EP 636 – The Due Diligence Wizard On Saving Time And Money With JD Bates From NoteProz.com

NCS 636 | Due Diligence

NCS 636 | Due Diligence


Let’s be honest. Due diligence takes time. Yet, it is something that we must all do. How do you make the process efficient? Scott Carson talks with the founder of NoteProz.com, JD Bates, about his amazing product and how it helps all real estate investors with their up-front due diligence. They discuss what and how it pulls data in seconds in what used to take hours, the asset management and reporting options, along with the website and marketing assistance that JD’s team also offers. If you are an investor looking for an affordable tool to help you with your due diligence while saving time and money, then you’ll want to look at http://NoteProz.com. Use code WCN20% to get a lifetime discount.

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The Due Diligence Wizard On Saving Time And Money With JD Bates From NoteProz.com

I am extremely excited to have a special guest. He is an expert at what he does and he is working with so many of our students and clients across the country. I have had the good fortune of knowing him for several years and seeing his company evolve in a variety of fashions in the positive. He’s always been an asset to us. This guy has a passion for helping many people accomplish big things, streamlining systems, and streamlining due diligence. If you’re a note or real estate investor reading this episode, you’re going to take some notes. I’m going to have a link to a webinar that we did with JD on Note Night In America. I highly recommend that you check that out. We are honored to have our friend, Mr. JD Bates, join us here from NoteProz.com. JD, how is it going?

Thank you for having me, Scott.

You work abroad. You don’t work here in the United States. Where’s home at for you now?

I am US-born because of my family’s father’s side. I’ve never lived in the US. I lived in Latin America. I am from Costa Rica, but I’m all the way down south in Argentina.

You were living there in Nicaragua for a while as well too. You do a lot of virtual training and virtual business because you work with so many investors in the United States.

Before COVID, remote work was cool. This is how we’ve been working for a couple of years. It’s a virtual company. I’m here in Argentina. I have a project manager and a developer in Costa Rica. We also have people in India and many other parts of the world. That’s how we built this company. Totally remote and digital, but it works like any other company that you might encounter. We have our processes, clients, and a way to deliver things. It works.

Let’s talk about the inspiration behind what you did. A couple of years ago, you reached out to me with a student of ours, and you’re like, “We’re thinking about coming up with something.” What was the inspiration for creating NoteProz before you dive into the nuts and bolts of it?

When the company started, one of the first clients that we started serving were note investors. That’s completely random because I didn’t go to look for a niche like, “I’m going to get into a note.” I had no idea what a note investor was. We got this client. We started helping him with very basic stuff and then we grew to help him in his whole note business. From his website, we help him with his social media stuff. In the process of due diligence, a lot of investors use virtual assistants and that’s how we started to get to know the due diligence process of the note investors. Our company is a digital company. We evolved into doing software. That’s how we came up with the idea of NoteProz. Wouldn’t it be nice to create an automated tool to streamline all this diligence stuff that we’re doing manually? That’s how we started.

That’s always one of the biggest questions in one of the most highly attended webinars or episodes we do is when we start talking about breaking down due diligence because it can be overwhelming. People are used to sitting in Austin, and they get a list of assets from all across the country. I have seen realtors have emotional breakdown not knowing where to begin. They’re crying and are like, “Where do I begin? What do I do?” I’m like, “Chill. There’s a process with anything.” For most people, they weren’t hiring a VA. They were hunting and pecking on the keypad, jump into Zillow, and then into the tax association websites checking taxes, going to Rentometer to check the rent rates, trying to find square footage and bed and baths, and all that stuff to find a number. That takes a while.

This is the basic stuff that you need to know. For you to know if it is a townhouse or how many bedrooms does it has. It’s a tedious process. We wanted to take the load off with an automated tool. This is how every business should be evolving into automation. We came up with this idea and we grew from a little property scraper into a full-fledged real estate platform. We can compete with a lot of the other real estate platforms that are out there. We offer very similar services and I’m proud of that.

