market. You then become the expert authority, so they’re more likely to want to work with you because they know, like and trust you.

You follow that up with an awesome campaign and sequence that’s already done on a nice platform. It goes out automatically so you’re staying top of mind awareness. They see you again on Facebook. You’re targeting them on Facebook, you’re giving them value and interest in videos. It takes time for people to know you, like when you want to sleep with somebody or get married. You see them, you look at them on Facebook, on Instagram. You text them. You do FaceTime, then you meet for coffee. You go to lunch, you go to dinner, you kiss, then you make out. You get engaged. You get married, then you sleep together. It’s not straight to the bed. That’s my point. Sometimes you go straight to bed, I get that. That’s what they do.

Those don’t last very long. You want customers that you repeat over and over again with business. Not try to get one time and it doesn’t work out and say, “A one night stand.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” What stays in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when you take that stuff home with you. It doesn’t work.

How To Market

I love it that you geotarget specific things whether you’re preying in either specific zip codes or communities and things like that. People who give very easily do that on the note investing side of things, picking out your top three states or the bigger markets. If Ohio is a big state for you, then pick it, not Columbus, Cincinnati or Dayton or some of those things. Creating a simple eBook that talks about that market. 99% of what you have in your book is probably the same across the board, except you may tweak it up a little bit for that specific location.

There’s so much you could do. The thing about most investors and most real estate agents, most lenders, and quite frankly most professionals, they’re taught how to do their profession, but they don’t know how to market it and get the word out there. That’s why our students are successful and we’re launching to entrepreneurs and local professionals. We’re showing them exactly how to do this because there’s such a need for it. No one knows how to market. The reason why I wrote my fourth book is because everyone’s like, “How do you do that? Can you show me?” They see me and I’m like “There’s a huge need for this.” More than ever with all that we have going on with people not wanting to be out in public as much. They’re nervous about this Coronavirus and where things are going to go, there is a real opportunity more than ever for professionals to learn how to market themselves online.

What are people going to be doing? They’re going to be home or they’re on their computer more. They don’t want to go out, but the world is not going to stop and you still need to make money. People still need to sell their homes. They’re still going to need to get their taxes and they’re still going to need to go through a divorce, whatever it might be. It’s how do I show myself as the local professional in this arena so that people are still seeing me. When does the tiger strike? When does the lion strike? It’s when everyone else is sleeping. They strike the weak person. They go after the slow person, the one that’s sleeping and not aware. Your competitors are going to sleep. They are hiding, they are nervous. Now is more than ever you need to be learning this type of stuff, so that then you can continue to stay in business and then when the world goes back to normal, you have already made more of an impact while everyone else is sitting there crawling under the bus.

You’re hitting the nail on the head there for everybody out there. That’s the big thing. While everybody else is panicking, remain calm and hone in on your resource. I look at this as the same way. A lot of people are like, “I’m doubling down on the marketing because nobody else is doing anything.” I want to make sure that I’m getting those interviews where I’m reaching out to the asset managers, banks, or investors who are nervous about seeing the stock market crash like it is. There are a lot of things that you can be doing. I’m not saying you’re not taking advantage of the situation. You’re acting while others are sitting there being cattle. You’re being the lion. You’re going out there and learning and hone in using these as opportunities to springboard yourself here the second half of the year or the next 30, 60, 90 days.

Let me say one more thing. Don’t be an a-hole. Be nice to people. I went to Costco and everyone’s panicking and people were so rude. I’m thinking, “Let’s be kind to one another.” If you have five cases of toilet paper and you see somebody not having any, give them one.” Be nice.

I’m going to order toilet paper and give it out, send it out. Do the dollar bills on the toilet paper like I’ve done before.

Have you done that?


FIRED UP: A landing page that has a video on it has 100% more conversions than a landing page that doesn’t.


I ordered a case of toilet paper that would look like a $100 bill. When they rolled it off it looked like Benjamin’s and I was like, “You’re wiping your butt with $100 bills.” One of the things you talk about in your book too is designing your business around your ideal life. I know a lot of people design their life around their business in the opposite side of things. You want to touch base on that a little bit and what you’ve done to put your life first. It is such an important thing for it. We’re overworked not getting things done, putting off our passions or things that invigorated us and give us energy. What are you doing?

You read the FIRE book too?

I told you I did.

