EP 689 – Three Things That Real Estate Investors Must Do in 2022

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022


What should you be doing to boost your real estate investing this 2022? Scott Carson has the answers for you. In this episode, Scott lists down the top three things all real estate investors need to be focusing on to find and fund more deals this year. He discusses the need to Market More, Follow-Up, and Embrace Video to set you apart from other investors. It’s never too late to start upping your game. Don’t miss out on practical advice to help you grow your business, and tune in for more tips to guide your next deal!

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Three Things That Real Estate Investors Must Do in 2022

It has been a while since we’ve done some solo episodes, and we are excited about what we have to share with you not only now but also going forward here in 2022. We are excited about what’s going on this 2022. I’m glad to have each and every one of you here, wherever you are reading. We will still have our amazing content with a lot of our great speakers. We’ve got some doozies lined up as amazing guests to share their knowledge and experience, not only on their real estate investing side but also in marketing, raising capital and closing more deals. That’s what we are all here for. It is an interesting year, and I’m honored to have you all.

Our topic is going to be something that we have been working on for a while, going back to last October 2021. People are constantly looking at their marketing. They are looking at their business and what they are doing. The most hated word in the last few years is, “How are we going to pivot?” I hate that word. You are going to tweak things. Some people do need to pivot. People who have been laid off have to find a new career, and their deal flow isn’t working.

I hear the frustration from a lot of investors out there, “How do I find deals? How do I find profitable deals? How do I find the money? How do I find cheap money? How do I raise capital to fund the deals that I’m looking at?” I get it. It can be difficult out there if you are not keeping up with the times and also not expanding your audience and where you are fishing. We all know that there are ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and peaks and valleys out there. Honestly, more money is made in a down market than in an upmarket.

I live here in Austin, Texas. I haven’t bought anything here in Austin, Texas for so long because I have found better deals from other places. I have also used what has been given to me by the market to capitalize and make lemonade out of lemons. We’ve all had our fair share of lemons, good deals, and bad deals stuff out there. We’ve all got the scars to go along with it. Brush yourself off, get a little thicker skin, and get rock and rolling. There are a lot of opportunities that people have to not pivot but tweak their focus and tweak some things so they can capitalize on the opportunities that are available out there.

Market More

I want to target three things with this episode across the board for you about things that we have been reaching out to, doing some marketing, and having some a-ha moments. We all have those a-ha moments out there. Here’s the first thing I want to talk with you about. Here’s the number one thing that I see from people out there. All you’ve got to do is look at the different Facebook groups out there, “Where do you find deals? How do I find deals? I’m looking for deals.”

This is the number one thing that you have to think about. You’ve got to do number one, and this is more important than anything else. You’ve got to market more. You have to start marketing differently than most people do. What do I mean by that? You have a lot of people in real estate. Our niche of note investing is a completely different niche when it comes to marketing. You have had a lot of people that have taken the opportunity to take the markets where they are at and didn’t have to do a lot of work.

Everybody makes money in an upmarket. It’s when the market turns south that you find out the people who know how to market that build a true business. One of the biggest mistakes I see regularly is that marketing is not taught. Marketing in this world is not taught to real estate investors. You still have the old guard. A lot of these things still work with direct mail, postcards, yellow letters, bandit signs, and door knocking. Get all that stuff in, and all those things will still work but you have to put the work in. You also decide to put the work in the timing behind it. If you are struggling or are bootstrapped financially, you may not have a lot of the capital to be successful in one of those things.

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

Must Do In 2022: People have to tweak some things—not pivot—so they can capitalize on the opportunities that are available out there.


If you look at direct mail, having a 1% to 4% response rate, you also have to look at other forms of the market but also look at your market. What’s working in the market? What’s not working in the market? What do you have to do? Do you have to adjust your market? Do you need to find another market? You have to get into the aspect of marketing more.

You have to market your business more and look at things. That means sending out emails. It means creating a buyer’s list. It means jumping on and doing some more networking at local REIA meetings or going out and targeting more passive investors out there or people out there who are looking to put money to work.