I get pitched on software or SaaS all the time. You have to realize that most investors reading out there that are starting off are on limited budgets. They’re used to coming from the traditional real estate side where they’re sending out postcards, direct mail, and bandit signs at a cost to them. They’re dropping thousands of dollars a month and they don’t offer, especially if they’re not making any money income. They’re like, “I’ll take the time. I’ll take 30 minutes per asset to go in and look at each individual property on the list.” If you’ve got 50 to 100, you don’t have the time or the patience do that a lot of times. That’s what I love about what you guys have done is taking a spreadsheet, copy and pasting over the 100 addresses at a time, more or less, and dropping it in there. Give it a few seconds or a few minutes, it depends on your internet. What are the things that pop up?

It is a sheet. It’s like a table view. You first copy all these assets that you want to look for, you can do 50 at a time for optimal performance. If you don’t want to break my site, please do 50 at a time. If you do more than 50, it will take longer. Tell them, “Fifty at a time doesn’t slow down.”

I’m serious about the 50 at a time though. That’s still quite a bit. You go to the bathroom, you come back and it’s done. You’ve got your list of stuff. What is it pulling?

It will pull basic property data, bedrooms, bathrooms, finished square feet, the low value, and the high value. I pull that from Zillow. When it was last sold, price, the tasks assessment and the test assessment year. The amount and the year when it was the test assessment. The type of house, the year built, the lots per square foot, and rental value. We added Google Maps integration. You can go ahead and check it out where’s it on the map. Do all your Google Map stuff. You can see our list of real tours. We connected to Realtor.com where you can see a list of real tours within the same zip code. We finished. I haven’t been able to even send out a newsletter about this. We finally have features that we were working on, on showing city data. For each asset, we can see the county that is in, county population, the poverty numbers of that county, and housing numbers. We see the competency status, the vacancy status, and tenure. It’s a lot of data packed in a single scrape that you can get in less than a minute.

That’s a new edition to it because that’s one of the most important things we tell people like, “We’re not saying that you’re going to buy everything in Austin, Texas or some of the hotter states, there are some secondary markets and outside markets.” You’re giving data to say, “This is not a bad area or it is a distressed area that you may not want to be taking real estate down because the poverty level is increasing or higher population is not there.”

It’s exclusive for this show. If you go to the site, it’s live. We spent months working on this one. We have a couple of months working on these last features here. The idea is for you to not only see the data of the property but also the data of the markets, which is super important. A property might be looking good within the numbers, but where is it located? Is it an area that you want to invest in? That’s something that every investor should be looking into.

NCS 636 | Due Diligence

Due Diligence: You should manage your portfolio with a system that you are comfortable with.


You’ve added some things to it, which is nice besides pulling the information and people can export the spreadsheet. It’s easy, copy it into it. They see the address, city, and state, you don’t need zip codes. Once done in your reports, you can check off the box and then export it back out with your spreadsheets. In that way, you can see a lot of stuff is done. The only times you’ve seen things when they have no data pull is it’s usually a remote property. That’s the first sign if I recognized the city, but it pulls up no data. There’s a reason you probably don’t want to buy that or reason on a distressed spreadsheet. It may be a good-looking house but if it’s a town of 300, 5,000 or less than your desirable numbers, move on and go from there. It takes seconds to pull this stuff. It saves hours. If you think about it, let’s say ten minutes to check one address, websites and all this information. Fifty assets in ten minutes, that’s 500 minutes. That’s half an hour.

The normal time going through a tape is around a day and a half. If you only do that for a day and a half, that’s how’s how long it’s going to take. A day and a half of work are reduced within ten minutes, more or less, 7 or 8 minutes.

It’s less because the fact is that we have to paste it in there, copy the addresses in there, and let it run for a minute, seconds, or depends on how long it is, and then coming back and then evaluating your data. You’ve taken all the heavy lifting in where do I go? What do I look? What websites do I go to? The hunting back and back forth, and you eliminated that. I want to make sure and clarify one thing. This is an automated valuation model. It’s your online valuation. It’s not a true heavy BPO value or realtor looking value. This is to help you with your upfront due diligence. It’s not meant to replace that, but it’s meant to save you time to help filter down the assets that you want to be making offers on.