It’s called FIRE. Financially Independent Retire Early: Your Crappy Job Won’t Quit Itself. I haven’t even done much with that one. I don’t market it very much, but it’s a great book. I did it more for passionate reasons, but it’s not my ideal client avatar. I did it because many people hate their jobs. I remember being at my best friend’s house in North Carolina and her husband was like, “I hate what I’m doing. It sucks so bad.” She’s like, “Honey, don’t worry. You only have fifteen years left. After that, you can do what you want, but we need you to keep this job because it’s super financially affordable for retirement.” I was like, “Fifteen years? Are you kidding? Why doesn’t he just shoot himself now?” He’s a poor man. That’s what inspired me to write this book because I believe that a person’s biggest regret in life is not making a change when they still know that they can. When they don’t make a change because they’re afraid or fearful. Here’s a good example of that. I wanted to go into coaching.

I used to be a teacher. I have a Master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction and I love teaching. When I teach people and helping them, I am the happiest I’ve ever been. It feels like non-work to me. I got into real estate, did great, top 1%, nineteen years, but I miss teaching so much. When I wanted to become a teacher, my husband was like, “What? Are you sure? You make $1 million-plus a year as a real estate agent. No one does that, Krista. People don’t leave their career if they’re successful to do something else.” My parents who support me like crazy, but they were like, “No one’s going to pay you to coach them. What are you thinking? Don’t be stupid.” It’s been hard getting my name out there, but I love what I do and I’m able to help people across the country. My goal is to get people to be able to have more financial freedom, more time in life and enjoy what they’re doing.

I was able to design my life to where my real estate company still operates. We’ve got 21 listings. We’re crushing it, but I only work on that business about 10% of the time. I’m the face of the company. I’m the one that does the videos. My team does run the ads, but I don’t show up on the appointments. I don’t talk to buyers or sellers ever. We still are on track to sell over 100 homes. When you can operate your business where you don’t have to always be there. It’s a nice thing. With my coaching, I realized, “How do I do something where I’m not doing it sucking up all my time?” I’ve developed it to where I can coach from anywhere. I did an online training platform. I don’t do one-on-one coaching. It’s group coaching so that I can help more people and also people learn from other people. If I would have done one-on-one coaching, I don’t have the bandwidth. I had to think about what are my goals? Where do I want to be? How much time do I want to spend? I’ve developed it that way. You have to think about that too. Don’t underestimate what I’m talking about. Some of you are thinking, you’re reading this and you’re going, “This won’t work for me.”

Whether I’m an investor or I’m an insurance agent or whatever you are. I call BS. It works for any industry, anything, any entrepreneur. You need to understand the strategy behind what you’re doing. That’s where most businesses fail. They don’t understand the strategy. We teach the strategy and it’s basically utilizing the videos, running the ads, getting them out there, which objective to run, how long, what to give people, and how often. We teach them all of that. It works because people are online. If you look at the stats as far as why video is so successful, a landing page that has a video on it, it has 800% more conversions than a landing page that doesn’t. 64% according to Forbes of people say that a video helps them with their buying decision, their purchasing decision. If you’re a product, you’re a service, they’re buying you.

If they’re 64% more likely to buy you, then why don’t you start utilizing video? I can go on and on about these statistics. You’re thinking, “Why do I hate doing video? I don’t like how I sound. I’m too fat. I’m too skinny. I’ve got a big nose. I had a small nose. I’m green, I’m purple.” Whatever it might be. Not one person in the world likes to do video, you’re weird if you do. Out of 100 people, maybe two are comfortable. Believe it or not, even Scott and I, when we first started, we’re not comfortable in our shows. We’re not comfortable with video, but like riding a bike or kissing for the first time. The first time I ever kissed somebody, I was in junior high and I bit the guy’s lip and they called me bitey. I imagine that, 7th and 8th grade.

The Phases Of The Sales Cycle And The Eight Cs

It was embarrassing, but I still kiss. I’m good at it. I’m a rock star in kissing. I didn’t stop doing it because I bit someone once. The point is that you can learn to do anything. We teach people of all shapes, sizes, colors confident, non-confident, introverts how to utilize video and how to do it comfortably. It’s a process that can be taught. Even more importantly, and this is where most people are making a mistake, is we teach them how to take that video and actually properly distribute it so it gets seen. The eight Cs. You need to commit to consistently producing content correctly. If you can do this correctly, you’re going to convert more clients because you’re making a connection.