We are all in for some interesting times here over the next few years or so. We have to thank the news for building all the doom and gloom, and fear like the inflation is at 7%, supply chains, and empty shelves. I don’t know about you guys but I stopped watching the news way over the years ago because it got too depressing. A lot of people out there are struggling. A lot of good people who worked hard, have got money saved, and may have an IRA and stuff like that are looking for deals because they are scared of what their money is not making.

When you look at and consider the fact that most self-directed IRA companies usually have around 30% of their investments under management, making zero. That’s all the marketing you need to fund your deals. Not at 8%, 10%, 12% or 15% like a lot of us sharks like to do. A lot of the sharks like to look at things. What you have to realize is those people are fearful. They are happy.

If you could give them 4% or 6%, they will fund deals all day long because they don’t have to do the work. You can loan the money, put a lien against the property, do an assignment of collateral, create an LLC for them, and whatever variety of ways to do it legally. Always contact your attorney and make sure you do it legally.

The thing you have to realize is there are millions and millions of people out there not being served. All they are being served is a plateful of doom and gloom. They are not being served by high investment companies or investment firms. Everybody is chasing the $1 million to $5 million more climb with a portfolio or a network. That smaller market, million or less, is a lot of investors and people who are still working full-time. They are still looking to do some things and have got some money saved in their IRA, 401(k) or old 401(k), that they need to put to work because otherwise, it’s losing value.

That’s the biggest thing. It’s reaching out and marketing more to those clients because it is not difficult. You can find those individuals in county records, your neighborhood, networking, and other events. You just got to get the word out more about what you are doing. I know, “Scott, why are you not wearing a mask?” It’s because I’m on a show. I’m not wearing a mask. I’m not a super spreader. We know we live in a weird society. Every city and state is a little bit different. Thank God we are not in Australia in a lot of cases. Thank God we are in other places out there. We will leave that be because there are some extreme things.

Must Do In 2022: Enough people aren’t doing enough stuff.


You can still mark it without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home. I’m a big believer that you can buy those hazmat suits at Lowe’s. Those paints are cheap. That would be funny to show up to a REIA club meeting wearing one of those. That would be funny showing up in that and saying, “I’m here to network but I want to be safe.” There are ways things work online. There are so many opportunities, and this is about the market. We are not just going to talk about finding money, but we are going to talk about deals here. You have Meetup groups, LinkedIn groups, and Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a dumpster fire. There are a lot of them out there that don’t have any activity. They just become a place to post for people to advertise. There’s not a lot of deal flow.

When you post that you’ve got a deal or you are working on something, it leaves a lot of people opting in. We have had some more students that have posted on LinkedIn like, “I got more deals that I’m working on.” Eighty people respond with their emails. “We want to fund it or if we can buy it,” so there’s an opportunity for it. That’s the big thing. Posting something real is great. You just got to get the word out about what you are doing.

There are a lot of Meetup groups that are empty that you may be able to join and post to. There’s a group here locally with roughly about 4,000 members that they don’t post regularly. I asked to become a member. I do a Monday night webinar, Note Night in America. Make sure you check it out. We are pretty excited about that. It’s coming every Monday night for a couple of years now. You can do it by registering at NoteNightInAmerica.com and registering RSVP for it. It’s free. It’s recorded, so check it out. It will take you to the Zoom link.

I highly encourage you to also subscribe. It’s going to these groups and posting something that you can instantly have an audience of investors or funding sources. It’s not that difficult. I see a lot of Meetup groups that post once a month. They have one event. I was in a note group of about 678 members. They post once a month. Meetup is one of the best organic places to connect with people automatically because if somebody goes on Meetup and looks for interest, it will automatically recommend things.

I have this group of about 780 members and have only added roughly about twenty new people in the last years. That means they are not marketing at all. It’s an ideal group for what I want to focus on. What I did was I went on there and connected with them. I’m starting to post regularly. There’s another group in Austin here with around 3,800 members. It’s the same thing. They only posted once a month. I started posting in there and suddenly started attracting people because people want to surround themselves with other people doing things.