We aim to be able to tell you like, “You don’t need any other tool. You don’t need to do anything else.” We’re realistic about the value offer. The value offer helps you to cut downtime on your primary due diligence. There’s still a lot of other steps that you have to take in order to make sure that you want to be able to look into this asset. This is a tool to put in your arsenal while you’re doing your real estate work or you’re investing work. That’s our goal here.

Whether it’s notes, REOs, and fix and flips, this is a tool that will work regardless of that information. It’s on the market valuation, information and another important information by scrubbing other websites all in one spot for you. I have some group from Arizona came in and said, “It’s $500 down payment, $149 a month afterward for our software where it’s $1,500 lifetime access.” That is one thing that turns a lot of people off. I can’t spend $1,500 where I don’t even have a note yet. Let’s talk about a small investment. Let’s scare people with how little and how amazing NoteProz is. What’s the price for the scraping side of things?

The only investment that you have to do is monthly. This is SaaS software, Software As a Service. It’s only $27 per month that you have to invest in order for you to be able to get this scraper tool. You can do a couple of hundred scrapes a day. You do 50, 50, 50, and you can go through a tape of 150 to 200 assets in a day. Let’s say if you have another tape of 150, you can scrape that. There’s no limit on how many scrapes that you can do. Everything is within the same subscription.

That’s less than what most people are spending on coffee in a week. Thinking back to what we used to do with hiring somebody, a VA to go out and pull it individually. That could be anywhere from $4 to $8 per line per asset. If it was an asset you didn’t want to, 200 assets at $4, that’s $800 for one tape versus $27 to get all the same information here in a lot faster timeframe versus waiting around for 48 to 96 hours, if not longer to get there. Those services, we used them for a year before we found NoteProz.

You saved me thousands of dollars a year immediately. The beautiful thing I love about what you do is that you’re also very open to people coming back and communicating and say, “I’d like to add this. Can you add this?” You’ve been responsive and great customer service to all of our students. You’ve evolved the software with that, now you’ve got all this county statistical data besides the property data. You’ve also had something here to help people do a deeper dive besides the automated due diligence. Let’s talk a little bit about some of the things that you’ve added.

The idea is for us to add a second module within the diligence. The first step would be able to filter out the assets that you like through the scraper. You can see through the scraper that I scraped twenty addresses. From those twenty, I like ten of those. We decided to add more reports so you can see more details within each property. The first part is for you to be able to do due diligence in bulk. In the second step, we added property reports. You can see from property details like location information when it was last transferring, and the convenience prior to sale information, site information, and all of those things. Transaction history report. It will give you a total history of the vesting, liens, conveniences of the current owner or the prior owner. Lean reports, title channeling reports, sales comparables, tax status reports, foreclosure reports, and document images reports.

For those of you who are familiar with the O&E report, this is like a broken-down O&E report. Although we have a total view report, which brings together all small pieces of all these reports that we went through. We wanted to offer some type of O&E report on demand. If you go, “I only want to be able to see what are the comparables in this area.” You can pull that one report. Instead of ordering an O&E report, pay a bunch of money for it, and wait a couple of days to get it. You can get this one on-demand on here.

An average O&E report can cost you from $85 to $150. What’s the cost for these reports that you’re pulling?

A property detail report is $5. The total view report, which is an old version of the O&E report is $12. It’s like 90% less of an O&E report. It’s instantaneous. You don’t have to wait for it to get it. If the report is available for that property, it will pop up and then you can download it. You don’t have to go through any waiting period. The transaction history report is $12. It’s the same. Open lean is a little bit more, $15. The title chain and lien report is $40. That’s the most expensive one. All the other ones, sales comparables, tax status, foreclosure are $10. Document images where you can pull up the actual images of the documents for the last finance and last transfer, those are $10.

