EP 689 – Three Things That Real Estate Investors Must Do in 2022

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

  What should you be doing to boost your real estate investing this 2022? Scott Carson has the answers for you. In this episode, Scott lists down the top three things all real estate investors need to be focusing on to find and fund more deals this year. He discusses the need to Market More, Follow-Up, and Embrace Video to set you apart from other investors. It’s never too late to start upping your game. … Read More

EP 515 – Knowing Lender Limitations With Merrill Chandler

NCS 515 | Lender Limitations

  Many entrepreneurs and real estate investors actively use works of Merrill Chandler to easily get the funding they need, to do more deals, and build their business empire. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with CEO and Chief Strategist at CreditSense.com Merrill Chandler about knowing how to spot lender limitations when it comes to applying for lines of credit to fund your deals. Join Merrill Chandler as he teaches you ways on how to … Read More

EP 364 – Crowdfunding Mistakes with Jillian Sidoti

NCS 364 | Crowdfunding Mistakes

  Back in 2012, the JOBS Act was passed. What we have seen happen is that more people are now advertising for investors because there’s a couple of different rules that allow you to advertise for investors. One of those rules is 506c which allows you to raise money from accredited investors only. You can do general solicitation, but you have to verify that those investors that are coming in your deals are indeed accredited. … Read More