I call it the Full Sales Cycle. That’s in the book, The Ultimate Lead Gen Playbook for Local Professionals. The whole book is written about teaching people why most businesses fail. It’s because they don’t do what I said. Here’s the exact title. You can go to my website and that means entrepreneurs, anybody. Take the guesswork out of marketing, maximize your profits, and become the authority in your profession. I go over the phases of the sales cycle and the eight Cs. The sales cycle is marketing. People think of marketing as, “It’s my business card, my colors and my slogan.” I’m like, “No. Your marketing is who you’re going after, who you’re trying to attract.” It’s like identifying your avatar, putting out content, your marketing, your persona and all aspects of your business. That’s marketing.

The second phase is lead generation. This is where most people spend most of their time. They forget that if you properly market to people, these leads are going to raise their hand and say, “I want to work with you.” The third is the lead nurture. It’s the most important aspect of the sales cycle and also the most underworked by people because everybody wants instant gratification. They want clients. Lead nurture is the most important. That’s when you get content, you give advice, you keep helping, you keep serving, you keep answering problems. You keep showing up in multiple ways, so that they’re going to take notice and it takes time. Marketing, lead generation, lead nurture. If you lead nurture correctly, you’re more likely to convert. You’ve gotten that lead, you’re going to convert that lead, and how do we convert that lead? The more they developed a relationship with you, it’s back to the eight Cs. Consistently producing content correctly. You’re going to make a connection. You’re going to get more clients, you’re going to convert. They’re going to convert more if you’ve gotten that content out there the right way and you serve those people.

The next phase is conversion. Keep in mind, the conversion is easier when you’ve properly nurtured that lead, when you’ve properly marketed that lead, because when you mark it correctly, the leads are raising their head and saying, “I want you to give me more of what you have because you’re meeting a need that I have.” That’s how you properly market to somebody. You get to lead, they get into your system, you’ve nurtured them correctly, continue to get them to know you, like you and trust you. Position yourself as an expert, giving them what they want at the stage of the buying process, where they’re at so it’s relevant. They’re more likely to convert and they see you as the authority. The conversion becomes much easier. There’s a lot more involved in this in the book. I was touching it very lightly.

After the conversion method, then how do you make sure the next phase, which is fulfillment and deliver? How do you give them the best experience? How do you make them feel like they are Ritz-Carlton customers? Your fiduciary obligation is to give them the best process ever. You do that by going above and beyond, by making sure that you do things like give them this book that tells them anything and everything to expect. You have automatic updates that go out. You have great customer service. After that is refer, retain, and resell. You do this by having rituals and routines. Here’s what most people think. Most professionals think, “It’s such a great job. They love me and they’re going to use me forever. They’re always going to refer me. They’re going to come back and work with me.” It’s not true.


FIRED UP: Your marketing is not your business card, colors, or slogan. Your marketing is who you’re going after, who you’re trying to attract.


I bought a house. Somebody wanted a recommendation for my blinds person, who I loved, but she hit it, split it, quit it and gone. Meaning like jumping right into bed. She didn’t continue to court me afterward and I don’t have her contact information. I can’t refer her. I don’t remember who she was. I don’t have her card. I don’t have her email address, I can’t even remember her name. That’s what happened. You have to continue to stay top of mind awareness with your clients and your customer. That’s how committing to consistently producing content correctly. You’re going to convert and make a connection. You’re also going to get referred more. They’re going to continue to do business with you because they have not forgotten about you. This is a full circle, utilizing both of these strategies in your business over and over, rinsing and repeating.

One of the biggest things is people have a ten-minute attention span most of the time when they’re onto something else. If somebody else isn’t in front of them with a video or an email, you should be. That’s the thing that boggles my mind the most. When I’m teaching or having a workshop, I can always tell who’s going to do well in this business by who I get an email from within 48 hours. One of the things that I do is we do everything online. People that come into our workshops, I’ll give them a list of the attendees. It saves them to be able to focus more on learning versus trying to run in and grab business cards or contact information. I’ve done this for years. That was the thing.

I could always see only about 5% of people truly take action, but that 5% was 48 hours. I would always put a fake email in there. That wasn’t my email in case they took me off the list. I could truly tell. It was less than 5% of people will send a follow-up email in 48 hours and even fewer will send a second or third one as follow up. That’s what I find is those that send on a consistent basis, whether it’s an email or doing a video on a regular basis. Those are the two biggest factors in the follow-up and the conversion of staying top of mind, top of the funnel when your audience or your investors, our bankers think of us when they have something that comes across their books they want to get rid of.