I love it because it saves a lot of money. Where would you use a lot of these reports? An example, you’ve got a list of assets from a bank or a seller that you’re under the radar to pull the trigger and get a good value and give a good bit of amount. This allows you to take that second level. I’m a big proponent that, “Don’t start spending $100 to $200 for a BPO and O&E before you get approval on this.” This way it allows you like, “If you want to come in with a competitor offering to see what’s on titles and see what’s going on with that property.” Pay a little bit extra to get these reports sent to you instantaneously.

That becomes a stronger bid to the asset managers. It’s like, “Here’s my bid. You wanted $55. I’m coming in at $50 because of this and this. Here are the reports that I pulled already to verify that.” When I see somebody that’s done a lot of work, I gave it a lot more value than somebody who’s sent a spreadsheet with no type of documentation on notes on it. You still have the ability to fade your bid and things when you did pull a full O&E report or some of the things like that. Are there any things missing from those reports besides having a realtor pull true BPO value or a true comparative market amounts when they look at everything versus an AVM model? What would you say anything that they need to focus on or something that would be after the bid comes in that they need to spend a little more time on besides a realtor’s eyes and ears on a property?

A BPO is something that you need to pull through but that’s something that we don’t offer. We do have a vendor that we could add here. You can get that report from that vendor. It’s going to be very competitive charges. Our goal here with the reports and any other thing that we offer is not to squeeze every single cent that you have, but to give you more value for a better price. You can go through this. It depends on the investments and the investment strategy that you have. There are different reports that you can get dependent on that. We’ve made a ton of effort to be able to look at all the different types of reports that are valuable for you guys. We added ten different reports here that give you a lot of good information.

It gives you an amazing amount of value, bank for the buck and being able to pick and choose which reports that you want to add, depending on what you find. You’re doing the initial due diligence on values. You take that list of 200, you narrow it down to 50. You start running reports cheaper, then narrow that down to the final true ten that you want to make reports in a fraction of the time. Taking a full day or two days to knock upfront due diligence on full tape, then having to take it to the next step to cut those down. You’re talking already 2, 3, or 4 days before you get bids in, but if you’re using NoteProz, you are a pro when it comes to pulling your values. Your bids are coming in 24 to 48 hours versus people waiting 4 to 5 days to do that.

NCS 636 | Due Diligence

Due Diligence: The whole idea of what digital services should be is figuring out ways technology can help your business succeed over the competition.


That’s the whole thing with the market having the speed to submitting the bids and controlling the bids more than anything else, and versus the struggles coming. We’ve already talked about the money side, but saving the time so that if you’re working part-time, which a lot of you guys out there are doing your note investing one night a week, or from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM. When people aren’t available to pick up the phone and call on a lot of times. This saves you a ton of time to be able to do this easily, and then get your bids in and go off on your merry way while everybody else is sitting there trying to squeeze in during their lunch breaks, or somewhere around where the boss isn’t peeking over their shoulder.

That’s part of our philosophy. How can technology help my business succeed over the competition? That’s the whole idea of what digital services should be. How is this technology going to give me a competitive advantage over my competitors to up my game? We want it to be able to give you an edge. Some people might take 2 or 3 days to get bids in. If you get back the same day with a bunch of data to your investors and to the sellers, that’s going to give you so much credibility. If you have a system in place with NoteProz and some other stuff in there, you’re setting yourself up for success.

NoteProz.com is the website you go to there. You’ve also added a couple of things to help people transition as they grow their portfolio or as they’re adding things. Let’s talk about a couple of things that you’ve added new and they’re additional charges, but it’s a great transition for a lot of people.

There’s a different module. We were creating a tool that is going to help with the first part of the investment, which is the due diligence to put in your bids. Afterwards, what happens when you’ve finally got that investment in. You have to manage those assets. A lot of people are managing those assets with their Excel sheets and that might work fine. That works great for a lot of people. It’s very simple. You should manage your portfolio with a system that you are comfortable with. We know that there’s more space for improvement there. We created a piece of software that helps you manage your investment portfolio. It’s called the NoteProz Asset Manager.