Enough people aren’t doing enough stuff. Can we agree to that? We all could be doing more. That’s one of the things. There are so many great resources that you are posting something of value, “Here’s a deal that I’m working on. Here’s a case study. If you would like more, like it. We have another deal in here. Go on and pull up my past case study.” Those are such valuable things because people want to surround themselves and connect with the one person doing something.

Follow Up

Those are some things that you can do easily enough to market to. Here’s one of the things if you are looking for deal flow. Number two is pretty easy, follow up. What do I mean by follow-up? Follow-up is one thing we’ve pride ourselves on with what we’ve done for the last years. There has been a note investors since 2010 since the follow-up. A lot of us in the note business, and this is also on a real estate basis, have a lot of deals that fall through. There are a lot of deals where somebody makes an offering, and this is in real estate fix and flipping and stuff like that.

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

Must Do In 2022: Everybody’s bidding for those top 20% but there’s a lot in that middle 50% that may not be grand slam deals, but they’re singles, doubles, triples that can add a lot of value.


There are a lot of deals that fall through where they don’t get to the closing table. They get that spot, and something happens. They find something wrong, a lien that needs to take some time to clear up or if the value comes back a little off. They don’t complete the transaction. If you are an investor, especially in the distressed notes space or the performing note space, I highly recommend you follow up. If you make an offering, and it doesn’t get approved, follow up in 30 days, “Did this deal close?”

I would look back at every deal, entity, fund or website you’ve ever submitted a bit to and follow up with, “What do you have that you haven’t closed on? What do you have that fell through? I made an offer 60 days ago, did it close or it didn’t? I’m still interested in the deal.” This is such a huge untapped field of deal flow because people will often go for the rosiest or the best, the cherry of the cherry deals. They don’t look at anything else on there while everybody is bidding for those top 20%.

There’s a lot in that middle 50% that may not be grand slam deals but they are singles, doubles or triples that can add a lot of value. A lot of people bid on those, and then they will either walk away from the deal because they don’t like the due diligence, didn’t raise the capital or they capital on. That’s one big thing. It is looking at some of the different spreadsheets and websites and reaching back out to the sellers of those deals.

If you are seeing a website that had the same deal listed for six months or a year, that would be your number one priority because that’s one of the things that we are doing. We are looking at lists that have stuff that was listed years ago and is still for sale. That’s a motivated seller if I’ve seen one for the most part. I’m willing to bet they are more motivated now to move that asset than they were years ago. A lot of people looked at that deal, “It’s old. I’m not going to look at it.” If you put a fresh look on it, you can often pick up deals at a big discount.

That’s one of the active things that we and our students are doing. It is going back and encouraging. On those assets we made an offer on from that month, reach out to them. See who bought them. See if they closed. If they didn’t close, reach back out. Even those at the bottom are potential buyers of deals for you as well. That’s the big thing. When you look at, “I found a deal but I need some capital,” you look at so many people out there, and we talked about marketing more, that a lot of people out there that be happy.

Above-average return to them means a whole variety of different things than what it means to you and me. We are sharks. We are real estate investors. We want to make 12% of our money or an infinite rate of return on our money. There are a lot of people out there who got $50,000 or $100,000 sitting in accounts, making zero, their IRAs making nothing, sitting there waiting for somebody to reach out to them. Some people have money sitting on the sidelines from the old IRA or old 401(k) that all they are hearing is doom and gloom. They want to put something into either keep up with or at least make something versus nothing. You guys and gals, people all across the country, have the opportunity.

Find a deal at 8% or 9%. Most people are like, “I don’t want to deal with that because I got to get paid money out there.” You need to look at where you are raising your capital from and give a realistic approach. We’ve always got to pivot or counter our marketing and market. It should be the same when you are raising capital. I’m not paying 12%. There’s too much money out there. I will offer you a 4% to 6%. It’s the same type of opportunity and supply and demand. There is a lot of supply of money and demand for deals.