Remember, that it’s not email because only about 24% of emails get opened, but people are watching videos online like crazy. People are opening up text messages. Do you know that 94% of text messages get opened up within five minutes? Imagine having a video text message on there with relevant information. There are many things that you can do, it’s unbelievable. Most people do not think about that aspect of the sales cycle. That’s where we have problems.

They think about the least they can do. When somebody calls, “What’s the least I’ve got to do?” I say, “You don’t have to do anything. You can do the same and have the same type of results. If you have a $10 mindset, you end up with a $10 bank account.” That’s the thing that is going to take you on above and beyond, implementing these tools. I know it can be mind-boggling if you’re brand new. The whole point is to evolve. Do 1% a little bit more each day. You didn’t get to where you were overnight. You took time, you got coaching and you added a little bit here and there.

I still do hire tens of coaches. A good example is before I started, I wanted to do coaching two years prior to where I started learning it the right way and I hired the wrong coaches. You need to be careful because there’s this huge push for online education and coaching. It’s this $22 billion business or something like that. It’s like being pushed heavily. There are more and more people that are claiming to be experts who have never done something. They’ve launched or they couldn’t succeed at what they were doing, so they became a teacher of it. There are many people out there like that, so make sure you hire somebody that’s done it, that eats their own dog food, that has a proven track record to be able to help somebody.

When I hired the right coach, granted, I’ve given him over $60,000 within two-year period and that’s the best $60,000 I ever spent because he helped me go from $0 to $7.4 million in 25 months. That’s pretty good. Whereas before, I’d hired the wrong people, didn’t invest in myself and people think like, “You spent so much money in coaching.” I’m like, “Did you not hear that I told you I made $7.4 million by hiring the right coach, implementing what he said, pushing through the overwhelm, making mistakes and changing and converting, not giving up too early?” It’s about all those things. Having the right coach and then putting that behind that with the right mindset. I’m a huge mindset coach as well. I teach a lot of mindset because of the whole blueprint of everything, but if their mind is not okay, you can’t help them at all. That’s been a huge component too.

I’m a big believer that if you want to go from $100,000 to $1 million, you can’t be doing the same activities. You’ve got to hire that person and you’ve got to get your mind ready for that extra comma, taking it to a different level. You’ve got to grow into that person. Thinking back over the years and all the different things that you’ve gotten coaching on or mindset, what’s 1 or 2 things that stand out the most say that you believe made the biggest difference in your success?

I’m a master of my mind. I was that girl that was in juvenile hall and I spent a year in a group home. I haven’t lived at home since I was thirteen. I was in a foster home all through high school. I have a great relationship with my family, but we went through some hard times. Mastering your mindset, I know that I’m the driver of my own ship. Things are happening that’s bad or hard. It does. When you’re doing business, things happen. It’s difficult. There are things that don’t work. I know that when things aren’t working, I know that I’m still pushing forward to get to my goal. It means I’m a little bit closer.

I have to convert, change, go over, around, through, and under. I’m good at knowing that being conscious of what I’m saying to myself, what I’m thinking, what I’m doing, knowing that it’s not about complaining about the problem, but always finding a solution and 100% believing. I have a strong belief that I’m the number one trainer in the world. I am in my mind. I know I will be one day. It takes a little bit of time to get there. I believe that even though all this craziness is happening, I’m still going to be okay. You have to have a strong belief system in yourself and that doesn’t happen usually being alone.

Change or Die

There’s a study called Change or Die. They took two groups of people. Doctors told them that they were going to die if they did not change their lifestyle. If you don’t stop eating this way or drinking this way or too much alcohol or whatever it was, they were going to die. After a year, in one group of people, 90% of people went back to their original lifestyle and rather die and change. This shows you how difficult it is to change and to have to get new habits. The other group, they had coaching, they had accountability and they were around like-minded people that were learning and doing the same new strategies. They had accountability. They had somebody helping them get there. Out of that group, 80% of them were able to change after a year.

Which means you’re seven times more likely to be able to adjust your behavior, adjust your business, make the changes, change the habits if you have coaching accountability and the right support system along with you. I believe that. Also, when you see other people breaking the four-minute mile, all of a sudden they realize, “If Jack, Krista, Tom, Jill, and Judy can do it, then I can do it too.” That’s also what helps to be in a good coaching program. You see other people can do it and you stop making excuses. We find that a lot of people, it takes sometimes even six months before they finally start getting it and realizing, “I’ve got to do this.” Once they finally make that mental mind shift, their business starts to take off after a few months. This is a strategy that doesn’t happen overnight, but it works as long as you stick to it and you’re consistent.