In this module, you’re going to be able to manage all of your assets, investors, your JVs in a very simple way on the cloud. It’s a piece of software where you have an admin section. In this admin section, you are going to be able to create users for the platform. If you have a portfolio manager, you can create a user for that person. In the admin section, we also have managed investors. Investors is where you’re going to enter all your investor information. You set up a password for them, they can log in to the platform, and they can see all the numbers related to their JVs with you.

Instead of sending out quarterly Excel reports to your investors, you can tell them, “Anytime that you want to check, download things from the deals that we have together, here’s your username, here’s your password. Log in and then you will be able to see everything related to us to the business that we have together. You’re able to not only see it but download it and keep it for your own records.” You can manage your investors, your JVs, and your assets. In the financial section, you’re going to be able to put in all those numbers. Anything related to an asset, income and expense, and investor cash accounts, deposits, withdraws, and general ledgers, you’re going to be able to put them in here.

You’re going to be able to create investors’ reports, JV reports, asset reports, cashflow reports, and a ton of different financial reports that are automated. It gives you different data like what is the investor investment, the total investment, my profit, my ROI, my total ROI, my annualized ROI, how many active notes or assets do I have, and how many of those are closed. We have nice graphics in there and everything, so you can better read that data. This is like a white label solution. There’s a free version of the asset manager. When you get into the paid version, you’re going to be able to upload your own logo and give access to investors through the platform. This is another tool for you to be able to manage all of your assets or a slogan for the asset manager. It’s managing your investment portfolio like a Fortune 500.

I love the reporting and access to it. I’m sure people are like, “Did he say there’s a free version of this?” What incorporates the free version and then the paid version? Share that breakdown for people on it. You hinted in it, but you ran over there to go through things and I guarantee people are like, “I love this.”

There’s a free version of the asset manager. If you have up to five assets, you can use the platform for free forever. Whenever you want to use it more, or you have a couple of more assets you want to get in there, you want to be able to give investors access, you want to be able to personalize your dashboard with your logo, you jump into the paid version, which is only also $27 a month. You pay that monthly, no contracts, no nothing. It’s like the diligence module.

A lot of you have a lot less than five assets. You’re starting off with 1 or 2. This is someplace for you to be able to go on, upload your first couple of deals and be able to set things up. I’ve paid $1 an asset before for some software tracking platform. $1 a note per month, which I thought was inexpensive. It had a lot of things, but then I looked back and it was also way too robust and a beast for me and my team. That’s not saying that NoteProz and the asset manager is not robust because you do. If somebody gets their service reading report to download that then import it and match it to fields where you want to go. You have the ability to put notes in there for people to see things. It’s giving your JV partners and investors access to specific deals. They can log in, see the tracking, and the percentage breakdown. Another big bang for the buck. If it’s for traditional real estate or notes, you’ve got both. This works well, especially if you go from the note side initially and take the property back, it becomes an REO, or you pick up an REO that you turn your rental or owner-finance. It works either way for you out there. It’s a valuable tool.

When on the managed assets, you can put the asset on a category. This a performing note, the first trustee then REO. You can put categories into your assets. Whatever categories they are, you’re going to be able to put it in there and make sure, “This asset is a note. This asset is an REO.” You’re going to be able to manage different assets within the asset manager.

I’m tingly over here because you guys know that I don’t come on to share stuff all the time unless I believe in the product or I’m using the product myself. We’re specific about that. We don’t let people pitch everything. We don’t pitch anything out there if we don’t use it because I respect your guys’ opinions. I respect the value and knowing that like, “Here’s what we use here, what we’re using, here’s what we’re transitioning to.” You hear it directly from me that the things that we’ve seen him evolve and with the NoteProz.com out there is a value. You started off with the scraping. A lot of people don’t know you still have to be able to find special asset managers or note sellers from different banks.

When we first launched the platform, it was only the scraper with far less data columns that we have and an asset manager database. We invested some money and train people to call the banks and everything else. Every bank that had an asset in the country, we called them and got the contact information for the asset manager. We did that. The list got a little bit old, so we have to update it. We still have that list. I’m happy to share it if you guys want to.