Must Do In 2022: Are you a ‘do-er’ or a ‘want to do-er’?


Investors are looking to put something in place, “I’m not paying 12% to 15%. I’m not giving you half. I will give you a 4% to 6% for 2 to 3 years, and then I will sell the asset off, or we will refinance out, or the deal will close up between now and then a variety of things.” That’s what I would look at. Those are a couple of the biggest things. I have it on my list here. We’ve got to market more, and you’ve got to reach out to old leads. One of the things that I like doing is tracking assignments. I’ve talked about this before in one of our workshops and webinars. You can go to every county for the most part and do a document search on their public records.

Some counties want to charge you to have access like Wayne County in Michigan wants you to charge. It was pretty cheap. You can go and look for an assignment of mortgage and assignment search. The assignment, for those who don’t know in the note business, when I buy a note from somebody, let’s say it’s a Goodman Investments. They’ve got notes for sale. If I buy a note from them, what gets transferred is not a deed if it’s a mortgage. It’s an assignment of mortgage that gets transferred. You can go to the county clerk records office and do a search for assignments. You will be able to see who bought which note and who bought which note.

I will give you an example. We did this with one of my one-on-one students who is interested in a note. He saw on a website that the property is not too far from him. When he looked initially, it looked like it was a name of a company, Fremont Loan and Investments. That company has been in business for a couple of years. We got to the county recorder’s office and looked at the signs. We found that Fremont Loan and Investments was originally the original loan company but the note had been sold four times.

We had 2 assignments recorded on the same day and a 3rd one 3 days later. It looks like somebody bought that note. The fund bought it, sold it, and recorded the assignments because they funded and bought it and never recorded it originally until the new buyer. What did we find? Did we find one buyer? Potentially. We found three buyers because the firms that were also in the assignments were buyers but also sellers. We found three sources for him to buy deals from. We made a phone call and reached out. We re-engaged in the conversation to buy this note but also looked at what else is on their portfolio that they are looking to get rid of, performing and nonperforming.

That’s one of the things. Follow up with your folks. If you would like to talk with me, it’s pretty easy. All you got to do is go to TalkWithScottCarson.com and encourage you to schedule a phone call. Book a call with me now. We will pick a time that will link you directly to my calendar to see what’s available. I love hearing from investors, whether you are new or seasoned. I love to talk with you, see about what your goals are for the year, and see if we can help you get there out there.

I also want to throw out a big thing. A lot of people took us up on this offering. It is a great little deal. We’ve got a great little thing we do. We have something called our Note Weekend Class. Many people are looking to get started in buying performing and nonperforming notes. We have been teaching this stuff since 2010. We closed on thousands of deals and raised millions of dollars, not only for us but also for our students. I encourage you to go to NoteWeekend.com and click on that link. It’s up to $44 to $45, normally $99. People take advantage of that big discount price. It’s a one-day class with replay.

Check it out by going to NoteWeekend.com. Click on that link and get signed up. We will send you the replays. It’s about a six-hour class. It’s a great starting point. We talked a little about how to find deals, how we find them directly from banks, how we fund them, and how we contact IRA investors. We showed you how we do that and then also flipped on how we make money with exit strategies and rely on vendors to make things happen up there.

Must Do In 2022: You hold the keys to success in your hands with what you do on a day-in, day-out basis.


The third one for you on the three things you need to focus on this year is one to market more. You’ve got to find the time to do it, at night from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM. It doesn’t have to be money-driven. If you’ve got a limited budget, rely heavily on LinkedIn and Meetup groups. If you got an email CRM, send an email out to your database once a week. You got to market more. Go out to networking events. We can do that through conferences. That may cost a little money but start giving out. There are plenty of live webinars out there. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is to follow up with folks to who you have made offers and with everybody. Not enough people are doing that because, inherently, most investors are lazy. They just want the low-hanging fruit. If you go up above that with a little bit of work and follow-up, you will often find more deals that have been untouched because nobody is reaching out. A lot of investors who that bought stuff are not great marketers. They are looking for somebody to reach out to them. The second thing is marketing more.

