EP 430 – The 3 Fs – Funding Assets

NCS 430 | Funding Assets

  Once you find your assets, it’s time to get those note deals funded. Pitching can be tough at the outset, but once you mastered the art of funding and gain credibility, then it will be smooth in the long run. Scott tells you everything you need to know about funding – where to get sources, how to approach investors, writing your pitch, and securing your financing. When all is said and done, we get … Read More

EP NNA 36 – Calling Your Game

NNA 36 | Game Plan

  People are overwhelmed with a lot of stuff to do, like attending so many workshops and subscribing to people they think will help them what to do in their lives. However, in reality, they just create confusion in your mind. It is vital for everyone to focus on the game plan since this will align to where our path will be. Learn to remove distractions, eliminate the noise, and work out on the blocking … Read More

EP 403 – Invest This with Scott Bower

NCS 403 | InvestThis

  Scott interviews Scott Bower from the #INVESTTHIS Podcast and discusses his transition and growth as an investor and some of the obstacles that he has overcome along the way. Scott is closing over $20 million in transactions and does an amazing job not only as an investor of investors but also as a show host for his podcast. — Listen to the podcast here: Invest This with Scott Bower We’ve got another Scott on … Read More

EP 364 – Crowdfunding Mistakes with Jillian Sidoti

NCS 364 | Crowdfunding Mistakes

  Back in 2012, the JOBS Act was passed. What we have seen happen is that more people are now advertising for investors because there’s a couple of different rules that allow you to advertise for investors. One of those rules is 506c which allows you to raise money from accredited investors only. You can do general solicitation, but you have to verify that those investors that are coming in your deals are indeed accredited. … Read More

EP NNA 24 – Raising Private Capital

NNA 24 | Raising Private Capital

  Every business owner knows that raising private capital works at the heart of their businesses. It is what sustains it and enables them to connect with people. However, this can be quite a struggle. Scott discusses some of the easier ways of raising private capital and expanding your audience to attract investors with funding. He shares how you can get interested parties to engage in conversations, utilizing tools from PowerPoint presentation and more. Learn … Read More

EP 355 – Simple Ways To Raise Private Capital

NCS 355 | Private Capital

  Most investors still find it hard to raise private capital. What they don’t know is there are actually a lot of ways you can do it, even in simple steps. Scott breaks down some of the easiest ways to find and connect with other real estate investors and private funding sources. He shares some tools and websites you can go to to begin such as Bigger Pockets, and shows how doing presentations to connect … Read More

EP 327 – Tips To Posting Deals

NCS 327 | Posting Deals

  The internet has given us a bigger space to expand our businesses. Yet many people still find it difficult to make better offers online. They are making a lot of errors, most especially when making offers on assets. They’re just putting stuff in there however they want, looking to raise capital to have enough funds from private investors only to find again and again that they failed to make something happen. Scott breaks down … Read More

EP 323 – Getting To The COREE In Columbus with Bill Griesmer


  If you’re a real estate investor looking for notes in the Ohio area, you might want to check out the special interest group, COREE, or the Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs run by Vena Jones Cox. Bill Griesmer heads the group of about 200 people over in Ohio with more and more people expressing interest. He runs the group to help him with his note business as well as to help other people along … Read More

EP 308 – Syndications with Joel Block

NCS 308 | Syndications

  Master your craft and master the money. Bringing the money to the deal is where the magic is. You’ve got to master both of those to understand and identify opportunities in the market, not only for yourself but also to understand what your investors are looking forward. However, most people don’t understand how to raise capital to buy real estate. Joel Block from Bullseye Capital, LLC says that’s what they teach people. They’ve put … Read More

EP 306 – Mistakes, Multifamily And Raising Capital with Tyler Sheff

  Trying to come up with a way to reduce taxes, Tyler Sheff started researching how to do that legally. The only thing he came back with was buy real estate and hang onto it. That’s what he started doing. Scott interviews real estate and note investor, Tyler Sheff, about some of the mistakes that he has made over the years, along with the multifamily market and raising capital. Tyler is a successful real estate … Read More

EP 231 – Confidence and Consistency: Raising Capital At Events with Dan Zitofsky

NCS 231 | Raising Capital

  Going to events is the best way to reach out and build a big network. Doing this will mean you can make more deals and close more notes. Real estate investors know that raising capital at events is easy when you present yourself as a professional with a professional business card and elevated pitch. To add to these tips, Dan Zitofsky advises note investors to get out of their comfort zone and speak to … Read More