Let’s make sure they get signed up. That’s the thing, a lot of asset managers move, but you have a warm lead. I’ve got lists from a couple of years ago. If I call a bank, they haven’t called in a while and I simply name-drop the old name like, “You used to work with such and such. That’s fine. Here’s a new person to do that.” It’s still valuable. It is a beast keeping up with that. I love that you were pulling the top twenty states and invest in that. That’s why I’d bring you here because other people are throwing software together. They’re not communicating with their tribe or with their audience or adding other values to things out there. Another thing that people struggle with a lot of times, this is an outside thing, is their social media marketing, their website creation. That’s all stuff that you do as well.

A lot of people are throwing software together, but it’s software that is built around their way of business, the way they do the investments. It’s not software intended for everybody, it’s intended for themselves. That doesn’t work most of the time. You have to create stuff that everybody out there can use it. It’s manuable. We’re not in the US. We’re not investors per se. We create products and software. User-friendliness and hearing what our users tell us is a raw part of how we build things. The part of the social media and stuff, we still do all the things that we started doing with note investors back in the day.

We still do websites. We know that the market is good and well that you don’t have to tell us anything. You have to give us your company information and we’ll throw a good-looking professional website for you. We make social media postings. We manage all of your pages. We make sure we do postings each week so you have that professional online presence. We become the digital department, their IT marketing department of every note investor in there. Sometimes we have bundles. You have access to the software that we offer for notes and real estate or online presence services.

NCS 636 | Due Diligence

Due Diligence: Online is your new business card.


You guys have evolved and taken over things. You’re able to do this because you do work remotely. You’re the international man of mystery. A beautiful thing is that you guys are working remotely and you’re passing those cost savings on to your clients. A lot of people are like, “We’re going to crank this up.” You could charge a whole lot more with what you’re doing, but you’re making it affordable and making it a no-nonsense step. If it’s everybody’s budget out there, whether you’re a brand-new investor trying to figure things out, you’re an existing investor. Even if you have one property that you’ve bought in your house hacking, this can be something that works for you out there, wholesaling, fixing and flipping, note investing, being a landlord, whatever it might be. This is a software that can work for you not only on due diligence but asset management and also communication with your investors and your database to get things along.

We want to be able to provide all of that stuff. Even if you’re starting into notes, the software is useful for every other type of real estate business that you have. We try to merge with your current services. If you’re a real estate investor or somebody in real estate and you’re doing well on your day job, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use us to create your own presence. We can still create good-looking professional websites and social media postings. We don’t only do the services for note investors, we also have other investors in other industries. We know how to handle different types of clients, businesses, and be able to provide the same outcome in our services.

I want everybody to realize, it’s a different post for different people. It’s not the same post, a logo, and then the name swapped out. It’s unique posts that work for whatever your focus is in the industry or your real estate niche there for you. The websites are put together great for things. You can add to take away and manage that stuff with your financial stuff. You guys think about out here, a lot of people are getting rock and rolling, and they’re trying to figure out that presence. It can be daunting of a task to figure all this stuff out, trying to go and create it. I was talking about that, he was like, “I’ve got a free Wix website.” I’m like, “Are you a website expert?” “No.”

Don’t try to do it yourself. It’s going to look like somebody’s got a free Wix website. You get what you pay for with a lot of those. Free has no value because at some point you’re going to transition and you’ve got to redo it. You might as well as you’ve known several of our guests before, start with the end in mind and build a great foundational approach, to begin with. The reporting, due diligence, having a nice website that asset managers are going to look at and say even though they don’t know that you’re brand new, “This person has a great website.” They’re walking the talk.

Credibility guys. Online is your new business card. People are going to say, “They have a website. Let’s check out the website,” because they’re curious. “Their site looks awesome. They must be real. These people look legit.” That’s probably half, creating that credibility with asset managers and investors. That’s going to help you with closing deals.

It will help you find more deals from asset managers. It will help you close a lot more deals because then your investors that you’re talking to, whether they’re self-directed IRA investors or people on your meet up group being able to say, “Go to my website.” It pops up there. It adds a lot to it or being able to show, “You run some reports on a specific asset.” Something that you can say, “Here’s what we’re estimating the breakdown,” versus a picture of the property and a paragraph. “Here’s the analysis that we have found and the reports that we were able to pull.” It takes away a lot of, “I want to fund this deal.”