Embrace Video

The third thing I want to share with you is to help you this 2022, and this doesn’t come from me. This comes from amazing life rules out there. This doesn’t have to be anything difficult. It’s something we all see what’s taking place in the market across all the platforms. You’ve got to embrace video. That’s the number three thing that you guys need to focus on. This does not need to be a live-hour podcast or live streaming thing. There are so many platforms out there. If you’ve got a smartphone, that’s all right.

Embracing videos will get the word out about what you are doing. It’s not a get-found fast thing. It takes a little bit of time and content sharing. You will start with your five basic videos about you, what you are looking for, and what your long-term goals are. Those are things that you would repeat regularly. The reason why those things are so important and why you want to share those is it builds natural rapport with people.

People out there, just like you, are looking for solutions. We’ve all got problems. We are all either looking to find more deals, raise more capital or do better things for our life, family, friends, kids or spouses. We need opportunities. We need solutions to our problems. You’ve got the solution, whether it is investing in fix and flips, landlords, Airbnbs or my favorite performing and nonperforming notes. You have the answer. You just got to share it.

If you had the true cure for COVID, you would share it. If you have the cure to people’s problems with your actions and what you are focused on, share it. Everything is video these days and platforms. If you are not embracing video and starting to shoot little videos, we are not talking long. I’ve got an amazing student, Catherine, who is doing 15 to 1-minute videos and sharing them on YouTube, LinkedIn, and other places. She was getting bombarded with people that are starting to binge her content. She’s just sharing short little videos and getting a lot of people to reach out to her, “I love what you are doing. I want more.”

People want to surround themselves with doers. Are you a doer or are you a want-to-doer? We don’t want to hang out with the wannabes. We want to hang out with people who are taking action. We are not talking about a tremendous amount of things. If you do something consistent on a regular basis and give it time to grow, it’s like an upswing. I saw a great analogy at an event that I was on. Maybe we have any golfers on here. We’ve got some people who love golf or gamble a little bit or things.

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

Must Do In 2022: Every market’s a little bit different depending on if you’re shut down or not, but there’s opportunities in each market.


People like to go and play in front of him to golf, “We all pay a dollar a hole, which is great. We want to make it in the stream. Let’s start you off at $0.10 a hole but double it each hole. The hole 1 is only $0.10, hole 2 is only $0.20, hole 3 is $0.40, hole 4 is $0.80, hole 5 is $1.60, hole 6 is $3.20, hole 7 is $6.40, and hole 8 is $14.” Start getting that you get into those later rounds. Those doubling goes up dramatically.

It’s that same analogy with you with marketing. At first, you are not going to see a lot of traction. You got to give it time for those seeds to sprout. Eventually, you can do a little bit more each week. One thing each day and each week, depending on what your schedule is, you are going to see a big increase. You got to give it time for the rollout. You got to give time for it to catch fire. You’ve got to get time for people to start paying attention to what’s going on. I highly encourage you to embrace it. It has never been easier to start doing videos.

There are a whole variety of ways to do one thing and share it in a variety of ways without having to cost a lot. Here’s the thing, ladies and gentlemen. Ninety-five percent of people don’t do anything. Only 5% of investors out there, the people who want to be investors, take action. If you look at your activities, it’s easy to tell, “Are you a doer or a want-to-doer?” There are so many people who want to do something, “I want to do this. I want to make money in real estate. I want to do these notes.” It’s all about the doer side of things.

Are you doing things on a regular basis to attract that? I want to be the greatest tomato farmer in Austin because I love tomatoes but if I’m not planting tomatoes, my wants aren’t going to end up doing them. I have to do it to fulfill my wants. What I’m getting at is you have to start taking action. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult. Those three things that we’ve talked about are little things you can do to start to get the ball rolling.

The first thing is if you want to market more, you’ve got to figure out where you are going to market, “Do I have a list? Do I have a database? Do I have social media profiles? Do I need to start connecting with people on there? Do I need to start uploading a video or doing a little live stream, whether it’s Instagram Live or whatever? Where’s my audience that I want to market to make things happen? My audience isn’t on video but did they watch a video? No. Do you mean they don’t watch TV or anything? They do. Share.”

