EP 697 – Establishing Relationships To Drive Business Growth With Pablo Gonzales

NCS 697 Pablo | Community Relationships

  Establishing relationships is good for business growth because it allows you to build trust, show your commitment, and prove your credibility. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott talks with Pablo Gonzalez about the power of building revenue through creating relationships with your clients and community. Pablo is the inventor of the Relationship Flywheel™️, host of the B2B Community Builder and Not Your Average Investor Shows, and Co-Founder of Be The Stage. … Read More

EP 694 – Becoming A Beacon Of Leadership With Chris Voss #leadership

NCS 694 | Beacon Of Leadership

  What does it mean to be a beacon of leadership in today’s world? On this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson sits down with fellow podcaster and author Chris Voss. Chris talks about his new book, Beacons of Leadership. Chris shares why he wrote the book and why the principles he wrote about are something everybody needs to know and implement. Tune in and learn how you can be a beacon of … Read More

EP 685 – Building A Strong Personal REI Brand With Paul Copcutt

NCS 685 Paul Coputt | REI Brand

  A strong real estate investing business needs to have a strong personal brand, especially when you’re just starting out. The act of just being on LinkedIn and networking can go a long way for your REI brand. Join your host Scott Carson as he talks with the host of the R.E.I. Branded Podcast, Paul Copcutt, about building your personal REI brand. Discover what it takes and some of the mistakes that real estate investors … Read More

EP 659 – Online Exposure: Expanding Your 2021 Marketing Roadmap With Lyndsay Phillips

NCS 659 | Online Exposure

  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, and now, Clubhouse. The list keeps on growing. As long as people are online, social media will continue to rule over the internet. However, if you’re connecting for business-related things, which one should you focus on? Your guest today, Lyndsay Phillips, knows exactly where to focus on. Lyndsay is the President of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and the host of Smooth Business Podcasting. Join your host, Scott Carson, as … Read More

EP NNA 81 – 5 Key Phases Of Marketing For Note Investors

NNA 81 | Note Marketing

  Everyone is on the marketing business, no matter what you niche is. The problem with many real estate and note investors is that when it comes to marketing, they often give up right out of the gate. Whatever their reason, it is an especially regrettable missed opportunity to take their business to the next level. As 2021 comes around the corner, it is high time you take a second look at marketing and take … Read More

EP 625 – Hacking The Entrepreneurial Mindset With Tibor Nagy

NCS 625 | Entrepreneurial Mindset

  Making the shift from being an employee to becoming a business owner requires not only a drastic change in the way you work, but more importantly in the way you think. All entrepreneurs have to undergo this process of building an entrepreneurial mindset and it is those who nail it who have the greater chance of success. Scott Carson talks about this with Hungarian entrepreneur and mindset coach, Tibor Nagy. An architect by training, … Read More

EP 620 – A Whole New Ballgame: From Professional Football To Professional Real Estate Investor With Willie Smith

NCS 620 | Professional Real Estate Investing

  There’s an inside joke in professional football that NFL stands for “not for long” because when the time comes for you to become an indefinite free agent, you definitely have to start thinking about how to pay your bills and feed your family. For offensive tackle Willie Smith, the solution was in professional real estate investing. Starting in residential properties, Willie shifted to commercial real estate and eventually founded his own company, Onyx Capital Investments, in … Read More

EP 425 – Viral Entrepreneurship with Michael Silvers

NCS 425 | Your Message

  Scott talks with Michael Silvers about entrepreneurship, viral marketing, building a tribe, and podcasting along with his Viral Marketing Bootcamp. Michael is a lead trainer and director of coaching for an international personal development company. He shares his great insights about being out there and sharing your message. Almost everyone in the world connects to a number of things, and you should take advantage of that fact by sharing your story because there will always … Read More

EP 390 – Podfest Expo Family with Chris Krimitsos

NCS 390 | Podfest Expo

  Scott interviews Chris Krimitsos who is the founder of Podfest Expo. They take us into what happens in that event, what to expect, and when to expect the next. They also got down to it and talk about podcasting and its growth over the past couple of years. Chris shares his own background of doing events to phasing into podcasting, giving some insights on the biggest things people struggle with when starting something and … Read More

EP 352 – Nuggets From The Note Media Summit

NCS 352 | New Media Summit

  The podcast scene has been gaining its popularity among entrepreneurs and business owners who want to become experts in their own fields. It has been a great tool to create connection with people while imparting knowledge at the same time. Giving newfound insights, Scott talks about some of the nuggets that he took away from the Austin New Media Summit podcasting event. He shares how one becomes an icon of influence, and talks about … Read More

EP 332 – Highlights From Dallas: Note Mastermind And Quest Expo

NCS 332 | Dallas Note Mastermind

  A mastermind is a great venue to see people get together and share information. Scott breaks down some of the highlights from the Dallas Note Mastermind and the Quest Expo. Highlighting the key aspects, he talks about social media as a place to meet and connect with people and also about podcast as a great tool to propel your business forward while giving you some statistics to prove. Finally, he gives some great insights … Read More

EP 330 – Celebrating The One-Year Anniversary Of The Note Closers Show with Tom Hazzard

NCS 330 | Value Of Podcasting

  Scott Carson discusses the one-year anniversary of the Note Closers Show Podcast by bringing in Tom Hazzard from Podetize. Together, they break down the value of podcasting to reach business goals. Recalling the small beginnings up to the growth of the show, both put in their inputs on how it not only brought in an audience to market to but valuable information as well that helps both parties. They also talk about blogging your … Read More