I’m a big believer you’ve got to plant the seeds, nurture those seeds and give them time to grow. Nothing happens overnight. Success doesn’t happen immediately. That’s the thing, that most people lack, it’s patience. You’ve got to have a little patience and you hit the nail on the head. You’ve got to believe in what you’re doing. You believe you’re the best one, even when you’re not. You can grow into that. I had a chance to sit down with the Daymond John from the Shark Tank. He said he’s the token smart guy on the show. He talks about when he’s launching FUBU, he’s waiting tables at Red Lobster during the day and coming home at night and working on his product. He says overnight success took him eight years to do. Most people won’t wait that long to get around it. Ninety days, six months, that’s a very short time frame when you think about things that are going on in our lives. Look at how fast 2020 has gone by.


FIRED UP: It’s impossible to think that you can learn a new skill and strategy on your own.


I’ve been telling everyone like, “You were worried about taking six months. Before you close your eyes, it’s going to be Christmas again.” I told my husband once, “Babe, I cannot believe it’s Friday.” I felt like it was a snap. Time goes by and people also are afraid to invest, but here’s what I’m going to tell you. Making an investment, people are saying, “You were saying that because you’re a coach.” I am because I know it works. When you hire the right person, you invest. Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he says this. “There are two types of people. There are rich people and there are poor people. Poor people buy, they spend their money on liabilities. They spend things that they afford. They put debt on credit cards for vacations, for bling and for cars. Rich people have debt as well, but they spend their debt on assets. Assets are coaching, helping themselves, business ideas. They invest in themselves. That’s good debt because that debt is going to turn into much more money.” It’s impossible to think that you can learn a new skill and strategy on your own. Maybe you can.

Coaches are great. Mindset is important. You’ve done an amazing job with your podcast too. Talk a little about that, how that’s helped you get the word out and what you’re doing. How has that helped you drive potential coaching students and mentoring students to you to help you out there or even with your client base?

It’s working great. It’s called FIRED Up with Krista Mashore. We interview entrepreneurs. I do a ton of mindset. I give business strategies. It’s working wonderfully. That’s also a podcast for anybody in any industry as a great way to stand out, especially because it’s so underutilized with local professionals and such. They don’t understand how it will work. It’s getting people to know you, like you and trust you and see you as the expert. Any way that you can do any marketing that creates your blue ocean. What I mean by that is if you’re doing what everyone else is doing, that’s a red ocean. There are lots of sharks. There’s no fish. If you enter that water, you’re going to get eaten alive. If you have a blue ocean where no one else is doing anything, that’s your opportunity to strike gold.

Figure out where the blue oceans are. Figure where people learn at, where clients are at or what pains you can answer that nobody else is answering out there and you’ll have your blue ocean with plenty of opportunities and plenty of things that can come from that. I love your podcast. I love your energy on it. You do such an amazing job with your guests and in delivering great content.

You’re on there and people love you.

We had a great time. We had a great episode on there. One of the things I love though is you’ve said something throughout that you’re identifying multiple opportunities. We’re in real estate, but we’re more so in the media and the marketing phase more than anything else. You’re leveraging the multiple levels of media up there. When somebody is reaching out to you, what’s been the biggest surprise from somebody hearing your podcast or watching your videos, that’s surprised you as a response?

We picked up a client who was literally homeless, living in a motel. I have a challenge. I’m working on it for local professionals as well. She gave her last $100 for doing this challenge with us based upon hearing my content that I got out there. She’s had the best year that she’s had in five years in real estate from investing that $100, which is very competitive. That stands out to me. I was proud of her for that. The people are nice. That’s another thing. I hear a lot of positive comments. I haven’t gotten any real haters. Maybe I have. My team doesn’t tell me. I don’t know. I tell them, “Don’t tell me because I like everyone to like me, so please don’t tell me people hate me. Don’t show me all that stuff.”

The thing is you never know who’s listening. There are a lot of people out there that are going through tough times. It’s not all rosy for everybody out there. We’re going to see some difficulties. People get laid off and the more we can help deliberate, give them that content. That’s the beautiful thing about podcasts. There’s a lot of great stuff up there that you can learn and implement. Those that are hungry and are motivated, that’s part of what your success DNA has come from. It is your past. You’re on your own. You had to take care of yourself and go out and prove people wrong. I commend you for that. For anybody that’s reading that’s going through a rough time, keep in mind, keep showing up. One of the big keys to success is consistency and playing full out all the time. It’s not buying the excuses in the mind blocks we have. I have negative thoughts. I know you, Krista, get negative thoughts and we push them to the side to go on and keep doing things.