I’ve got a good friend in Detroit, and he does a great job. He has this podcast. I won’t share his name but he interviews all these professionals. He does a great production and great blue screen. He does a lot of great stuff intro and out but he’s struggling with it. I asked him, “Why are you struggling?” He said, “My audio downloads are good but I want to track more people on the video side.” I said, “Let’s jump over to your YouTube channel.” I went over to his YouTube channel. He only has 107 subscribers and has been doing this for years.

Every video has no comments. It’s 1 view or 0 views. I’m like, “That sucks.” He’s getting engagement on Facebook when doing his lives but his YouTube is not. What is YouTube? YouTube is the second largest search engine owned by the number one search engine. He’s not doing anything with that search engine. Seventy-four percent of people out there watch YouTube of some sort, and only 26% of the Americans have listened to podcasts already but the numbers are growing. He’s eliminating something for his audience. I’m like, “You go to spend a little time on here. Take what you are doing. Copy-paste. Take the bio.”

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

Must Do In 2022: If you’ll do some marketing, a little bit of outreach, and a little bit of follow-up, you will find some really great stuff that really gives you an above average return on an investment on your time.


Those are little, simple things you can do to pique your interest. That’s what I want to share with you guys. You don’t have to spend $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 a month. You don’t even spend $1,000 a month. Start doing a little bit extra. Start sharing your stories. Start sharing your past and present case studies and deals that you failed at, “This is why we didn’t do this deal. This is the deal that I did years ago. Here’s what I’m working on.” Those are such valuable things to get out to your audience. You have to start sharing that information out there and start finding stuff.

We are planning on having the next round of videos. It is going through, “What’s the market like in 2022?” We are focusing on states and cities. We are excited to have my friend, Kelley Murphy, who’s the Head of Business Development for a title company here in Austin. They are doing their 2022 economic forecast with one of the best economic advisors here in Texas. We are real excited about that to have that on here. We’ve all had to change and tweak some things, and I encourage you to do the same thing.

Look at what you are doing. If you are not happy with where your numbers were in 2021, it’s not anybody’s fault except your own, “I will blame it on COVID.” Blame it on COVID but that’s not going to help anything, “I want to blame it on getting laid off.” That’s great but that’s not going to help you going forward. You hold the keys to your success in your hands with what you do on a day-in and day-out basis. If you have a big goal, write it down. Start reverse engineering those numbers to take a look at what you need to be doing on a daily basis to build upon.

You can have this amazing goal out here but if you are not going to do A, B, and C to get the Z, Z doesn’t make any sense. Let’s focus on A, B, and C for you. If you are new to this, have been dabbling and taking classes, trying to do some stuff but not really finding success, the number one thing you can do besides the things we talked about here is to start building an investor’s list. Start building you a warm market list, an email database.

Take all those business cards and people you’ve met at REIA club meetings, networking events or on the coffee poster board at Starbucks. Take those people and put them in a database. You could use Keap.com, formerly Infusionsoft. They were great. They are one of our partners. We love them. It’s a great way to start marketing to your database. Start getting the word out on what you are doing. Start that wafting of fumes of letting people know what you are doing.

People want solutions, and the only way to get the word out en masse is for you to share solutions. Gone are the days like, “I’m going to make 50 phone calls and talk to 50 people.” You could do that but wouldn’t it be smarter for you to take those 50 people or the 500 people you don’t get to, send an email out, and have the ten people that are interested be higher and more valuable phone calls because they’ve said, “I am interested,” versus, “Don’t bother me. What are you selling me? You sent me some MLM. I don’t need any vegetables, vitamins, soap on a rope or whatever.”

You got to market like it’s the 21st century. That would be the first thing you want to do. Put people into a database, a CRM. Keap is our preferred vendor. If you need an introduction, let me know. We’d be glad to introduce you because often our guy has better deals than what’s online. It’s Keap.com. Start connecting with your audience once a week. I know you’ve got a job and worked 40, 50 or 60 hours a week. You want to come home and just binge whatever like Witcher or you want to watch those playoff games on the weekend.