“It looks good. Could you send me that via email?” “Sure. I’ll send you that.” They’ll send you all the documents that you pulled from our platform, the scrape, and everything else. If we get to do business or as management software, we manage everything through here. Everything is transparent. That works a lot better as if you didn’t have any of those things. If you had a handshake, a smile, and some knowledge. If you don’t have any of those, or if you have those along with sending all of this information to investors, that goes a long way.

It’s what you’ve done, JD. I remember our first couple of conversations were like, “Can you take a look at this?” I looked at this. I’m like, “This is not going to work. You’ve got to add this.” You come back a couple of months later and I say, “It’s all been added.” You’re a regular speaker. We have you on all of our virtual workshops because we value the software. It’s a valuable thing. You’ve been on Note CAMP before. People have tuned in to Note Night in America or the Note CAMP Podcast. You’ve known us talk about this. This is brand new. When I was talking to JD, I saw this, I was like, “I’ve got to have you on the show because this is something. I know a lot of people were expecting a big wave coming in.” It is going to come. Set your business up professional from the get-go. Set it up, you’re rocking and rolling, and learn how to use this. It affords you the opportunity with the cost-effectiveness to not only make more offers but save more time. Honestly, this is no BS aside. You saved me over $5,000 a year if not more when I immediately went to start using that.

There are some great things out there. You can go to NoteProz.com. You can test out the software. It’s $27 a month. There’s no long-term contract. It will save you in a minimal amount of time expenses. We’ve got a list of 329 nonperforming first liens that came in from a fund. One of my coachings is running it through that day to check it out and pull the due diligence. The same thing, guys and gals, you’ve got to learn to not try to do the least amount to succeed. You have to go above and beyond. This is a way for you to take that level with your investors level, with your software, and your management to a whole new level at a very affordable price that fits every budget. A book of stamps costs what these days? Fifty stamps are like $25. For 50 books of stamps you’re paying for a whole month of NoteProz.

If you guys have any issues as every software has some learning curve. Even though we try to make it as simple as possible, there are always questions. Our support is super good. They answer emails within 1 or 2 hours when they get up. You can always reach out to us via email if you have any questions. If you need more tutorial or on phone support, I’ll jump on the phone and help you solve any issue that you might have.

What’s the best email for them to reach out to?


I know that you’re working through these new editions, you’re going through an edit and filming some short videos and short training videos as well so that people can access stuff. They’ll have all that access included with their monthly charge.

I spent a couple of years working on the platform. I have to work to show how to use the platform. It’s the tutorials and everything else, which is another daunting task. When you think you’re done, it’s like, “No, you need to do a little bit more.” We’re building all these tutorial videos and all this stuff. They will be on the site. It’s more for the asset manager, which is a little bit more complicated because the scraper is very simple to use.

I love what you’re doing, JD. Thank you for adding some great value out there for the audience. Guys and girls, no matter where you’re at, whether you’re located in New York in the United States or you’re investing from abroad, this will work for you. What I love about it is it’s simple, fast, but effective. Anytime you can save money and time. Most of you guys are on a budget, and then you don’t have a lot of time, this is the perfect marriage for you guys who are getting rock and rolling, getting started, and evolving to something more. Take advantage of JD’s offering. Go to NoteProz.com. If you want to go on over to the YouTube channel, you can watch Systematize Your Due Diligence, the seconds video that’s on there. It was a screenshot and screen view of him going through each section individually and asking questions from there. JD, I hope you’ll have a great day. You deserve it. Go and have a fun time.

Thank you.

Go on out there. If you’re able to close some notes, go use NoteProz to help you with your due diligence, speed up your time, efficiency being an investor. Get your due diligence done faster. It can save you a lot of time and look a lot better in front of your audience, your investors, asset managers, and attracts the right people to your audience. Take advantage of the amazing and cheap price out there for everybody. We look forward to seeing you all at the top. Bye.

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