Mindset Challenge

I tell my students and it’s called the Mindset Challenge. We don’t realize how much negativity is constantly being thrown at us. You have between 70,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day. The media loves to show negative stuff to us because it sells. Think about how many times you put yourself down. You say negative content, things like, “I’m too busy, I’m too tired. I didn’t get enough done. I’m not good at that. There’s already a person doing that. It’s too hard. It’s too soft,” whatever it is. I tell them to make a bracelet or a rubber band, put it on their wrist and anytime they say a negative thought, anything at all, if you say, “I look fat,” or “My husband is an a-hole,” or “I’m so tired.” You recognize it’s not positive and you snap the bracelet and you say, “I have plenty of energy.” You restate the comment into a negative thing. “I love my husband. He’s the most amazing thing in the world.” “I’m great at marketing. I can learn this.” “That didn’t work. That gives me more opportunities to figure out how.”

What happens is you realize how negative your thoughts are, how you’re beating yourself up. The more that you start to change your thought process, what you’re saying to yourself, how you’re thinking, success breeds success. Energy goes where focus blows. The neurons in your mind do not know the difference between something that you are visually thinking about than doing. You can visually think about good things. Visually see yourself succeeding. The mind’s DNA is built to figure out how you can get there. That’s why birds fly south. Their minds are instinctually built to help them last and live. We’re the same. We are no different. People might think that I’m corny sometimes. It’s some of these things that I teach, but I’ll have to tell you, it doesn’t come from me.

It comes from books like Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He’s the creator of everything. It comes from Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins, all these great thought leaders that tell us scientific evidence proves that all of this stuff works. The more that you can become the master of your mind, take ownership of it. Get out of the blame game. It doesn’t matter about your mama, daddy, whatever they did to you, it doesn’t make a difference. You are the one responsible. Take extreme ownership of your life. You’re responsible for making things work. Don’t be a victim of your past. Don’t be a victim of hating people and blaming people because it doesn’t help you. It hurts you to do that. Get over it. It doesn’t mean you have to say what they did is okay and then it’s right. You can forgive them so that you can succeed.

All those things will help you be successful. This bracelet trick, what happens is that after a while you start realizing how negative you are to yourself, how much you put yourself down. You wouldn’t have any friends if you treated your friends the way you treat yourself. You start talking to yourself differently. You start showing up differently. You’re happier in your household. You’re happier in life and people start noticing. They start being more attracted to you. Confidence, enthusiasm, happiness, it sells. That equates to more money. That equates to more positivity. I want you to think about this.

When you are down, depressed or negative, you bring that into your home. That affects your relationship and your children. Your children see that as a positive behavior. It’s like this crazy negative spiral of life that people expect. Be the change. What we find for a lot of our students, and they tell this all the time is, “You’ve helped my business more than anything, but you have changed my life.” I hear that all the time, “I’m more confident, happier.” People are losing weight because it all starts with their heads. Give them the blueprint on how to be successful in business. That comes to much more easily.


FIRED UP: Energy goes where focus blows.


Krista, what’s the best way for our readers to get ahold of you, to reach out and connect with you or find out more about all the awesome stuff that you’re teaching and training people on?

Go to KristaMashore.com. That’s my website. You can also find out more by going to MashoreBlueprint.com/help. The website is great. Get a free copy of my new book, The Ultimate Lead Gen Playbook for Local Professionals and that will help you out well. You can download a PDF of it. The actual book, the hardcover is not ready yet. It won’t be out until April or May. We’re doing a book launch. Scott, thank you so much for having me on and for your time. I always appreciate being around you.

It’s the same here, Krista. It’s always an honor to have you. I love your energy. It is contagious for everybody out there. If this is the first time you’ve known about her, she is exactly 100 miles an hour every day and that’s what she is in a great way. Take her up on her opportunity and download that book, check it out there, listen to her podcast. Go out and subscribe as well. Trust me, you will love it. It can be your daily little bit of motivation and get you rock and rolling if you’re feeling negative. It doesn’t have to be self-inflicting pain, but the rubber band is not a bad way to do things there for you. Krista, thank you so much and keep kicking butt and taking name, darling.

Thanks, Scott. You guys are lucky to have him. He’s such a good person. He’s true to all the things he says. He’s got a good heart.

Readers, go out and take some action and we’ll see you all at the top.

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