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

Must Do In 2022: You’ve got to put in those taproots of getting things done and getting some marketing on first before you see a lot of growth.


I get it but do something for your business. Do one thing this week for your business and your long-term. We are all going to be in real estate for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 years or maybe the rest of our lives for some of us. Every person in your database is valuable. You are not bothering or spamming them. You are adding content, “What do I say?” Talk about what you’ve got going on, “Here’s a short little video on what we are doing. It was good to connect with you. I’m trying to expand my network here in the air.”

LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to do that too. If you don’t have a database, go to LinkedIn, start connecting with other real estate investors, and do a search about Austin real estate investors or Rhode Island. Those are the things to keep in mind. Every market is a little bit different depending on if you are shut down or not but there are opportunities in each market. Some markets have great real estate clubs. Others are remote, so you got to get more creative.

There are untapped resources and deals all around us. All you got to do is market to them and go out there. There are plenty of money sitting on the sidelines. There are plenty of deals at that second level, not the low-hanging fruit but at the second level. If you do some marketing and a little bit of outreach and follow-up, you will find some great stuff that gives you an above-average return on an investment and your time. You will build confidence.

A lot of people struggle with confidence out there, and I get it, “What do I do? What should I do? What can I do?” Do you know what you have to do? You’ve got to put one foot in front of the other and take it one day at a time. My mom would say, “One day at a time, sweet Jesus.” Rome was not built in a day. It takes time. You’ve got to build some momentum. You’ve got to plant some roots and stick with them.

That’s the one big thing that I see a lot of people screwing up with out there. They go from an event to an event and meet a group where they take a class and another class. They start doing what that instructor or educator has taught them, go on to something else, and stop. You’ve got to give things time. You’ve got to give time to what you are doing for those seeds to germinate and those roots to sprout, so you see some stuff going on.

If you follow me, you guys know I garden on the weekends here since we are not traveling as much. One of my favorite plants is the avocado. I love avocados, guacamole, and avocado toast. I love throwing in my salads. Avocados had this big root, this big seed. Some people will plant this in a little bottle of water, and it takes a while to sprout. Peel the skin off and let it sit there on the water. What happens is that root comes out first, not the top part. The root comes out. Avocados will have long roots. Usually, it’s about a good 4 to 6 inches deep before they sprout out more inches in the top.

Many of you have to realize you’ve got to put in those taproots first of getting things done and getting some marketing done before you see a lot of growth. If you are going to a local REIA club, they tell you, “You are going to be showing up consistently for six months before you see any traction.” It’s the same thing. It’s not 6 months with avocado seeds but often 6 weeks. If I plant this in the ground, it will be six weeks before I see something pop up. I still water. I still make sure it gets sun and is in good soil.

NCS 689 | Must Do In 2022

Must Do In 2022: Marketing is a tool that we all need and, unfortunately, most people don’t share that.


I’m not joking. I counted it, and it had twenty avocado trees that were growing anywhere from a foot to 4-foot tall here. It’s at least 2 to 3 years before they bear any fruit. I still love them. It’s still something I’m interested in but the payoff is going to pay off exponentially because I got a plant that didn’t cost me anything. It’s going to feed me. It just takes a little time and water and focus on that stuff regularly, a little bit each day, twice a week water in it, and making sure it’s in a nice warm spot here because of the cold weather.

That’s your business. Look at it. Are you feeding your business a little bit each week? Are you in that taproot phase for a while, and it’s time for you to sprout? A lot of people struggle with that, and they go from class to class. They don’t know where to begin. They have been sold a bunch of crap. It’s not working in their market, and they need somebody to talk to. We are going to help. That’s what the show is for. Do we focus primarily on distressed debt? Yes. Do we focus primarily on note investing? Yes.

I had a guy send me a friend request on Facebook. He was like, “Hey.” I was like, “Thanks for the friend request. How can I serve you?” He’s like, “I’m looking for deals in the Southwest.” I was like, “What’s your niche?” “All the Southwest.” I’m like, “You haven’t told me what you are looking for.” “It’s 157 to 200 units.” “That’s pretty tough.” “I’m brand new.” “Let’s talk about it. If you are brand new, pick up the phone or go on, schedule a call with me, TalkWithScottCarson.com. Book a call with me. It’s free to do. There’s no obligation. I just want to help you out. I want you to make the most of what’s going on in the market. I will tell you to do this and that.”

We’ve worked with investors for many years and helped them get on the right path system. Here’s the one thing that unites all investors. We are all marketers. We are all in the marketing space, marketing for deals, marketing for capital. You just have to focus your marketing on what niche you are focused on, whether it’s apartments, notes, rentals or wholesaling. Marketing is a tool that we all need. Unfortunately, most people don’t share that. Most of your educators and groups don’t focus a lot on marketing in this world. You have the bandit signs and yellow letters. I get that but that’s not marketing in the 21st century.

Go to TalkWithScottCarson.com, and they will take you directly to my calendar and book a spot. I would love to know from our audience across the world, the socials and the metaverse of what you were doing and focused on. Going back to a quick little wrap-up before we let you go. Once again, the first thing you need to focus on more so as an investor in 2022 is you got to market more. You got to take the time to market more because that’s who’s seeing deals are those that market more.

Two, you got to follow up. Follow up with people, companies, and people you’ve made offers and had conversations with, “What do you have in your books that you are looking to sell? What’s on your desk would you like to get rid of this quarter? What didn’t close that I can take a look at? Did you close those deals last quarter at the end of the year? What didn’t close in Q4 that you want to move in Q1?”

Number three, this goes into marketing. We are embracing video, not only embracing video and talking about raising capital but your deal flow and sharing your story and journey. You have the solution, and you just got to share it. If you had the cure for polio and never shared it, shame on you. If you have a cure for cancer, you will share it. Realize that, ladies and gentlemen, that your energy and you identify with somebody out there who’s looking for that solution.

You don’t need to be Scott Carson. You don’t need to be Ron LeGrand. You don’t need to be Sean Terry. You just need to be you. As people identify with like-minded individuals, people identify with you. You will attract a different audience. With me, I attract a different audience. That’s the beautiful thing. Share what you are doing. Share your journey. People want to root for you. That’s why we love underdog stories. We love hearing about the comebacks.

Think about one of the best comeback stories. What pops in my head, and I’m thinking about this, is Isaiah Thomas, who’s playing in the NBA. He didn’t play for two years because of hip injuries. In 2022, he started off playing, got back, and is doing well. That’s a great story. You talk about it like, “I didn’t do very well yesterday,” but Dak Prescott had been out in 2020 with a broken ankle and coming back and leading the Cowboys with 12-5 in the regular-season record only to fill in the playoffs.

We all love stories. We all love comebacks. Share your story. We are all an underdog in some fashion but go out and take some action. One of the things that people struggle with too and this could be another time in another article. If you’ve got people that initially responded negatively to what you are doing, those aren’t your right people. There are a lot of Debbie Downers and Negative Nancies out there that have a dark soul for all.

You will never have somebody above you doing more than you talk derogatorily about you because they know what it takes to show it. Show up day in, day out, week in, week out, and keep marketing and pushing towards your goals because your goals are awesome. You can achieve your goals. You just got to put a plan in place. The number one thing is to take action, ladies, and gentlemen.

I encourage you to take action, go out, and kick some ass. We look forward to seeing this as your top, everybody. Once again, check out our class. We host the third Saturday of every month. It’s Note Weekend. I highly encourage you to check it out. We brought a great special run on it now. It’s NoteWeekend.com. Hopefully, we will see you all on Monday night at Note Night in America. If you are on YouTube, make sure you hit the Subscribe button while you are there. Go to WeCloseNotes.tv. Other than that, go out and take some action. We will see you at the top.


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